Terrain Test

Terrain Test

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UWE Terrain Test Guide
By 412.5ppm and 1 collaborators
This is the Unknown Worlds[unknownworlds.com] guide to using the Subnautica Terrain Test. It was written by Steve, and will be periodically updated as new content is added!
Here is a video tutorial by Steve that will walk you through setting up the Terrain Test, and creating new terrain mods:

Additional details:
- Block types table: http://i.imgur.com/JfVKzGX.png Remeber, 0 is for empty space, and 1 is the “under construction” texture.
- Hot loading: If it doesn’t auto-detect your new build, press H to force a hotload.
- Source code for “LavaExample”: http://pastebin.com/0b3HQZk5
- Source code for “CanyonLands”: http://pastebin.com/SeD0cXnW
- Currently, we only support one WorldBuilder per DLL.
- PerlinNoise, despite the Unity docs, sometimes returns small values < 0. You may not expect this, and if you rely on this, just use Mathf.Max(0, Mathf.PerlinNoise(...))
Terrain Generation Math Reference
Sharing Mods
Right now, the easiest way to share you terrain generation algorithms is to simply send the DLL file (e.g. "MyMod.dll") to a recipient. That DLL may then be placed in the "Mods" directory. Beware of untrusted mods!. DLLs are not sandboxed (for performance reasons), and a malicious party could damage your system by sending you an evil DLL. Ask for source code and compile it yourself to be sure!

Steam Workshop integration may come later (We have made some initial effort), but for now please post your awesome mods to the Subnautica Subreddit and Subnautica Forums[forums.unknownworlds.com].

The above image shows how the Terrain Test will present mods copied to the "Mods" directory.
Technical Support
The best place to discuss issues with the Terrain Test is the Subnautica Forum[forums.unknownworlds.com]. Errors are usually logged, and you can find error logs in your platform specific log repository[docs.unity3d.com].

You can also contact Steve direcrtly on Twitter, or via email at steve[at]unknownworlds.com.

If it’s an issue with a mod you've made, email to Steve the following:
- Your source code
- Your player log file
- A movie/screenshot of the issue
Planned Improvements & Known Issues
- Far-away LOD, so we can push the draw distance more
- Memory optimizations, ideally to below 1 GB with large draw distance
- Multithread octree loading, which still causes some hitches
- Seams between chunks
Feedback on this Guide
Please give us a rating with the thumbs up and down buttons! Leave pointers in the comment section below the guide to let us know what questions you have that are not answered, or improvements you would like to see. We'll frequently review the comments to see what we can add.