Sid Meier's Civilization V

Sid Meier's Civilization V

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Arstotzka (Requires BNW)
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Feb 2, 2014 @ 10:20am
Feb 9, 2014 @ 6:27am
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Arstotzka (Requires BNW)


V.11 Change Notes:
*UA Tweaked to reduce expansion penalty but still have a downside. (Happiness penalty down to -1, -1 Food Per 5 Citizens.)
*Added Custom Diplo Dialogue where possible, using lines from Papers, Please.
*Added Cobrastan as a City-State.

V.10 Change Notes:
*UA Changed Completely,
*UU Tweaked Again
*Actually Fixed Map

Adds the nation of Arstotzka to the game complete with a unique unit, building, custom dialogue and music.

Arstotzka is lead by the "Glorious Leader" due to the lack of a proper leader being established in Papers, Please.

Custom Unit - Border Guard;
A riflemen costing no maintenance and with a 50% Combat bonus in friendly territory, outside of friendly territory the Border Guard is a far weaker version of the rifleman with a combat value of only 55. However the Border Guard is cheaper.

Custom Building - Border Checkpoint;
Acts as a buffed up police station, reduces enemy spy stealing rate by 33% and costs no maintenance. Also has 3 Immigration Inspector, specialist slots.
The immigration inspector specialist slot when worked provides 3 gold per turn.

Custom Trait- Glory To Arstotzka;
+1 Production per 5 Citizens. -1 Food per 5 Citizens. -1 Hapiness per City. 1 Free Worker per City.

Now includes Cobrastan as a City-State!

Special thanks go out to Lucas Pope for creating Papers, Please.
All artwork and music belongs to him, bar the orchestral remix.

Orchestral Remix -

To Do;
-Neaten up the map image.

Thanks to all for downloading and playing the mod as well as helping to balance it in the it's early life.
Also thanks to PC Gamer for the shoutout to the mod!
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