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HotDogMan's Favorite TF2 Items
Items (88)
Created by MonkeyBug
Dispense faster on the battlefield!!

Blueprint included
Includes (5) Gibs

Special thanks to Frying Dutchman for the custom HUD icons.

The Infernal Furnace
Created by ToxicWeasel
It can get pretty chilly out there!

But whilst you carry this... nothing will be cold... Especially the enemy!!!

3 LODs
Team Colours
Glowing coal

Resized to fit flamethrower scale.

Slight remodel to make 1st person view look...
The Van de Graaff Wrath
Created by boomsta
A return of one of my older items is here! This thing has 3 LOds and is team colored. Vote it up and tell me what ya think!

Here is a mod for ya:
The Snowstorm
Created by cain
Somebody told the Pyro to "Chill Out".

The Pyro prompty went and got a fire extinguisher, a canister of liquid nitrogen, some ice chains and a few broken snow blower parts.

Chill out indeed.

Want to use this weapon in game right now? Click here t...
Heavy Machinery Mk2
Created by Psyke
We said we’d be back.

Misc/Hat compatable!
Glows in the dark!
Comes with Team colours!
Where is Mister Jane Doe....
The Tooth Prick
Created by Piascyk
An improvised melee for the Spy.

-2 LODs (662 tris, 200 tris)
-Team colors...
The Precision Cut
Created by MonkeyBug
Laser gun! pew pew pew

Join my steam group if you like my items!

Get big posters of the items here:[/url...
Combustible Lemon Launcher V1.2
Created by Sparkwire
Resubmitted to add some critical fixes

Best idea ever: (it should work the same except be a secondary, not a primary as noted in the comment.)

Fish R Friends 4 hours ago
Would it be possible to have a primary that goes with this that shoots propul...
The Cryogenator
Freeze your enemies SOLID with the Cryogenator, new from Mann Co. Powered by just a refrigeration generator and water, it is guaranteed to freeze any H2O based lifeform in SECONDS!

Give your nemesis FROSTBITE! Burn your foe with ICE! Douse a burning tea...
The Flaming Crown of Destiny
Created by Ruskeydoo
"The Flaming Crown of Destiny"! at least that's what the Pyro considers this item. In the reality it's just a gas burner ring perched on the Pyro's head.

Edit: Name ideas from PyrusEnderDrago which I rather like: "Propane Prince" or "King of Kindling"...
The Drive By
Created by Ducksink
Nothing like the fresh feel of scratched steel and burnt tyres.....
The Cerebrospinal Reserve
Created by Sparkwire
"If we had a little bit of this ourselves, maybe we'd have thought of a description by now."

Make sure to vote on the companion misc, The Cortex Command!
Texas Chainsaw Modification
Created by Psyke

Who needs the use of a hand when you have all the might and power of this wood cuttin' beast of a machine at your disposal.

We ain't going to blab if you use it for slicin' up the undead either.

Comes with an Animated Chain

And Team-co...
the Dark Soultaker
Created by Deity Link
No one knows for sure the orgins of that peculiar artifact, what some people learned however, is that holding it puts the user in a soul harvesting trance, but few of them managed to save their own soul from that knife.
Would you take that risk to quench y...
The Reanimator V2
Created by Napy Da Wise
Reanimates cold coffee, soggy sandviches and even microwaves popcorn!

The backpack is here :

The mod :

Follow my work !
The Summer Steamer
Created by Gigazelle
Cool off (receive 3rd degree burns) in the summer heat with this scalding-hot steamthrower!

Custom particle effect, jiggleboned water, 2 LoD's
Gigazelle: model, texture, jigglebone variables, screenshots
ToxicWeasel: assistance with liquid jigglebone ...
The Burner
Created by DANG21
Team colored

wallpapers by Kunoichi
LeVar's LaMent (OLD)
Created by Norman3D
Thanks reddit user "brooklynbrett" for the great name! :D

Now paintable!!

You can find the gold starred version here:
*paintable (watch video)
All invited in the Puppet-show. But the last two tickets to get my the best friend and his Balloonicorn....
SammyCap V5 (Simplified Bones)
Created by Church
The latest in Mann Co's line of fashionable, edible, motivational, head-wearable, delectable, sensational apparel!

