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Kenshi: Genesis
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Sep 13, 2020 @ 10:39pm
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Kenshi: Genesis

Kenshi: Genesis Beta

Our Mission Statement
Our community overhaul can be better described as a "Kenshi Plus" Or as the Community calls it. Kenshi 1.5! More content, more choices, more fun. The goal is to offer a deeper and more challenging Kenshi experience without straying too far from the original game's theme.

Renowned modders from all over the world have pooled their resources into the overhaul with the sole purpose of improving the game we all know and love.

Interview with Nexus Mods

Please be aware that as this is a BETA & in its current state there is likely to be many incompatibilities with other mods. Mods that are likely to be incompatible at the moment are Overhaul mods, new town additions, animation mods for included mods, new faction additions or changes, town, or building changes..


It is not recommended to play with "Foliage" Mods. It won't really impact your game but it can cause floating buildings. Please try genesis alone beforehand. We have made our own tweaks to foliage and textures.

Regarding the Alpha Version.
Unsubscribe from the Alpha version. It is not needed and not meant to be on steam but the original author has unhidden the mod despite it being hidden per my request by the game devs.. It contains stolen assets from another modder. It is not something we condone and or support. You will NOT receive support for the alpha version. Your comments WILL be deleted in regards to the alpha version.

This mod has been in development since August of 2019, on that note this mod is still very far from finished. At this point in time, we are mostly done with world-building and are starting to move on to other ventures in modding the game. This means some quests, dialogue, and other features are far from fleshed out.

Gameplay, Utility, & Mechanical Changes:
  • Max Faction Size: 256
  • Max Squad Size: 50
  • Max Number Attack Slots: 5 - You can change this by putting your preferred attack slot mod AFTER genesis.
  • Days Per Year: 365 - This has two major changes. This makes seasons longer to the benefit AND hinderance of the player.
  • Sunrise: 4
  • Sunset: 22 - Does not affect shops OR venge lasers
  • Custom Map Included - Place your own preferred map AFTER genesis.
  • Light visuals have been changed. Intensity scaled-down & radius increased. This provides a much more natural blending of light sources. - If you are using darker nights you MAY want to download the darker nights LIGHTS mod!

Mods included:
The mods included can be found here:

Change Log
Changelog can be found here:

Translations can be found here:

Official Patches

Community Patches
Patches can be found here:

Common Questions can be found here:

Still have questions and read the faq?
Ask here:
As a note. I don't like using the comment section. i feel like a lot of people miss answers and i want to ensure that myself or others can respond and people can get the answers they are seeking. Please report bugs or ask questions in the discussion threads!

Art Credits

Special Thanks & Credits
Snugsnug: Thank you for the endless time you gave to the project and all the creative and critical input you gave to us!
Camelspyder: Thank you got all the teaching and time you gave to not only the project but the genesis community
Shidan: Thank you for the endless time you give to the community and myself (atlas) with the million bug testing questions i have.
Boron: Thank you for being basically my brother in arms on ideas and being smart enough to bring both our ideas to life :P Always happy to bounce ideas off you only to hear you are basically making them come to life already
Mechanica: Thank you for all the support and help with buildings. Our cities wouldn't be half as amazing without your input and work.

Discord & Donations

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Farbott 2 hours ago 
wheres the mod thats genesis but the default map instead of only map :)
would be nice to have one.
Neogenex 3 hours ago 
Can anyone tell me where Rane the Giant is now? I havent been able to locate her for a while. Also, how do you continue the Hub rebuilding quest line? Its telling me to talk to the police guy or some other guy, but one doesnt talk to me and the other doesnt tell me what to do next.
gerkanah Sep 20 @ 10:47pm 
Did you guys remodel the Scraphouse? Where i can find old trader Quin?)
moresaghi Sep 19 @ 7:36am 
Any idea how to give the howler matriarch core to page ? i have it in my inventory but no conversation line apears
Uncle Moss Sep 18 @ 1:28pm 
Hi I love your mod!
I just want to know if I need a patch for Tamebeasties or not? I cannot find a mod that patch.
Neogenex Sep 18 @ 8:39am 
Personally, I never use training dummies. I have the "cheat" dummies MOD subscribed, but I dont use it. Maybe Im one of the select few, but I rather enjoy the grind. I do have a few things that make the "grind" less of a "grind" and more of a "milestone". Example: When I research imprisonment, I can make cages and then wait until some strong foolish AI get destroyed by guards, than I can pick him up and use the cages to hold him and then use the MOD that allows me to recruit them. Now I have a good fighter which I can use to get more good fighters.

The point is, there are a thousand ways around some of the issues that Genesis presents
Neogenex Sep 18 @ 8:39am 
@Luna I broke 1000hrs not lomng ago, probably 800ish from Genesis alone. I use a T O N of MODs though, many address issues of Genesis that I do not like, some of the issues you are mentioning. Genesis is awesome and does a lot of things I enjoy, but there are also quite a few things that make me scratch my head. My biggest thing is the fact that they remove waystations/items on ground at certain area, and dont do anything to remedy this. Even the AI is left where the old waystations USED to be. Other than that, nearly all the problems you listed can be addressed with one MOD or another.
Luna Sep 18 @ 6:55am 
From my point of view.
Genesis is basically AFK simulator with more factions and slower progress, not Kenshi.

**For people that are struggling early game, hire mercs and let them do their jobs for you, then aim for building base and build trainning dummies to increase your stats. It is a boring design and if not one of the most frustrated thing I came across but you have to manage if you're planning to play Genesis.**

I haven't touch late game yet but I assume they will definitely touch AI core and more mechanics and make them more frustrating and annoying to obtain, I do not understand why nerfing/making things worse suppose to make the game better?

Luna Sep 18 @ 6:53am 
I saw Renato commented few days ago but I haven't got trainning dummies yet, but I see how bad the progression during early game are to the point where it kills the fun for me.
I immeditely rushed for trainning dummies and I don't expect how much better it does comparing to playing the game how it suppose to be.

One of my squad that used to have 1 stat took few days and managed to get around 30 stats with trainning dummies comparing to my squads that almost get kill in a real battle yet took more than months to level up.

I rarely agree with any comment but this one is indeed too obvious that I have to agree with him.

duanethebathtub Sep 18 @ 5:21am 
Anyone know where to go to get an answer? I don't think I've ever got a response here from any of the mod authors here... Having a problem with the gates in the newest update. Enemies run right through them. If I open them and close them once, it will work until I turn away. Very frustrating. I've rebuilt them 3 times even took down my entire city and rebuilt it. None of the rebuild Navmesh or restarts, etc. does anything. It didn't occur in the version just before this one. Played a very long game.