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Weapons Of The Shogunate
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Feb 2, 2014 @ 11:04pm
Feb 12, 2014 @ 8:06am
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Weapons Of The Shogunate

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It adds 18 verrsions of 11 base Edo era Japanese... err... I mean, Akaviri weapons, because you can never have enough katanas in a game ;) Plus two daedric artefacts in katana format: Goldbrand (Morrowind and Oblivion) and Eltonbrand (Morrowind.)

The weapons are: katana, wakizashi, zanbato (big two-hander sword used against cavalry), nodachi, nagamaki, naginata, kikuchi yari, two types of tanto, and two types of ninjato. Plus, of course the aforementioned Goldbrand and Eltonbrand.

All blades are done in shobu-zukuri style, i.e., without a yokote line.

All weapons except the naginata have custom lacquered scabbards.

The steel weapons need steel and firewood to craft, and the ones with wrapping on the hilt also need linen wraps. So you might need to raid some tomb for linen if you want to craft them.

The weights, speed and damage are loosely based on the existing Akaviri katana in the game, and my own extrapolations for the other weapons than the katana. Most weapons are fairly fast, especially the two handed katana and ninjato, which offer a completely different two-hander experience from the normal game weapons. They're also all set to silent for detection, since, well, if it was silent enough for the ninja, it's silent enough for me.

All one handers except the daedric artefacts have about the same dps, and so do all two-handers (although obviously higher than the one-hander dps.) If a weapon has lower damage per hit, it will be faster. So for example a 2h Ninjato will look like it has pretty low damage for a two-hander, but will be MUCH faster than vanilla two-handers. Don't be discouraged if the damage looks low in the inventory, basically.

Also, all ninjatos, including the long shinobigatana ("ninja katana") version, and both daedric artefacts have a massive backstab bonus, if you have the stealth perks. The 1h versions can get the same 15x damage bonus from stealth as daggers do, and the two-handed versions can get 7.5x backstab bonus instead of the normal 3x maximum for two-handers. So you have an incentive to play, you know, like a ninja if you use a ninjato.

The katana and shinobigatana ("ninja katana") are also available as "daisho" (long-short) versions, meaning you have a second weapon glued to the scabbard, so you can LOOK like you have two weapons on the hip instead of just one. You cannot actually use the second weapon, and technically it doesn't even have a blade. It's there just for looks. Just equip a weapon of the apropriate type in the second hand and pretend it goes into the second scabbard.

Both types of ninjato also have a dual scabbard version on the back, for the two-handed versions, so you can LOOK like you have two ninja swords crossed on the back like in some ninja movies. (Or like *ahem* Deadpool.) Again, this is just for looks. The second weapon is just a scabbard with a handle, glued to the main weapon's scabbard.

Both daedric artefacts can be converted between 1h and 2h versions at any forge, for no extra materials. It's already more effort than it would realistically take to decide to use a one or two handed grip with the same sword.


All pictures have been taken without any mods that change weapon placement or blood. So, yeah, you don't need anything else to look like you're wearing two swords, or to have a blade seriously drenched in blood after a fight. Of course, it won't conflict either with mods that change either.

All screenshots were taken without any ENB or other graphics mods. It will look exactly that shiny and reflective in the unmodded base game. Of course, if you use ENB to enhance contrast or lighting, they might get even shinier.

Also note that although I did use a female character to take the screenshots (hey, I like looking at women;)), there is nothing gender specific about the weapons. Just like for vanilla game weapons, you can equip them just as well on a man or on a woman. I thought this would be obvious, but the question did come up.


A chest containing one of each weapon and variant except the daedric ones is in the Skyhaven Temple, near Alduin's Wall. Seemed like the most logical place to find ancient Akaviri weapons. The chest IS locked, but it's a novice-level lock, so it takes no skill to open it. Still, bring a lockpick or two.

Alternatively, you can craft them, if you took the steel smithing perk. As mentioned, you might also need to raid a tomb for linen wraps for the tsuka, though. (Nobody said they'd be trivial to get.)

Goldbrand can only be obtained from the priest of Boethiah involved in the haunted house quest in Markarth, either stealing it from him or looting the body at the end. Backstabbing Boethiah's champion to steal their weapon is really what Boethiah would have wanted. (If you already missed that opportunity, type "help goldbrand" in the console without the quotes, and "player.additem xxxxxxxx 1" to give it to yourself, where xxxxxxxx is the item id that the previous command showed.)

Eltonbrand can only be obtained by taking the daedric smithing perk and upgrading Goldbrand at a forge. Look for it under the "Daedric" category. (Or via the console like above.)


For the Steam version, just subscribe it and let Steam do the rest.


For the Steam version, just unsubscribe it. Or if you got the Nexus version, look for the uninstall instructions in the included readme.


None. You just need the fully patched base game, but then Steam should keep you fully patched unless you explicitly disabled patching Skyrim. But otherwise, yeah, no DLC or other mods are needed.


It shouldn't conflict with any other mod.


I release it in the public domain. You can do anything you wish with it. I would, of course, appreciate it if you give credit, but if not, so be it, I can live with that too.
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Feb 10, 2014 @ 10:59pm
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Buttertoto May 5 @ 6:50pm 
if your still working on this could you add a kusarigama
Bersaglieri May 2 @ 2:55am 
just a though. Thanks for the reply. :)
jagdtiger  [author] Apr 28 @ 10:11am 
Well, I never made a bow before, but I'm not doing just Japanese weapons. I'm all for studying all cultures, and I have made stuff like shamshir, kukri, or chinese polearms for other games. Haven't ported those to Skyrim, because, well, they're not that good by my current standards. But I'm all for representing weapons of all cultures.

A hun or mongolian bow sounds definitely interesting, but I never learned to rig anything. You know, so it flexes when you draw it. So I'm probably not the best person to ask for a bow, sadly.
Bersaglieri Apr 23 @ 10:14pm 
Now we just need a unique Bow Of The Huns. Different cultures I know but I want a new unique bow for this game. I'm not a huge fan of crossbows.
jagdtiger  [author] Apr 6 @ 9:20am 
Seems easy enough. I guess it's only suitable for the versions without a boss, since otherwise the boss would be on top of the mountain. Hmm, probably works best with the dwarven border too.

Yep, seems simple enough.
Pokesus Apr 6 @ 8:24am 
And you're a great guy! n.n you make a lot of great things!
Pokesus Apr 6 @ 8:22am 
(The fleur of lis is golden too)
Pokesus Apr 6 @ 8:19am 
Hmmm... What about the shield of the Noble Family "Monterde".
:3 Is a blue background with a gold mountain and a "fleur of lis" (flower of lis) in the top of the mountain. n.n
Pokesus Apr 6 @ 8:14am 
Here the montante have two names, Mandoble or Montante. n.n
jagdtiger  [author] Apr 6 @ 6:50am 
I mean, about the shield, maybe something like this?

Should work well enough for a shield with a boss in the middle.

Mind you, I'm not particularly fixated on Castille And Leon. it's just an example. I could do Aragon instead, if you prefer, seein' as it's just stripes. Or some other region you want. I'm open to suggestions.