Sometimes the Heavy needs a little extra motivation to get himself to that next Control Point!

- Update 4-18-2013 - The hatband is now pain...
The Televised Trauma
Created by Craigums
"Beam high-frequency electromagnetic waves directly into your brain and access the wealth of knowledge transmitted around the world! Warning: We think this is how video killed the radio star."

Updated for 2014! Thank you to everyone that upvoted ...
The Companion
Created by Rotzlöffel
Introducing the consumer version of our most popular military-grade product: The turret

Please take a look onto my other workshop item too ;)
Bonk! Sugar Slushie
Created by Gadget
Update [March 22, 2015]: A new version can be found here

Here's my very first item contribution to the TF2 workshop - a cold and refreshing drink for the Scout. It's available in...
Lunar Launcher
Created by Pappa Bells
Join the space race and fly to the Moon! Reach orbital heights with this lunar themed launcher!

Comes in team colours (at no extra charge)....
The Soul of the Sentry
Created by Slifer
Yes, even Sentries have a soul. You should respect them or else they will haunt you for the rest of your life....
Mann Handler
Created by heinous
Turn every class into a marionette for your puppet collection. Hands lead ahead of the character model. Strings attach to body parts. Spooky arm trails are jiggle boned....
The Dead Mann's Stare
Created by Ertz™
I can seeeee into your SOUL!!!!... and it's dark!

all class


models/texture/renders: ToxicWeasel
models/promos: Ertz
Created by LettuceHairedGuy

Cave Hale here:
The point is: If we can store music on a compact disc, why can't we store a man's intelligence and personality on one? So I have the Engineer figuring that out now.
If I die bef...
The Living Hat
Created by donhonk
Would you believe me if I told you every top hat was ALIVE? No? Here is proof, the kind of proof you can wear on the top of your head dummy!

All Class!
Jigglebones! [Shown in Video]
Created by Zoey
Whether of common red blood, or royal blue blood, let it be know throughout the Badlands; that none have and ever shall survive within the Medic's operating theatre.

Well, maybe without a skeleton.


512x Diffuse
512x Normal
Team Colours...
The Amputee Paradox
Created by mr. 3nygma
A wonderful pair of industrial strength carbon fiber prosthetic legs for the young lad.
Because dreams don't need legs !

All the power and support to those suffering with paraplegia and disability in their lives. Stay strong guys ! :)

UPDATE: I n...
Doktor Jekyll and Uber Hyde
Created by Gigazelle
''Quiet minds cannot be perplexed or frightened but go on in fortune or misfortune at their own private pace, like a clock during a thunderstorm.''

This cosmetic item only appears when the medic is ubercharged or on fire, revealing his darker and demonic ...
Created by SgtR007
Watch that first step...

All-class noose with blood-spattered fun!

LOD0 = 836tris, LOD1 = 650 tris....
Ivan The Inedible
Created by ToxicWeasel
'Ohhhhh NO!!! Is sandvich ghost!!! It chases me!!! Help NOW!!!'

Mucus Membrane
Created by Napy Da Wise
You can pick your friends, and you can pick your nose, but God help us all if you pick your friend's nose....
Space Oddity
In space, no one can hear your screaming irradiated skeleton....
The Backhanded Complement
Created by Finnigan
It was epic.

You should've seen it! The technique. The speed. The originality of concept! They said it couldn't be done. They said you were mad to attempt it! But you didn't listen to the naysayers. You didn't listen to the petty lack of vision! You di...
Optical Delusion
Created by NeoDement
PLEASE watch the above video before commenting!

Lenses mysteriously reflecting flames. Based on this bit of Meet the Pyro:

Video not working in Steam? Click here to watch...
The Sole Mate
Created by Noors
Now paintable !

I resubmit it with the stary importer.

Pyro met this fish during a forced visit in a putrid swamp. A sticky friendship was born.

It jiggles, even if it isn't that clear in the vid. Somehow when i move around in the viewer with the ...
Created by Rotzlöffel
From: 01000001

BBQ Belt
Created by NeoDement
seasoning and a spatula

Available for download as a mod/reskin here:
Firemann's Essentials
Created by Gadget
Firemann's Essentials

o Pyro misc
o Paintable
o Jiggle bones
o 3 LODs

Feel free to suggest a better name.

