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Runivex VSC-I "Vagabond"
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Runivex VSC-I "Vagabond"

Runivex VSC (Variable Small Cruiser) -I codenamed "Vagabond" is a small all-rounder craft, used to fulfill any player's basic needs (Also no ship's background story here). Mainly used for light combat, it has a medium cargo container attached at the back of the ship, extractor for mining, small refinery, and an assembler (Salvage not included). It has a good durability, 11 weapons (6 Gimbal, 2 Missles, 2 EMP, and a light railgun) and power transfer boxes that could be modified ingame to balance the ship power usage. As for the interior of this ship, i like it to be compact, no long hallways, not much to go but could see and reach everything within steps away.

Troubleshooting: If some tester here got stuck with the power not going through the life support, flying or weapon system, please check the power transfer boxes setting (behind the cockpit). You can maximize the output if necessary, or take a look at the power group setting in editor.

Creator's Note:

This ship is my first one i made since i played the game, thus i didnt thought it would please all kind of players. I use meteorite as inspiration for the design, which applied to the main body. The design of wings on both sides, and the railgun emplacement on front are based on convertible type that can be extended or retracted (which is just my imagination for design). I prioritize design over function, but made this ship to be fully functional for early-mid game tier and also made some changes to accomodate some player needs that has been commenting on my work. To be honest, i want to make a small ship because it feels like home, aside of my hatchling experience. I also made the floors as the waypoint (like an emergency light) thus it'll be easy to recognize where to go.

P.S: I am currently gaining experience on the game mechanics through survival, thus i modified the ship few times to optimize the flight experience of the crew. If you guys have more advice on the interior for me, please leave comments below. Good day, and thank you.

Resource cost:
  • Iron 86.9K
  • Copper 18.39K
  • Silicon 2.42K
  • Steel 20.15K
  • Aluminum 750
  • Vectronium 500

  • Mass: 98.79K
  • Max Speed:272 m/s
  • Maximum thrust: 469K
  • Maximum power generation: 3459.5
  • Armor: 103504
  • Shield: 30000
  • Cargo pads: 3
  • Weapons: 11
  • Salvagers: 0
  • Extractors: 1
  • Strip Miners: 0
  • ACTRs: 0
  • Nuclear Reactors: 0
  • Refineries: 1
  • Assemblers: 1
  • Datacore Terminals: 1
  • Datacores: 1
  • Drone Bays: 0
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MaDaO  [author] Nov 8 @ 8:11pm 
Great then, enjoy your trip!
titlo3 Nov 8 @ 8:06pm 
I did, it was a clientside issue. I restarted the game and it worked perfectly. This is an excellent little ship, you can even fly it solo.
MaDaO  [author] Nov 8 @ 6:01pm 
Never had those problem, but you may want to check on the CPU weapon group setting or the power transfer boxes for the weapons. Either no power supplied, or no weapon group selected on the CPU (because there is a "no weapon" group setting which only applied armor and shield)
titlo3 Nov 8 @ 1:09pm 
The weapons keep showing up as having no ammo even though I put ammo in the loaders, is there something I'm missing?