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Team Fortress 2 Unique Collection
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Ground Control
Created by multitrip
major reference...
The Trencher's Tunic
Created by boomsta
These names aren't very creative, but enjoy these items anyways!

No Mann's Hat
Created by nano393
I will show you how we fight in trenches son!

3 LODs and paintable...
Cable Mann
Created by AyesDyef
Are you ready to get plugged in?

The engie is a walking extension lead with this neat backpack!...
Pocket Playa
Created by brodee
It's a player small enough to fit inside a pocket. Not much to explain.
This is my first workshop entry, so constructive cristicism is more than welcome!...
Pouched Private [Resubmit]
Created by JPRAS
This item has been resubmitted due to the original submission being accidentally deleted.

Features paintability and 2 lods....
The Swift Straight Tops
Roll up to the club or the combat zone in style!

- Team colors
- Paintable
- 1 LOD...
Bullet Buzz
Created by Zoey

128x Normal
128x Diffuse
No LODs...
Gone Commando
Created by Zoey

512x Diffuse
256x Normal
LODs 0-1
Team Colours...
Heavy Lifter
Created by Zoey

512x Diffuse
512x Normal
LODs 0-1-2
Team Colours...
Stalker's Specs
Created by Jukebox
For Sniper and Spy


Mod Release[]...
The Charming Rogue
Created by Corvalho
Shirt/Vest/Tie Misc

- Paintable
- Team colored...
Space Cowboy
Created by Hideous
It's about gorram time you showed up, Captain Reynolds.

A pistol for the Engineer....
Mentlegen's Tough Hat
Created by Corvalho
A tough top hat, with feathers on it.

- Paintable
- Team Colored...
Oppressive Omelette Pet (FIX)
EDIT: Latest revision here - Pvt. Arson.
Previous version here - Oppressive Omelette (Pet)

Huntsman's Essentials
Created by JPRAS
A quiver for Sniper. Fits perfectly with Larikin Robin, Falconer and the Huntsman!


-Doesn't clip with Huntsman's arrows;
-Works with in-game shields!
-LOD 0, 1, 2.

Concept/Texture: Texman
Model: JPRAS
SFM Renders: 'R'...
The Bald Eagle (Clipping Fixed)
Created by Radical VEWI
Firstperson clipping issue is now fixed.

(Part of the Pack of the Fourth)

The best kind of eagle, and you can be damn sure that it doesn't come from the desert.

Includes 2 LODs
Slingshot as weapon slingshot is paintable and jiggleboned...
TEXAS Hireling
The Ladies Mann
Created by justyn
walk into the club like yo whattup i got a big gun...
Antarctic Uniform
Created by Rotzlöffel
Somebody left a message for you! Yes, you know what this mean. So go a head, take on your coat and step through the russian blizzard.

PS: Don't forget to throw the message into the snow!


Modeling/texturing: Rotzlöffel

DemonstrationPictures: ...
The Hewer's Hatchet
Created by HellJumper
This is a medieval sniper melee weapon featured in the community medieval update.

To download this weapon as a mod, click here[]....
The Self-Medicator
Created by NeoDement
A breath of fresh air in a sea of beards.

Available for download as a mod/reskin here:
The Law and Order
Created by Gadget
The Law and Order

o Soldier Melee
o 3 LODs
o 2 Styles (Normal and Bloody)

Since the importer doesn't support weapons I'm unfortunately not able to submit this with a gold star, yet....
The Chemist's Pride
Created by Norman3D
A tribute to the best show on TV right now. :)

UPDATE: Now paintable!

Ingame screenshot:[/URL...
Cap of the North
Created by Hawf 
Oh, Canada. It's dark and full of terrors, and you can only enter through a wardrobe. It's cold in Canada, so don't forget a hat.
Torrid Twins
Created by invisibleStuff
Saxton Hale had "asked" (threatened) me to give the mercs some more fire power, not sure if this is what he meant. At any rate, this is a double barrel Flaregun for the Pyro; its design is mostly based on the Nambu Type 90....
Created by Constructor
A robotized version of my Medi-Mask that was not accepted for the Robotic Boogaloo update.

