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Winter Gambit
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Sep 15, 2020 @ 6:38pm
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Winter Gambit

This is a bluffing and memory game with each player’s objective to find the hidden location of “Planet Coroan” hidden among the other players cards.

Setup: Each player is dealt 6 cards; respectively these are 2 officers/soldiers, 1 commander/admiral, 1 captain/emperor, 1 planet Coroan, and 1 space card. Once both players have their cards, they will place their cards face down in a horizontal line parallel to each other (6 cards, 6 possible places, that’s the play space).

Card Abilities:
Planet: No move, no power, if revealed by opponent you lose.
Space: No move, no power.
Officer/Soldier: 4 move, 1 power.
Commander/Admiral: 2 move, 2 power. Can discard this card and any other opponent card in play.
Captain/Emperor: 1 move, 3 power. Can block an opponent card from engaging an adjacent card or itself.

Actions: On your turn you may take one of the following actions…
A) Look at one of your cards.
B) Move one of your cards (up to it’s move value) horizontally, or bluff and move more. State your move value before moving. Stop moving at or bellow the max move value allowed and place in between two cards. (ex. If you move 4 you stop on 4th card and place between 4th and 5th card).
C) Engage two cards (yours and an opponent’s) that are in the same vertical line. To engage your card MUST have at lease 1 move. Before reveal state the power value of your card (1-3). You may bluff at this time. Opponent will respond by saying their power value (possibly bluffing), or using the captain’s ability
D) Use the Command/Admiral ability. Use this on the Commander/Admiral card, or bluff and use it with an officer/soldier card.

Bluffing: When an opponent pretends to use an ability, have an alternate power value, or alternate move value this is a bluff. In the case of engagements, the attacker always bluffs first and may call a bluff first as well. In the case of movements or abilities the person allegedly bluffing may be accused by the opponent. Opponent simply says “you’re bluffing”. The other player reveals the card in question. If caught in a bluff the player must flip that card and a second card face up (those cards are now considered “space”). If the card revealed fits, the opponent was not bluffing, then the other player flips two of their cards face up to become “space”. The space card can be flipped up in this situation. If a player accidently flips over their planet Coroan they automatically loose (this is also a memory game). The only difference in engagement in that one of the cards being flipped up is one of the cards in engagement.