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Aetherius Magic: The Ancient Sanctuary of the Deceived
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Feb 2, 2014 @ 7:14pm
Nov 9, 2016 @ 7:52pm
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Aetherius Magic: The Ancient Sanctuary of the Deceived

Nexus Version: SSE Version (Xbox One):

::::Epic Spell Package:::: (REQUIRES DAWNGUARD DLC!)
Aetherius Magic is a passion project of mine filled with exciting new spells you can't find anywhere else. The Lore of the Elder Scrolls is rich with fantastic stories illuminating to the mind pulling players deep into a world not their own. By using the existing lore I have created an immersive experience for the becoming mage set to transform into the most powerful magic wielder in all of Mundas. Aetherius Magic is the first installment to a hopeful series of mods that takes the Dragonborn on an adventure to unravel the mysteries of Aetherius, the immortal plane where all magic derives. For example, Sovngarde would be a plane of Aetherius. This Mod of mine is unfinnished; however, the content that is given here is worth your time if you love a good story and fun spells to go with it. I've had people leave comments saying that it was one of the best mods they ever played, but also some hard critics that said I left much to be desired. With Skyrim SE out it has given me a new drive to finnish what I started all those years ago. I plan on finnishing this mod once and for all, but the quest as it is now stops once it tells you to find a book in Aetherius, all spoilers put aside, that is all I can say.

::::Mod Features::::
*Quest that starts after you become the Archmage
*69 quality spells and growing as I develop more content to this mod
*Great story and lore that most Elder Scrolls Fans will appreciate
*Fully Voiced NPC that you encounter
*Great Treasure to be found as well as fantastic spells
*Improvements to reward items gained through college of Winterhold quests
*Early Spells you gain while you play through the College of Winterhold quest line. (You still get these spells if you already became the Arch-Mage.)
*Improvements to create Epic Boss Fights with the three bosses you face in the college of Winterhold Main Quest
*Fixed Dragon Priest Mist Bug (If you don’t know what this is don’t worry about it)
*Master level destruction spells (Lightning Storm) can now be used in combination with other spells while in the left hand (But can still be used with both hands)
*One Massive interior Cell Full of Epic Fights which is the Ancient Sanctuary of the Deceived. (Warning!!! This dungeon can be extremely difficult! Enter at your own risk!)
*A New Animation for concentration spells. (Tap the attack button then press and hold for a new animation with any concentration spell added by Aetherius Magic.)
*Dark Magic spells that once learned can be used in Vampire Lord Form (Oblivion Spells)
*A Lightning area of effect spell that only harms established enemies engaged in combat (Shalidor's Sparks) Friendly NPCs can be hit but not harmed or aggravated into an enemy. Great in open battles where its hard to not hit your friends.

::::How to start Your Quest::::
When you become the Arch-Mage of the College of Winterhold use the Arch-Mage's Quarters Key to unlock the Arch-Mage's safe near the bed to begin your quest. Read the Journal and the quest will begin. There is a lot of reading involved but worth it in the end if you like Elder Scrolls Lore.

::::The Spells::::
There are 69 spells that are available to obtain through a story driven way as well as 2 powers. For a list of the spells visit the Nexus page of this mod, link is at the top.

*More compatible with Magical College of Winterhold & Immersive College of Winterhold.
*Should no longer crash when entering Breezhome.
*Removed the floating ruin near Whiterun Watchtower. (I don’t know where that came from)

::::My Favorite Comments & Messages::::
"This is a FANTASTIC mod that brings a wholesome, complete compilation of lore to the surface that has never existed up to this point. To every magic lover reading this who hasn't already subscribed (and has dawnguard): you absolutely, positively need this mod. The first installment already feels like a DLC, makes you feel like a god and if you find yourself thinking "this is OP", you don't need to use the spells all the time, but the lore brought to the table alone is enough to give anyone, even a magical elder scrolls veteran like me, a new appreciation of both sorcery and its god. Advocus, I really wish I knew how to do things like this because I'd help your cause in a heartbeat; the complete saga really needs to be available to everyone. One final time, get the mod. It's very well worth it." (By: musicman716)

"I've been waiting for this to finally be done. I am glad to see that a person finally makes a mod that is lore friendly and is based off the most important part of any mage player. It truly makes me feel like my character is learning the magic of Aetherius. Very good job!!" (By: Silas_Cole)
"Something I did forget to mention is that this mod feels as if it's a DLC rather than just a mod. Again, VERY WELL DONE!!!" (By: Silas_Cole)

"In all honesty I've never had so much fun. You made the mod right at every corner. That last book is so hard to find and in the end I would rather read through books and look for clues then have it handed to me with a quest marker. 3 amazing parts of this mod
-First entering the room with large elementals, I haven't been punished for sloppy play this much since Dark Souls. What an epic battle that area provided
-fighting ishborn was a 10 minute struggle of epic proportions. To put it into perspective about 4 minutes into the 1v1 i had to alt tab to put on some AOT OST for the right mood
-lastly finding the 3 dawn spells. Very Very satisfying. Thank you for the experience" (By: cloud.74)

"I would really really love to see the mod`s next episodes! This mod is the best one I have ever installed, even after over 1000 hours of gameplay I still enjoy Aetherius Magic as it stays interesting and it makes me feel powerful like a true God. I like fantasy and story making myself and I really enjoy using this mod because it gives so much lore to think about!! Sky above, voice within. :)" (By: Darth Bumaex)

"This is one of the best mods I've ever seen. The story is great, the voice acting is great, the spells are great, everything is great! This mod deserves many, many more endorsements." (By: TheEbonslayer)

"This is truly a beautifully executed mod. The spells feel epic without being overpowered and still fit into the lore perfectly. The quests subtly integrate and flow seamlessly into the vanilla game without being obtrusive or feeling "forced". I really feel like this is something that should have been part of the vanilla game from day one." (By: Ikarisan)

“Woah, that voice from Pultar... Now that was damned haunting. Love the echoes and reverberation going on Advocus. I started this mod over from the beginning. As I was progressing through the sanctuary, I felt like I was going through a series of trials to advance my magic. Hope that's what you were going for cause that's the impression I got. Can't wait for the next update.” (By: chrishpz)

"Hello Advocus, I am here; contacting you because of the beautiful mod you made "Aetherius Magic". Words will never begin to describe how I feel about this mod, just know that it is the best mod I've ever played and ever will play. I have one question for you: is this mod dead? I sincerely hope that this mod is not dead but I have read the comments on the page and I know that you have some difficulty with the Creation Kit. I'm wondering if you are making any progress with the second installment or have any plans for it in the future." (By: TheEbonslayer)
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The spells are also way too flashy/huge, making fights boring.
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MysticD2005 Jan 20 @ 12:18am 
The start of the mod was awesome, but it falls flat on its face when you get to the so called "Sanctuary" that is filled with WAY too much space. You should of continued with the whole 'follow the light' theme but make it to where if they stray from the path aka take another hall, they run into a powerful trap. You could have also created puzzles that require spells to pass.
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Why does the quest line say go to sovngarde to find the second book if it isn't in sovngarde?
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I'm speachless. Freaking Awesome Great. As YOU said... the best pell Package ever. Thanks.:steamhappy::steammocking:
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I only found the first book. I followed I followed the video. But the video is not showing how to get to Sovngarde. How do I get there?
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where is the second book of aetherius