Will probably get marked incompatible, but I do not really care because I just want it in my workshop.....
The Nuclear Winterwear
Created by void~
Patrolling the Badlands almost makes you wish for a nuclear winter....
The Scrumpy Helm
Created by Eedo Baba
Drinking while killing people has in the past been reduced to carrying around a bulky supply of booze. The Scrumpy Helm has been reverse engineered from a completely useless and non-alcoholic soda dispenser, often used by quick-moving Bostonian loudmouths,...
The Sandvich Satchel
But it's more of a briefcase.

Concept by CoBalt
Model and texture by SedimentarySocks...
Green Punisher
Created by Manuca
It's a cruel way to punish your enemies!...
Created by Ducksink
Have you ever looked at your hands and felt a void? there was something missing in peculiar, yet not so defined.
it was probably SHARK HANDS!!!@#@!!@


Created by ShadowDio#11285
Made with love for Steam Powered User Forums.

Its an all class fabulous cap to prance and show off your big mouth and equally big ego. Win flame wars in quintuple star, super awesome rep style.

Fabulous screenshots provided by our friendly neighborho...
Marshal's Epaulette v2
Created by Tuna Melt
Settle any outstanding vendetta - and do it in style....
Brass Bells: An Unusual Hat effect
Created by thirteen
Unusual Hat Holiday FX

Inspired by the bells of jingle

The Swifty Swiper
Created by Rozzy
Meet my little metal-sniffing magnet friend. He's the fastest arm in the West....
The Defense Standard
Created by boomsta
This flak jacket has saved the Soldier more times than he count!

It has one lod at 540 tris, two diffuse texture, one normal map....
Westwood Vest
Created by Jukebox
Be the hero you've always wanted to be! Wear faux leather vests! Save dames! Kill bad guys! Tell everyone you meet how this fur is fake!

Jukebox: Item
㋡Dilly Dong: SFM Promo...
Battle Torch Kit
Created by Donvius
Pyro shouldn't be the only one allowed to play with fire. Your an engineer - you never know when you might need a little help of a blow torch. So how about one that you can carry on your back and keep your hands free?

- - -
2x jigglybone for the top cover...
Botwoker's Board
Created by Psyke
Yo buddy.

Check out this awesome lookin' snowboard i got here

And please dont pay no attention to tha' fact it's a kiddie-sized model alright?

Comes with lods!
Team coloured!
show your love of EXTREME WINTER SPORTS.

Model by Evil_Knevil
Outback Stake-out
Created by Primrose
Hunting animals is all good fun, but there's a certian itch every trophy hunter needs to scratch, and no prey takes care of that itch more then the deadliest game of them all, man.

Bonk! Dark
Created by Zippy
UPDATE 4/28/2013! THIS PART IS ALL CAPS WHICH AUTOMATICALLY MEANS YOU HAVE TO READ THIS! Before you mention how similar this is to Crit-a-Cola. See the comparison image first.

It's like normal Bonk!, but just dark. Not dark in a evil morality way, but m...
Created by ¡BUNGO!
Dispense faster on the battlefield!!

Blueprint included
Includes (5) Gibs

Special thanks to Frying Dutchman for the custom HUD icons.

The French Fryer
Created by CoreVixen
While it is aerodynamically shaped to increase your speed, it is flawed in the fact that the extra weight gained form wearing it cancels this out.

Thanks to Lev for the name
Download on the collection page....
Freeband Rambler
Created by crazy-g
Strap a microphone to your suspenders then broadcast your crackpot consipiricy theories and inexplicable thoughts in a way that makes arguing on the internet seem civilized: citizen's band radio!

Remake of the old Contructor's Communicator ([url=http://...
Military Rank
Created by Iqarujanus
Rank for heavy and soldier!

p.s: using for left shoulder....
Sports Flannel
Created by Jukebox
Nothing says "I'm a lumberjack and I totally have a peach fuzz beard just look closely." like a nice flannel.


Jukebox: Model
ƬԊƐ ƉƲҚƐ: Rigging and Model edits
㋡Dilly Dong: SFM Promo

Mod L[http//%26quot%3Bhttp]...
Snappy Sniping Suit
Created by Doctor Aibaleet
You know where you are? You're in the jungle, wankas! You're gonna die!

Version 2!

It's paintable, the Tie is jiggleboned, and it can be worn with the Outback Intellectual with no clipping! Wowzers!

