Octodad: Dadliest Catch

Octodad: Dadliest Catch

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Super Octodad 64
Created by Bryan
Play through a familiar level and find the power star....
Extreme Physical Challenge 1
Created by Luthyr
Run through this agonizingly challenging set of physical challenges through to the end!

- Each orange spot is a checkpoint, so you don't have to complete it all in one run.
- Use WASD for camera control, Q and E to zoom in/out.
- Yes, it's beatable. G...
The Dad's End
Created by Crystal Man
Can you survive 10 waves of zombies? or Aliens? or whatever they are. Octodad is stuck in a nightmare with a new found ability to shoot balls of water from his tentacles. Attack, run, replenish, and survive....
Octodad on a Plane
Created by Bryan
Octodad takes flight.

Short and not particularly fun, but just experimenting with the editor. Thanks to 3dregenerator for the plane model....
Whose House is This?
Created by Luthyr
A simple mod showing off a replacement model that we rigged to match Octodad's body....
Octodad 1 Basement
Created by Luthyr
Just a quick reimplementation of the basement level from Octodad 1 in the Octodad: Dadliest Catch engine. Not quite finished or the same as in Octodad 1, but pretty functional!...
Octodad On The Go Platformer
Just Updated on 4/13/14 New info listed.
This is a map where I turned Octodad into a 3D plat former to create something almost entirely different. You can only go two ways backwards and forwards. Also watch out for the bannas they are everywhere....
Minecraft Sky Island
Created by yello
This is my first Octodad: Dadliest Catch level. It is a Minecraft Sky Island with Minecraft stairs for funzies.


NOTE: This level may lag for some computers as there are alot of Minecraft blocks rendered....
Let It Blub
Created by Hamburger-san
Skate around the ice palace and check out the reskin of Scarlet and Everywoman as Anna and Elsa....
Daddo of the Colossus
Created by kzoradm
In Octodad's nightmares, he faces the dreaded Colossal Chef.
Ascend the chef's mighty frame to reach the button at the top of his hat, and hit it to bring him crashing down! Good luck!...
Wrecking Blub
Created by catfancyface
An interactive music video experience. Feel all of the feels....
Trailer Level
Created by Bloo 🐾
So...I found this level in the level editor and decided to post it on the workshop if the devs are ok with it.
It's the level used for the beginning of the official trailer for Octodad : Dadliest Catch....
Dadzilla: Attack on Octogon Island
Created by Sliferjam
Such a peaceful little city. I hope nothing happens to it.

Fight the evil Abazor! Climb the Umpire State Building! Smash the city!

Unlike in the video, the completed version has music....
Octobot Factory
Octobot Factory you play as Octodad dressed as a robot. The factory is located in the middle of a desert. The map also has a simple day night like cycle using in game light that changes over a period of time. Each day is only about 8 minutes or about 4 min...
Squidowski Lanes: Octodad Bowling!
Created by Sliferjam
Octodad bowling! Complete bowling-related quests in a movie-themed bowling alley! Go bowling with your cousin! Just don't roll on shabbos.The Squid Abides.

Note: You have to break the glass on the trophy case. It will not open by itself. Just hit it wit...
Sand Box Destroyo
This is a sand box type map where almost anything is possible including picking up doors, fences, and rock objects off the map and so on. This map is still being made so except updates here and there.

What you can expect as of now. .
" More textures ...
Midnight Man
Created by kzoradm
You were warned not to stay late. The rumors crept in to every water cooler conversation in the office. But you had just returned from the hospital...you felt guilty...you had so much catching up to do. You weren't the type to let some weird stories cut in...
First Person Home, Sweet Home
Created by Luthyr
Did you ever wish you could play Octodad in first person? See why things can be difficult for Octodad from his point of view!

*Not responsible for motion sickness....
-Eat Your Delicious Dinner Meal-
Created by DeliciouslyChirpy
The interactive eating.

You are octodad.

You live in a crappilly built house that for some reason took 2 hours to make.

You are alone.

You have someho...
What? IDK
Created by Ben
This is a test of me having no idea how to use the editor...
The Adventure for Gold
In The Adventure for Gold you are looking for the mysteries room made of nothing but solid gold that’s hidden deep within the dungeon. You will need to do quite a few things if you want to even think about getting to the room of gold. Things like climbing...
The Abanded General Store
Octodad visits an abanded store yet there are still plenty of items left in a store that should be empty. So Octodad must find a way in. Enjoy knocking things over, a few small missions, lots of items in the store to play around with and a few pictures to ...
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