Mr.Gibbly - Concept
InfectedPotato - Model
Gadget - Model Tweaks/Texture/Promos

If you're interested to see how the workshop thumbnai...
Mann of Mystery
Created by Breadley
They wont know a thing, you're practically invisible...
War Drum
Created by Zoey
Employee of the Mmmph
Created by ToxicWeasel
Manager's report: Week 01

The new employee although seems to mumble a lot, has made a very promising start in the business.. I detect a very bright future for this worker.


Team Colours

Part of The 'Fast Food Freak' Set (link ab...
The Special Order
Created by ToxicWeasel
Manager's report: Week 02

Employee 'Mrrrph' as he seems to be known.. has settled in fine over the first week. However, some of the other staff members have reported Employee: Mrrrph talking to the speaker located over on the outer wall of the drive-thru....
The Fowl Fryer
Created by ToxicWeasel
Managers report: week 03

... HELP! what the hell Happened!?? The flames are spreading and he now has one of the damn fryers on his back and... talking to that broken drive-thru speaker which is now attached to his chest! .. That's it! I'm leaving town!!

The Moonwalkers
Created by Sparkwire
You've got the whole wide world in your hands.

Part of the "From the Earth to the Moon and Back Again" Set...
LED Sentry
Created by AyesDyef
Watch out! This Laser Emitting Device packs some serious heat, and I mean the kind that'll melt holes through you AND the guy behind you; and don't touch it either, it gets really hot.

Animated gifs of the build animations can be found below:
Hologram HUD
Created by Jukebox
"Imagine, if you can, a next generation Heads Up Display so amazing that it's not just a HUD, its an experience. Now that has become a reality. We're taking HUDs to the next level."

-Guy in a turtleneck

Paintable Holograms

Item - Jukebox
SFM promos - CD...
Cosmetic - Rusty Reactor
Created by Flat Penguin
Introducing the new, completely safe, nuclear reactor backpack to help charge the medigun.

- Paintable, transparent, Jiggleboned coolant
- Glowing screen
- Team colours
- 3 LODs

Concept/Model/Textures - Flat Penguin
SFM - ToxicWeasel

Special ...
Mr. Juice
100% less thoughts
100% more juice

comic trip on WLF ...
Magma Armour
Created by ToxicWeasel
One of the three items of armour forged from the fires of Mount BOOM!

..ALL Shall Fear The Lava Lord!!!

3 lods
glowing lava

Concept: Saint Lombax Daryl Dixon 戰士

Model/Texture/Promos: ToxicWeasel

Part of The Lava Lord set.


Team Colou...
The Nuclear Pyro-Technique
Created by E-Arkham
"To be fair, strapping a homemade thermonuclear device to your back has been one of your least crazy acts, all things considered."

Space themed! Robot themed! Blow up aliens and/or robots by letting them abduct you then waiting patiently for nucl...
God of Speed
Created by Seeaitch
"Hermes, heard of him? No? Me neither.."

From the strongest volcano in the land of Badlands comes the Australium and White Gold wings of Might n' Justice! Keep them in good hands and let the evil taste your superpowers!

New Hat: ERROR
Created by Frenchie
A new hat! That's right :3
This is my first hat, don't expect it to be the best, but it is quite funny :3.

This hat will work on every class.

If this got into the game, you would not understand how happy I would be.

Rate up please! Post in the co...
Sausage Fest
Created by ai_chicken
Keep your team from starving with these German sausages. Guten appetit! (it jiggles)...
Eye Landing
Created by [RMF]RIKUSYO

Glow grenade part.
Facial flexed (Only a little).

Workshop of Horrors II[]
Nightmare Before Smi[]...
The Fried Vision
Created by Cheeser
Delicious taste crisp in each eye!

-Jiggleboned and paintable!
Hot of Dogness
Created by Sparkwire
Yes, the title is a Heart of Darkness pun.

The most humilating thing since sliced bread.

Jiggleboned with realistic weiner physics, perfect for slapping your enemies and even comrades silly.