I'm back to making 3D projects! Yay!...
The Polter-Pack
Created by Problem
A little box of horrors.

-2 LODs
-Fully Paintable
-Compatible with Demoman, Soldier, Heavy, Pyro, and Engineer
-Ghosts and glass glow in the dark...
Prototype S-8
Created by Joey90
Using the power of electromagnetism to seperate people from their heads.

Bigger Pic -

Download - (Replaces the Machina)

This was made for the Fa...
Bullie's Beanie
Note :
I've put a lot of work and effort in this hat , so please think twice before rating it

"Dear Santa ,
When everyone is a fighter , bullies are not safe , that's why I need a metal bat this smissmas

Your's Truly,

Winter Beanie for t...
Check'd Mate!
Well plaid....
Teufort Vice
Created by Big Bob
"The victim was pronounced dead about twelve seconds ago. Cause of death: me."

Model: Professor Flubbman
Texture and normal map: Ona

Download it as a skin!


Replaces Quadwrangler, Foppish Physi...
The Furry Toque
Created by JPRAS
A pyro fur hat with goggles.

-Jigglebones (Straps);
-LOD 0, 1, 2....
Created by Snow
Compound bow with knives taped to the front. Shoot and stab without changing weapon.

Grumpy Grandpa
Created by Constructor
There are things a Doctor will only do in the heat of the Moment. Like wearing this outfit.

Thanks to Munchy for SFM and general help....
The "Counterfeat"
Created by AyesDyef
A pure platinum silver watch with poker chip face finish, valued by many, especially the mob, but instead of cutting his hand off for his watch, they cut the watch off his hand instead!
They didn't live very long afterwards.

It only acts like the Dead ...
The Secret Service
Created by SNIPA
Comes with LOD's!

Make sure you check out the other items in the set!

Download the skin/mod!
The Road Buster
Created by Ducksink
A very late addition to the set, hope no ones mad!
(by the way its tyre outside north america)...
Mann in Black
Created by Primrose
The Good Guys dress in black; rememeber that.

Made for Halloween 2013! A Dark Fedora for both medic and spy; each with a different base color!
Paintable band!
Comes with spooky ooky eye occluding shadows!

Model, unwrap, promotional images, and backpack...
Three Ring Brawler
Created by SNIPA
Why jump through rings when you can use them for your POWER!!

Part of the Circus Pack!

The Law
Created by Sid
I fought the law and the law won.

He also killed me, horribly.

A hat for the heavy and the soldier, featuring two LOD's and paintability.

Edit 1: By popular demand, this hat is now all-class!

Edit 2: As requested by [url="ht...
Support Sweater(Spy)
Created by multitrip
3 styles...
The Triple Jumper
Created by Rozzy
Not one, not two, but three layers to keep those lanky arms of yours warm.

Stripes, emblem and inner layer paintable.

Model and Texture: Rozzy
Concept/Idea and SFM Render: retro

Mod Downloads

TF2 (Replaces Th[]...
The Rayzar
Created by ¡BUNGO!
Original concept by VernoGuy
Model/Texture/Animation & SFM short by BANG!


#What does it do?
Nothing, the worksho...
The Quarter Cabinet
Created by SpecialEffect
There's no coin slot, you say? We did that so you could save them for a good cause!

If this item is voted in, 1% of the community revenue share for this item will go to the artist who created it and the remaining 99% will help fund SpecialEffect - a ch...
Boston Maverick
Created by ¡BUNGO!
Arctic Aviator
Created by NeoDement
All-class fur cap with goggles

Available for download as a mod/reskin here:
Subarctic Sub
Created by ToxicWeasel

Paintable winter sandvich holder with jigglebone zip and pom pom....
The Tsar Bomber
Created by void~
With this comfortable, trendy, and stolen jacket of the Flying Fists bomb squadron, now you too can deliver the world's most devastating device ever detonated by man - in style!...
Doe's Duffle
Created by Zoey
25% extra warmth not guaranteed!

