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Oct 7, 2020 @ 11:36am
Aug 1 @ 2:13pm
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Dandelions are not weeds. They are a really, really, REALLY nutritious plant.

Their tooth-shaped leaves are rich in minerals like magnesium, copper, folate, calcium, potassium, manganese, and iron. They are jam-packed with Vitamin A, E, K, B6, B2, B1, and C. Their leaves are quite bitter to taste but they will get your digestive system pumping and primed for a healthier lifestyle.

After being harvested, the raw plant will need to be prepared by cutting it into its three basic parts:

1) The greens can be eaten raw or used to create a "fine meal quality" dandelion salad.

2) The roots can be soaked and brewed to create a healthy tea.

3) The flowers can be also be used to create tea and/or prepared into a wine infusion that can be fermented for a lengthy period to create an alcoholic dandelion wine.

Cutting the raw dandelion plant into its three parts can be performed practically anywhere such as: the crafting spot, butcher spot, butcher table, fueled and electric stoves, brewery, with mod support for Cupro's drinks table, VGP's prep, fueled and electric canning, and plant processing tables.

The salad can be created at campfires, fueled and electric stoves, and with mod support for VGP's hand and electric canning tables as well.

The tea can be created at campfires, fueled and electric stoves, and with mod support for VGP's hand and electric canning tables, and Cupro's drinks table.

The dandelion wine infusion can be created at the brewery table and fermented in the Universal Fermenter.

Start planting dandelions in a field, hydroponics bay, and/or decorative pot near you.

Say goodbye to pesticides, and hello to a healthier you!!! Well... if the cannibals don't say hello to you first.

Fermenter (Continued) can be installed to be able to ferment your own Dandelion wine.

[SYR] Universal Fermenter (1.3 version updated by Charlotte) can be installed to be able to ferment your own Dandelion wine for RimWorld version 1.3

For RimWorld versions prior to 1.3 use [SYR] Universal Fermenter to be able to ferment your own Dandelion wine.

Support for Seeds Please mod: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2560138816

Special thanks goes out to dismarzero, Syrchalis, Pelador, Mlie and Charlotte for their amazing mods and for supplying me with loads of inspiration.
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sagegrayrat Oct 7 @ 2:06pm 
Syrchalis updated his mod for 1.3
Charlotte, on the other hand, hid her mod from listing.
Just an info if you want to update for the original mod. Charlotte`s mod is still working though. Either one can be used just fine.
Bee Oct 4 @ 9:53am 
Ahh yeah I've made it! Though it still takes a lot shorter then like, Fruit Wine from Rimcuisine. Though I haven't quite looked at how they compare price wise.
Geoppetto Hosseltoff  [author] Oct 4 @ 7:54am 
@Bee You should really give dandelion wine a try. It takes longer to ferment compared to beer and non-vanilla alcohols, etc. but you get financially rewarded for your patience :)
Bee Oct 1 @ 9:43am 
Fair enough, thanks for listening to my ideas!
Geoppetto Hosseltoff  [author] Oct 1 @ 8:29am 
I matched the greens market value to that of potatoes. I slightly lowered the value for unprocessed dandelions as anyone purchasing would still need to process them. I also slightly reduced the value for the flowers and roots but not by much since they have obvious value.

The way I justify the overall balancing is in the actual separation job itself. No other vanilla harvesting requires another step afterwards in order to cook and/or brew, etc.

I hope all this makes sense.

Geoppetto Hosseltoff  [author] Oct 1 @ 8:29am 
@Bee Apologies for the delay.
Thank you kindly for the feedback. It really gave me some food for thought.

I left the growth rate of dandelions according to vanilla.

The harvest yield was set lower than potatoes and corn but a little more than rice. Technically, the way dandelions grow IRL I probably could have made the yield even higher. Though they are not weeds there is a reason they have been labelled as such.

Separating the plant would technically produce one of each part (flower, greens, & root). Therefore, the processing provides 1 plant for 3 parts. Reducing it would fudge with my brain.

Bee Sep 12 @ 7:47pm 
* MOST interested in. The Wine is the MOST interesting. How did I even make that typo.
Bee Sep 12 @ 7:46pm 
And assuming dandelions still grow like, well, dandelions- that is to say, extremely fast- it's not like other grown produce, where the best things take the most time or are more finicky with where they'll grow.
Bee Sep 12 @ 7:42pm 
That, and to do with the roots specifically- you can make a LOT of tea from relatively trivial amounts of roots, so I think upping the amount of material you need to make the tea would be good. Especially since you can use the flowers to make the tea as well- I would consider maybe doubling or tripling the amount of material (Either flowers or roots) you need to brew the tea. Because as of right now, for me personally there hasn't been any reason I've felt like I needed to consider whether I should use the flower heads for wine or tea.

The roots are so effective on their own with the portions you get, it's sort of a no brainer that you don't need to save the flower heads.

( Also I haven't managed to make the wine yet- it's the thing I'm not interested in. I tried to make some, but a couple days into the fermenting process we got hit with a Heat Wave, and my Neolithic log cooler thing couldn't keep up with 135 F. RIP flower wine. )
Bee Sep 12 @ 7:36pm 
Hmm, I think for one, it's extremely powerful as it is- being able to divide something that with other plants would be, say, 50 units of produce, into roughly 150 instead due to it's cutting up into different parts of the plant process.

That, and dandelions, as a plant that otherwise grows like "grass" for animals and beauty before this mod on base maps, is very abundant on most biomes outside of already really rough ones like, deserts and ice sheets.

I think the first step here might be turning the yield you get from each patch of dandelions WAY down- because I like what you can DO with all the separate parts, but at it's current volume it's not very balanced.

If the amount of usable raw plant you got (before dividing) from each harvest was maybe brought down from, what is it, about 11-13? to maybe, 2-4 per patch it would make the very good materials you get from them more hard won.