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Guide to Control groups, and how to use them effectively.
By boat 999
Hello. This guide is short, but contains everything you need to know about control groups to get you doing well w/ heroes that have multiple controllable units, such as Meepo, Chen, and Enchantress that have seperate abilities of their own.
Things to remember.
1. A control group will all move simultaneously, but it's required to tab through to cast all their abilities as those will NOT cast simultaneously.

2. The main unit in a group is still attached to the group, so moving this unit will also move all other units in the group. Only the units abilities are independent of the groups influence.

3. Effectively using your control groups is important. If you seem to be struggling in a real match, hop into a private bot lobby and practice more... Don't get discouraged if you're not instantly n0tail when you play Meepo, or Akke when you play Chen... It's fine, calm down, don't get angry, and enjoy learning.

4. Know when to pick a hero that utilizes control groups well. Obviously Meepo isn't the best pick if they have a Sven, Lich, and a Tidehunter on their team, so always be very wary and be sure that your picks are strong before picking one of these heroes, as they are often times not as effective as they can be because they're countered by 3 of the 5 enemy heroes.

5. Do not try to set all of these things up at the start of a public match. Set up your binds, and other configurations in a private match, and ensure you are okay w/ controlling all the units at a single time before moving into public games. If you're struggling, refer to step 3.
Meepo Tip
Meepo is a pretty unique hero, and he can be really hard to play so many players tend to avoid him.

Once you start learning Meepo he's a fascinating hero to play, and you set lots of new challenges for yourself (The one I'm currently on is getting to lvl 25 before 25 minutes! HARD!!!).

The one time you should absolutely know is that you should NEVER set control groups for any individual Meepo. Rather, put a control group on the original Meepo, a control group over all duplicate Meepos, and a control group over the original and the duplicates... This makes it easy to filter through your control groups, and control all meepos easily.

You might say "How will I control meepos independently then?". Easy... The first control group that's set to only the original Meepo, isn't actually a control "group"... If you hit your "tab group" key (The key you use to filter through meepos when all are selected to quickly throw nets), it will tab through each meepo individually, giving you control of that single Meepo. This will be difficult to learn, but once mastered your Meepo'ing will become brilliant.
Control group tip (Any control group hero)
USE BINDS! If you keyboard allows for custom binds I recommend using them... Every good micro player does it, and it will make your life better. It can be fun to play w/o binds, and I do recommend doing it every other game or so just to practice up your micro skills, it will make them better. However, using binds is helpful, and completely okay...

The only thing that needs to be stated here is that most Micro heroes will require different binds. A bind to TP all meepos won't work well when micro-ing creeps w/ Chen or Enchantress, or trying to do work w/ Visage's minions.

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