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Sep 23 @ 7:12am
Oct 13 @ 2:29pm
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Essential Vehicle Fixes
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Social distancing (from ground) for DayZ vehicles!

So your heli or car is glitching through terrain/buildings or randomly flipping? No more! Works with official and 3rd-party Expansion helis and should work with any cars (vanilla/modded).

This should be used as a server-side mod (-servermod=@FixVehiclePositions), no need for clients to have it.

Configurable via serverDZ.cfg:
// Vertical clearance, in centimeters. // The values below are the defaults, you do not have to add them to your server CFG // if you do not want to change them. // You can set them to zero to disable clearance checks altogether (not recommended). // Otherwise, they should be set to AT LEAST vehicle height. // Measured from ground the vehicle is standing on. FixVehiclePositions_Clearance_Gyro_cm = 220; // Gyro can fly out of confined spaces, // assuming they have a large enough opening, // so allow less clearance FixVehiclePositions_Clearance_MH6_cm = 310; FixVehiclePositions_Clearance_UH1H_cm = 460; FixVehiclePositions_Clearance_Merlin_cm = 730; FixVehiclePositions_Clearance_Heli_cm = 460; // Any other heli FixVehiclePositions_Clearance_An2_cm = 450; FixVehiclePositions_Clearance_C130J_cm = 1100; FixVehiclePositions_Clearance_Plane_cm = 450; // Any other plane FixVehiclePositions_Clearance_Other_cm = 200; // Any other vehicle // Log any actions done by FixVehiclePositions (useful for debugging) // 1 = Logging enabled (warning, can cause quite some script.log spam!) // 0 = Logging disabled (default) FixVehiclePositions_Log = 0; // Fix vehicle glitching out on-the-fly as well instead of only // at server restart. // Even though this is disabled by default, I recommend turning it ON. // 1 = Enabled // 0 = Disabled (default) FixVehiclePositions_OnTheFly = 1; // If on-the-fly unglitching is enabled, also unflip the vehicle // if it topples over but doesn't glitch into the ground // 1 = Enabled // 0 = Disabled (default) FixVehiclePositions_OnTheFly_UnFlip = 0;

I recommend using this mod in conjunction with a mod that prevents collision damage at server startup, e.g. NoCollisionDamageIfEngineOff.

To prevent randomly exploding Expansion helis, you may want to look at NoExplodingHelis.
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LΛVΛ  [author] Oct 19 @ 7:13am 
Also, I recommend setting FixVehiclePositions_OnTheFly = 1 to prevent helis glitching through the ground while the server is running. This setting will be enabled by default in the next update.
LΛVΛ  [author] Oct 19 @ 7:04am 
@Cargo_MC it means if you crash into something and the vehicle flips over, it will be automatically flipped upright (there is an impact threshold though, so if the heli is upside down and standing still it won't be unflipped).
Cargo_MC Oct 19 @ 6:48am 
Can you explain a little bit more what the last setting do? can't fully understand it. "If on-the-fly unglitching is enabled, also unflip the vehicle" what does it do when you enable it? We're running the mod on our server and it's been working pretty good, not always though. After some restarts the helis are still upside down. And i've seen a couple of helis go under ground and disappear
thanks, i was able to get it working, even the non-Experimental version, by removing the Psycho DayZ Radio mod. Like you said, this probly has nothing to do with your mod and more to do with bugs in the game itself. Thanks for the responses!
TheReven Oct 18 @ 2:04pm 
Cheers mate
LΛVΛ  [author] Oct 18 @ 11:53am 
@TheReven this mod will not prevent physics interactions, just unflip/unglitch if needed. Generally I wouldn't park helis on uneven ground or with little space around it.
LΛVΛ  [author] Oct 18 @ 11:49am 
There's some 'fixer' mods for the Can't find variable 'DEFAULT' error. Note that my mod doesn't use or access this variable.
Thanks LΛVΛ, I tried the Experimental version and it didnt freeze at Exporting Server.core.xml anymore, but now I get the following error (which I think is more related to that DEFAULT variable bug). I might just have to remove another mod to get this working again.

Can't compile "World" script module!
scripts/4_World/classes\useractionscomponent\targetconditionscomponents\cctobject.c(5): Can't find variable 'DEFAULT'
TheReven Oct 18 @ 11:00am 
Hey , great mod we have finnaly been able to re add helis which is great, having couple issues with some despawning still and the merlin seems to be flipping alot ,

otherwise great job
LΛVΛ  [author] Oct 17 @ 9:57am 
You can try the experimental version, I managed to shave off around 110 lines of code from the files in 4_World. Not sure if it'll help at all though.