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How to turn off that stupid intro video.
By Blitz ÂceRosin
Are you sick and tired of Conan saying "FRST, DEY TUK UR FAMLY" EVERY. SINGLE. GODDAMN TIME you start the game?

Then this is the guide for you!
Rip and TEAR that fookin' line out!
So, you're going to wanna' navigate to "[Wherever you installed steam]\Steam\steamapps\common\Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Config"
Then open up the "Defaultgame.ini" file in like, notepad++ or something.

Then just yeet out the following lines;


That'll, not only remove the stupid ramblings of a half-naked hippy, but it'll also get rid of the Unreal and NVIDIA startup stuff.
Before you comment "You can skip it"
Yes, yes, I know. Esc, space, etc. But some of us just want to turn off the damn thing entirely, because we're running on lower end machines that just literally can't skip, so we're better off turning off the cutscene.

It's also for people that just plain get annoyed.
Don't advertise your shitty servers.
Nobody cares, and I'll delete your stupid comments.
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Frenne Dilley Jul 29 @ 4:19am 
Red, make it happen, i think TeePublic let's you make custom shirts.
ICECOLDWRXST Jul 29 @ 2:31am 
That fking video always lags and becomes unskippable to me, sometimes even crashing. Replace the intro with a hentai video and your in the money :Dosh::Dosh::Dosh::DemonFireOrb:
Rednutsquire Mar 28 @ 6:17am 
" FRST, DEY TUK UR FAMLY " is a winning t-shirt idea
Maciek Mar 6 @ 11:00am 
and repet this with update's
vereena Mar 1 @ 7:30am 
FRST, DEY TUK UR FAMLY... Then they took ur stupid intro :D
Dude, you sound butthurt AF, but thanks for the tip all the same :praisesun:
Sadarsa Feb 11 @ 8:14am 
Don't forget if you heavily mod the game then it takes forever before you're allowed to skip for some reason. Some of my more heavily modded games (im looking at you AOC) take the whole opening video and more or less crash if you try to skip before it's done loading.
Frenne Dilley Feb 8 @ 1:17am 
actually, that sounds kind of epic
Johnny Mnemonic Feb 7 @ 1:34pm 
sometimes i get this awesome bug where i hit "continue" on the launcher and it loads me into a live server and the video audio plays in the background while im in game... this... this... is everything
Eaglelives Jan 19 @ 9:54am 
Thanks, awesome, U know how many years I've been listening to that
AnnaCalamity Jan 1 @ 8:33am 
Thank you. That thing is so fucking loud.