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Darvin's Adaptive Armors 2.0
Type: Mods
Tech: Hawkeye
Mods: Blocks
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Sep 19 @ 6:39am
Oct 22 @ 5:01am
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Darvin's Adaptive Armors 2.0

Added 8 more pieces of armor, please unsubscribe the previous version to avoid crashes

These adaptive armor plates are designed using artificial intelligence embeded in trillions of nanobots that works as a hive mind, these nanobots makes the defensive capabilities of this armor skyrocket, which is almost 8 times of the existing large Hawkeye armor plate, which makes it seem fair enough toalso make the price 8 times more expensive. The recipe (if it ever implemented/*it has!!!*/)) is Seed AI, Mother Brain, Coffman Cell, Sensory Transmitter, 3 Plubonic Alloy, 3 Titanic Alloy, 3 Rugged Fiblar, and 3 Dervish Gel, the windowed version requires an additional Erudium Crystal
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Darvin  [author] 3 hours ago 
thats messed up, but can you get modded blocks from crates in new campaign?
Vertu 17 hours ago 
You still need to start a new save, old saves don't have modded blocks what so ever so not even with crafting are they accessible. :steamsad:
Darvin  [author] 21 hours ago 
Crafting works now!!! update your TT to latest unstable
Also reworked colliders for the corner pieces, they work perfectly now
Vertu Oct 14 @ 11:33am 
Niiice. Looks even more realistic thanks to the windowed version of the blocks.
Darvin  [author] Oct 14 @ 10:42am 
oh i also made my first tech using these plates just now, take a look

N.S.N. Zumwalt
Vertu Oct 14 @ 10:41am 
Correction: I can't confirm it will give you access no matter the licance level. I forgot that once you get to a trading station in the campaign and destroy the "troll", you level up.
Vertu Oct 14 @ 10:33am 
Its sad that it is indeed the case. At least you can get over 1,280 Eurdite crystals to sell very easily.
At least for me, I think I have out-dated terrain generation in my save lol.
Darvin  [author] Oct 14 @ 10:25am 
although you can always play creative, but then you can't play the unique missions, i am torn apart
Darvin  [author] Oct 14 @ 10:24am 
ahhh i thought that was the solution, such a waste though, now i have to mine erudite again for hours to get back the blockbucks i have accumulated in my old campaign, just to play with blocks that i created myself, ironic
Vertu Oct 14 @ 10:13am 
Alright, if anybody wants any steam workshop item in a campaign, you have to start from scratch with the workshop item downloaded. The game will auto-discover all modded blocks and make them available even if you have the incorrect corporation level. This only happens when you begin a campaign so all old saves are incompatible until crafting modded blocks is possible and or when modded blocks can drop in crates without you needing to start the campaign with them installed.