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Nod Mission 2 - Something in the Water
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Nod Mission 2 - Something in the Water

Nod Mission 2 - Something in the Water
Well done, Kane is pleased with how you handled GDI and their false publising.
He has another mission for you. GDI are gathering wealth at an incredible rate, using it to fund their efforts against us. Our scouts are reporting they are using Hydro-Electric plants to convert the water from the river direct to cash through their own black market sales. This needs to stop.
We have an MCV standing by but we cannot give them our location as our transmissions are being blocked by the GDI radar installations. Take a small task force to the south side of the river to knock out the comm centres so that we can transmit the signal to bring in your MCV north of the river. Once there, build up a strike team to take out the Hydro-Electric plants.
Good luck commander!
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Caleidian Sep 28 @ 6:03am 
OK confirmed. With this level, it is the barracks that's problematic.
So whenever you capture or you build one (after capturing GDI conyard), it may be immediately, or taking a few seconds, up to a minute, but it will eventually crash.

The WF is safe though. I tried destroying it, and then build one exactly at the same spot and build some tanks, then wait a few moments, and it's good.
Everything else is captureable. Except for barracks.

My last guessing is that maybe there's something to do with those additional buildable civilians in the menu? Or maybe it triggers the limit on infantry menu? I don't know...
Hope this helps for future maps.
Caleidian Sep 28 @ 5:03am 
Hi just want to report, that I just replayed this from the beginning, and this time the crash is even weirder. So the moment I land my heli with a commando and engineer at the middle of the map just outside the GDI base to the right, and proceed with an engineer capturing the left barracks, it crashed. I haven't even touched the WF at all.

About the Rise of the Fallen, I've managed to destroy all WFs and have accomplished the mission. I've tested that all 3 WF, when captured, the game will crash.
Aceypaul  [author] Sep 21 @ 12:44pm 
ha how funny. Yeh so the bug seems to be coming up everytime he was capturing a WF as well as owning an airstrip. Dont think anyone can do anything about that, general scripting error in the main code. This mission is defo beatable so let me know how you get on!
Neferata13 Sep 21 @ 11:34am 
Going off the previous conversation with Caleidian but might have read it differently at the time, seemed as if the mission was uncompletable due to a bug so thought maybe changing objectives could resolve it, but saying that - I have no fucking idea what I'm on about lol
Aceypaul  [author] Sep 20 @ 11:55am 
Neferata13, in what way?
Neferata13 Sep 18 @ 4:24pm 
Is it not possible to change the objectives?
Aceypaul  [author] Sep 18 @ 9:26am 
yes very off, as stated on mission, and as you've said, there seems to be a conflict when you own both WF and airstrip. That is a bug in the game rather than a map editor issue i think. With no further patches coming through from EA and Petroglyph this may not get fixed at all.
Caleidian Sep 18 @ 5:41am 
OK confirmed. If I destroyed everything, I can finish the mission.
So I think there's indeed something with capturing the WF... so weird...
Caleidian Sep 18 @ 5:29am 
Yeah it's just my style of playing. haha. I really like to capture everything whenever possible and leave things intact. OK I'll try destroying everything later..
Aceypaul  [author] Sep 18 @ 4:58am 
This is really odd!!! I cant fathom whats going on in the background here. Sounds really basic and potentially unhelpful but have you tried either of these missions to beat them with just full nod force and not capture anything? It obviously can be done, but just thinking aloud here.