(Mann co. is not to be held liable for any less or more warmth provided and the consquences of said warmth, such as heat stroke or hypothermia)

- LODs 0 - 2
- Paintable
- Magical Unicorns
- Guff
- Normal map / Diffuse 25...
Doctor Tie MD
Created by Insaneicide
Clinical Tie Cirurgeon Fighter from Outer Heaven Germany Doctor MD

This is the very same tie used during the Medicinal Conventions in München. Or was that the place of last Oktoberfest? Anyway, they’re fancy!

awesome new renders by The Claudio Americano...
Runner's Receiver
Created by Hideous
For when you want to hear half as much from your teammates, and twice as much from the locally broadcasted baseball game....
The Upgrade
Created by Sky
Spy suffered permanent brain damage? Been shot in the head? Just doesn't grasp the concept of disguising convincingly?

Never fear! Simply replace his brain with some torn out spybot circuitry, bolt on this cobbled together headpiece, and throw in a few ...
Pelznickel's Mantel
Created by Rotzlöffel
Whenever the time of sharing comes, you should leave the medkits to your medic. If you won't Knecht Ruprecht will come and leave you nothing but worthless crates



Concept: VaultScout
Idea: CrymeTyme
Horsemann's Haunted Hoodie
Created by Sky
Cape for the demoman, loosely based on the headless horsemann's cape. Flaps majestically in the wind as you run away from the actual horsemann, who's less than impressed with your cosplay attempt...

Initial Concept by Bloodfart
Model/texture by SMaster...
Created by Zoey
Whether of common red blood, or royal blue blood, let it be know throughout the Badlands; that none have and ever shall survive within the Medic's operating theatre.

Well, maybe without a skeleton.


512x Diffuse
512x Normal
Team Colours...
The Valve valve.
Created by Inter
The Valve valve

A Valve fan made "hat".

Its only a version with the valve in the neck,
no other placement, i did want to keep it classic.
i was thinking abut also making one eye version,
but i thoght it would mess upp the characters style to much....
Arctic Essentials
Created by 𝖈𝖆𝖎𝖓
Every arsonist worth his or her sulfur knows that you don't go trekking through fridged, polar enviroments without a warm jacket and a pair of Crampons.

Oh, and thermite. Lots and lots of thermite. This thing is literally packed with thermite. Seriously....
The Lawman
Created by otterwolfy
It's all in your hands now. (Actually, it's on your chest)...
Mecklenburger Mannbeard
Created by Rotzlöffel
If there's one thing the medic has brought with him from his home country, it's his impeccable sense for fashionable facial hair.



Concept: VaultScout
Idea: CrymeTyme
Pictures: Zwappa
Modeling/Texturing: Rotzlöffel...
Comrade Questions
Created by Doctor Aibaleet
Version 5!

-Comes in two styles!
-Retains the Heavy's color flow and silohette
-Works great with other Cosmetics!

Mod available here:
The Unsolved Case
Created by Ryu Ookami
Less Spytech, more classical spy equipment :P
Disguising in classical spy movies does not actually mean to shapeshift into an identical person but to use ID or Access Cards in order to look like one of them. With the right card or pass yo...
Provocateur's Pocketwatch
Created by Frump
A pocketwatch for the Spy with discerning taste. Feel comfortable while cloaked knowing that for an entire TEN frames, you were more fashionable than your fellow Spy.

Additional Images:
Antarctic Researcher
Created by NeoDement
You're a thousand miles from nowhere, man, and it's gonna get a hell of a lot worse before it gets any better. Better dress accordingly....
The Canberra Closeup
Created by Wowza
Are you ready for your close up?

SFM promos by DatDrunkenSoldier.

Part of the Smashing Safari set.
2 LODs....
Marshal's Epaulette & Badge
Created by Tuna Melt
Settle any outstanding vendetta - and do it in style.


- You can download a mod version of this model here -

To Install - Copy the Materials.vpk and MarshalsEpaulette_*itemname*.vpk to y...
The Military Mitters
Created by Maxxy
Simple mitters for soldier.

- Paintable!
- 3 LODs....
The Biker Vest
Created by <<GT500>> JZeeba
* 2 LODs
* Paintable badges
* Biker attitude...
The Pork Pie
Created by Sky
All-class pork pie hat with a sash. Contains neither pork nor pie.
Default color is close to the default dark color on most classes vest and bags.

- All class.
- Paintable (main hat and sash stripe).
- LODs 0, 1 on all classes.

Also comes with...
Rusted Roboticist
Created by UnintelGen
Hours toiled on useless bots and bolts. At least you look quite rugged now.