Created by MonkeyBug
Bring the boys anywhere!...
Mann Co. H2O
Created by MysteryPancake
"Is your regular hippie spring water not giving you the proper amount of radiation? Well, here's our answer: Mann Co. Brand Water! It's two parts hydrogen, one part oxygen, and 100% awesome. (Plus some minor side effects.) Comes in two varieties for your t...
The Flap Jack Stack
Created by Shane
I will be fixing the flapjack hat over the next while, and will be releasing an update for it when complete.

If you are interested in giving suggestions or comments, or just wish to be notified when the hat update comes out. Send an email to headfullo...
The Smasher
Created by Habboi
A melee hammer which consists of the engineers sentry rocket launcher and a metal handle that was forced through it.

This is part of the "Mismatch Pyro Pack" by Habboi and APesquera.

Better picture:
Tote-Table Treat Tower
Created by MonkeyBug
Bring all the boys to the beach with this ice cream machine....
Created by Merczy
I got me NEW eye on ya!

-3 LODs!

Model by Merczy
Texture by Ertz
Concept by Mr.Gibbly
Unwrapped by ZombiePlasticClock

Cy. Cy.
All right, I'm only going to say this once. ... BOOYAH!

See also: Ullaprosthetic

** ASCII Art will be terminated....
Paper Assassin
Created by Kopfjäger
It looks like a paper box...
Pyrosaurus Spikes
Created by Gigazelle
A dinosaur's spine and tail, complete with a perfect touch of jigglebones. Now with 100% less ice!

Its counterpart, the Pyrosaurus Skull, can be found here:
The Round Watermelon
Created by PersianYank
Which is better Round or squared?
Vote on it and It will probably be in the game!
Let's see which will be the winner of watermelons.
2 lods
Paintable (all different shades of green really, did not use a white alpha. just being honest)
Market day
Created by simon.splash
What's the best place to carry a basket of vegetables you ask? In your backpack is my reply!

This hat allows you to throw this advice to the winds, and trot around with a bunch of veggies on your head. Enjoy!...
The County Killer
Created by Rain↯
"Nothing like dodging bullets and booby traps in the mornin"

Mr.Gibbly - Concepting
Rain* - Modelling/Texturing
Sparkwire - Promo Materials

Common Cold [V3]
Created by invisibleStuff
Back (sorta) in time for the holidays. This time around it's cooler than ever!
Souped up with the spine chilling combination of liquid nitrogen and an old medical freezer*, you're bound to stop someone in their tracks. If you're lucky they may even...
The Ice-Breaker
Created by Zoey
Chop chop....
Created by Wrench N Rockets
Trample those who dare oppose you!...
Battle Banana
Created by Gadget
Battle Banana

o Heavy secondary weapon
o Jiggle bones
o Bite bodygroup
o 2 LODs

Feel free to talk about stats in the discussions section.

The Wire Tap
Created by cain
They laughed at his silenced revolver. He laughed at their silenced corpses.

Skin download link:

Video provided by [url=
Robotic Revolution
Created by Joshimon
"I don't know about you fellas but I sure as heck worry one day that old respawn unit is going to pack in, and I don't like dying one bit, I'll tell you partner, it's not pleasant!
Digging through some of my pappy's old designs I started working on repla...
The Heatwave
Created by Sparkwire
If you saw a heat wave, would you wave back?

Check out the rest of the set!!![url=http://steamcommun...
Astral Assassin
Created by ZoraKirby
Assasinate your target from over a planet away with these rocket-propelled energy arrows!

Part of the Snipin' Space Man set.

(ALSO check out the animated gif of the energy effect!)

Update: Fixed the "string" of the bow looking crazy in lower LODs. Also...
Cut Face Killer
Created by Dusty Showbiz
Cut your own face off? never mind a few nails and a belt will hold it back in place


Get the mod here:
Cadet Visor
Created by
Part of the 'Scout Cadet' set, featuring the following items:

Batsaber -
Cadet Boots -
Created by
Part of the 'Scout Cadet' set, featuring the following items:

Cadet Visor -
Cadet Boots -
The Holo Hurtstopper
Created by ✨SediSocks✨
Holograms have not been proven to be solid.

Model by SedimentarySocks
Texture by kf.hammond
Concept by Serious_Greg

Thanks to Ona for the name!...
The Feet of Engineering (single foot style)
Created by kf.hammond
Due to popular demand, a single footed style of "The Feet of Engineering"

The original style:

Download the Mod at