Interstellar Rift

Interstellar Rift

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The UAF-Reinita is a 100% custom built ship, from the first room to the last block. I set out to create a ship that will allow me to experience the full wonders of this universe. From a well-rounded battleship to long range exploration vessel that doesn’t require a ton of resources or rare metals to build. While still representing my own personal style.
Separated into 3 separate sections +the captain and crew quarters. Sprinklers are setup throughout to suppress any fires that may break out. Thermal extractor is in place for adequate cooling and comfort throughout.

The Bridge with an upper command deck extending into the cockpit. Head down the stairs to the main floor of the bridge with easy and quick access to all necessities, including the war room, med bay, as well as the port and starboard arms and escape pods (separated into their own power group). The ACTR's located on the main floor is configured to reload your ammo loaders to keep you firing. Heading down to the lower level of the bridge gives you access to 2 gas extractors and 3 salvagers controlled by a separate power group, simply flip the switch and the salvagers go to work (with the automation cartridges of course).

The Cargo bay is the central part of the ship. Head through the door to the rear of the bridge brings you to the Cargo section. Here you’ll find access to the 2 large cargo containers, along with the 2 Extractors and 2 refineries on the lower level. The main level provides access to an Assembler and 2 3d printers. NOTE: the refineries, assembler, and 3d printers are connected to the power transfer box. The upper level contains a cargo teleporter and 4 ACTR’s allowing for more efficient automation.

Engineering located at the stern of the ship. Head through the door to the rear of the Cargo section. Here you’ll find your life support, backup power controls for an additional 25m, your fuel tank, Large Shield Generator, Large Armor Generator, water tank for the sprinkler system (located to the left of the transporter, through the power generator), and your ship editor terminal for any upgrades you would like to make on the fly or to construct a support style fighter utilizing resources stored on board.

Resource cost:
  • Iron 117.17K
  • Copper 34.07K
  • Silicon 13.18K
  • Steel 55.68K
  • Brass 1.4K
  • Aluminum 3.05K
  • Vectronium 1.1K

  • Mass: 165.45K
  • Max Speed:404 m/s
  • Maximum thrust: 1.2M
  • Maximum power generation: 6028
  • Armor: 91488
  • Shield: 100000
  • Cargo pads: 1 Full Pad, 2 Half Pads, 1 Quarter Pad, 2 Large Cargo Containers
  • Weapons: 4 Auto Cannons, 4 Mounted Guns, 12 Automated Cannons, 2 Missile Launchers, 1 EMP Generator, 2 Flak Cannons, 2 Torpedo Launchers, 2 Turrets, and 1 Rail Gun
  • Salvagers: 3
  • Extractors: 2
  • Strip Miners: 0
  • ACTRs: 7
  • Nuclear Reactors: 0
  • Refineries: 2
  • Assemblers: 1
  • Datacore Terminals: 2
  • Datacores: 4
  • Drone Bays: 0
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Master_Sodo  [author] Nov 5 @ 8:00pm 
Removing the following components will have you building this ship earlier on (recommended to collect Silicon at least):
1 Rail Gun
1 Large Shield Generator (can replace with 6 small shield generators)
1 Large Armor Generator (can replace with a couple of small Armor Generators)
7 ACTR’s
2 Flak Cannons
1 Large Power Battery (can replace with 8 Small Power Batteries)
3 High Power Transfer Box’s (make sure to redistribute power after removal/replacement)
2 Ram Scoops