Tech information-

LOD 0: 841 triangles

LOD 1: 431 triangles (51% of LOD 0)
Materials: 1
Class: Engineer
Equip Region: Face
Number of Bones: One
Chauffeur's Coat
Created by SNIPA
Paintable! Beautiful! Amazing! Stylish! Classy!

If you have a better suggestion for a name, tell us in the comments!

Modeling by SNIPA
Rigging by [BMS] Rozzy
Textures by void~
Idea by Cat- Party...
Crow Killer - TF2 Edition
Created by havenoammo
Kill those evil creatures that damages your crops. WARNING! Not a toy. Adult supervision required. Misuse or careless use may cause serious injury or death!...
Old Mann Winter
Created by donhonk
Heavy has been out in cold too long.

Facial Flexes!
Icicles in your beard!...
The Warbreaker
Created by JPRAS
The Warbreaker: Misc for the Soldier....
The Modern Director
Created by nano393
Forget the artistic attire, those science fiction stories are not filming themselves.

3 LODS and paintable....
Tracker's Jacket
Created by multitrip
The world's best jacket....
The Humble Hooded Bundle
Created by boomsta
Through snow and storm
It keeps you cozy and warm.

A hood and a ... paintable turtle neck

Model/Texture - boomsta
Concept/Fur Texture - Viktorie...
The Lee Van-Cliff
Created by _fragus
"But you know the pity is when I'm paid, I always follow my job through. You know that."

Inspired by "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly"...
Created by Daimao
Reworked the mesh from my original goggles to something geometrically acceptable (1,400 tris@LOD0, 1,000@LOD1, 700@LOD2) and redid the textures.

Glows-in-the dark and supports (ALL) paint.

Now with extra gold star. Model and texture by yours truly, S...
Looks to Kill
Created by Constructor

UPDATED ON 12/7/2013:

- Updated mesh to not clip with sniper's animations
- Gave it a snazzy new finish
- Normal maps!...
Troop Chute
Created by Zoey
This is my backpack, i wear it on my back.

256x512 Diffuse
256x512 Normal
LODs 0-1
Open / Unopened Models
More magic, and things.
Coercive Persuasion
Created by Dunkle
Facial Flexes!
Self Illumination!
Goes on your Face!
Compatibale With Hats!
Statements with Excitement!

Anyone who thinks of a better title wins.

P.S. I removed the blood since it didn't look right in some situations, plus it clashed...
Authorized Person
Created by *JaCuS* cyberTłuK
Just in case you forgot who you're working for. Once in a while somebody might also wonder are you really authorized to walk around their base and carry around their intelligence.
This piece of plastic will get you anywhere!

Special Thanks to S'wir f...
Stealthy Scarf
Created by Wrench N Rockets
Keep your neck warm, stylish, and hopefully unharmed with this knit wonder....
Lowered Standards
Created by Hawf 
Someone woke up on the wrong side of the water buffalo corpse....
The Valve
Created by Roomie
do you want the logo_valve in team fortress 2?

Open your eyes
Open your mind...
Veteran's Warmer
Created by JPRAS
A soldier fur collar and scarf misc.

- Paintability;
- LOD 0, 1;
- Fancy looks!

Texture/Concept - Texman
Model - JPRAS
SFM Renders - 'R' DoubleTap...
Poacher's Pride
Created by Hideous
Protect your balding head from hair-damaging UV rays with this wide-brimmed hat, for the discerning illegitimate hunter.

Thanks to OneFourth for the promo image!...
The Director's essentials
Created by nano393
Various tools to film or scream "ACTION" or "CUT" whenever you like.

2 LODs and paintable...
*OLD The Kinetic Collider
Created by Hobo on Fire!
Note: This is the outdated version.

A projectile based weapon inspired from the streamline design movement from the 30's.

Includes 3 LODs

Part of the "Aviator of Tomorrow" set. Check out the other items in the set!

Jetpack Retrofit
Nobel's Six Pack
Created by Zoey
Boom boom pow, boom boom ow. Inflict pain in a more classic way with some good ol' dynamite sticks, who needs those modern pipe-bomb thingies anyway? Right?


256x Diffuse
256x Normal
LODs 0-1-2
Team Coloured
The Paynesville Poncho
Created by Ertz™
With This Stylish Poncho, Your Enemies Will Know That Your The Best Bounty Hunter In The Entire Wild West(-ern Half of Australia)

Part of The Bushman Bandit set.

-1 lod
-Team Colours
-512x512 diffuse, 256x256 normal map

The Open Surgeon
Created by Rozzy
It can get a little hot practicing medicine in the dusty chasms of Dustbowl....
Teufort Turtleneck
Created by multitrip
No better way to beat the summer heat than donning a double-thick knitted sweater....
All overcomes panic when they see a pirate flag in the telescope....
Chainsaw of Ashes
Created by NOISE
Decided for my first TF2 item that I'd make a handy little chainsaw that would fit into TF2's halloween events.
perfect for slicing apart spies or your run of the mill zombie.

Who needs a hand when you've got a chainsaw!

This was not designed with a...
The Bad Batch
Created by ✥ℜℵ✥
Only a fool would carry a lethal vat of bubbling radioactive ooze on their back, fortunately you are a fool.

- Paintable...
The Devil's Tumble Dryer
Created by Lobster

Model & Texture by Lobster.
Includes 4 LOD files.

I know what you're going to ask: "Why would a man attach a jet turbine to a machine gun?" to which I can only respond "I honestly have no idea but would you argue with a man ...
Grim Smile
Created by ¡BUNGO!
Deathdealer's Depth Diver V2
Created by Primrose
Because playing with fire got boring.

Version 2 of the Deathdealer's Depth Diver! With updated textures and a newer model, some fixed rigging. Works better with hats and miscs now!

2 Lods!

Concept redrawn by the very talented [url=htt...
Counterintelligence Credentials
Created by Frump
Resubmission because I accidently deleted the last one. It was at 1200 ratings, let's see if we can't get there again!

A fake passport is an essential tool for every Spy. A Disguise Kit alternative with unique skins for each team!

Additional Images:...
Hind Heater
Created by NeoDement
Fur trimmed coats? Scarfs? MITTENS??? Pyro has much more radical ideas about how to stay warm during winter!...
The Uncivil Engineer
Created by SgtR007
This safety vest has kept clever Engineers accident-free since 1952!

Team-colored with two LODs.

*NEW* Added a second style using more red/blue team colors instead of the original Cream Spirit variation....
Communicator's Carryall
Created by Hideous
Carry all your important things, like your radio, ammo, running shoes and sewing kit, you big wuss....
The Courier's Cargos
Created by CyanPlastic
Featuring a brand new normal map!

Who needs this many pockets? You do!

Model/Texture by Uncle Grumpksin
Rigging by JPRAS
Normal Map by Donhonk
Concept/Idea by CoBalt
SFM promos by Munchy

tags: pants...
Constructor's Communicator
Created by crazy-g

Updated version (Freeband Rambler) here:

The Peak of Elbrus
Created by ƬԊƐ ƉƲҚƐ
Paintable, based on military, air force and navy peaked caps used by the USSR.

Thanks to Dilly Dong for the thumbnail and last render....
The digital noise maker
Created by The Gamer ( ITA )
If you like good music and great classics, well ... this is not for you!...
The Vampiric Shades
Created by ImortalFireman
Now you'll even seem more bada** when killing the enemy team. ...Or ghouls.

Special Thanks to: Ax2050.
If it weren't for his help, these awesome shades wouldn't be as awesome.
Texas Gentleman
Created by DANG21
Description: I challenge you to a duel! Dumbass

Описание: Я вызываю вас на дуэль! Недоумок

wallpapers by Kunoichi
The Corporate Casual
Created by Adam
For a smart guy, you sure don't dress smart.
Give your Engineer a touch of class with this stylish shirt and tie combo!...
The Civil Suit
Created by Midnight™
You got a problem? I'm your man.

Includes 1 LOD and a paintable tie.

Model: Midnight Wolves
Texture: DANGeR21
Wallpapers by by Kunoichi:
The Fat Cat
Created by Ruskeydoo
“There are many roads to wealth and power. Whichever one you travel, make sure you're riding in a limousine.”

Full sleeved shirt and waistcoat. With some shirts it is acceptable to roll the sleeves up, with others it is not.
Full collar, as oppo...