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[WOTC] Psionic Implants
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Sep 9, 2020 @ 3:12pm
Oct 5 @ 3:31pm
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[WOTC] Psionic Implants

                                      Team PEXM presents; Psionics Ex Implantia
What is it?
This mod is a near copy of ObelixDK's No More Psi Amps with a few differences.
Made with permission from ObelixDK.

The major differences are as follows;
Each new Psionic Implant comes with images made by nelVlesis. He also updated the main Psionics Research image and the schematic images.

The new Psionic Implant should upgrade and evolve alongside the regular Psi Amp. They copy all the settings from regular Psi Amps, except for 'Number of Upgrade Slots'.
Vanilla psi amps have no upgrade slots, but for mod compatibility with Psionics Ex Machina 3.0 these 'Implant Amps' have been given the following values, editable in the config files;
  • Conventional Tier = 0
  • Magnetic Tier = 1
  • Beam Tier = 3
The new Psionic Implants are of the 'psiamp' weapon category and should work with all mods and classes that can use 'psiamps'. Biotic and Sectoid versions remain their own categories. The slot values are intentionally less than 'external psi amps'.

I also make all psi-amp like weapons into Unique Equipment Categories, so no dual-psi type stuff should happen.

These are designed to be used on classes with Psionic Skill Trees that you want as 'natural' Psionics (and not GEM-gifted Psionics from Psionics Ex Machina 3.0 for example, the slots intended for skills the 'natural' class does not have). You will need another mod to view these slots, such as Robojumper's Squad Select OR Mod Everything Reloaded

It's just nice to have the option of what style to use. The lore for all three types of the Psionic Implants has been adjusted slightly to match.

Compatibility and Known Issues
None that I know of. I even repacked a version of ObelixDK's No More Psi Amps upks so the mods shouldn't crash if used together.

I have merged the Biotic Schematics with Psionics Schematics so you only need to purchase one to upgrade them all. This can be turned off in the config file XComGame.ini.
To compensate for the merge I bumped the prices up a little for the Psionics Schematics. This can be adjusted in the config file XComStrategyTuning.

Contains an optional WSR config that will fix animations for Biotic Amps using normal Psi Abilities, provided by TeslaRage

Credits and Thanks
HUGE THANKS to ObelixDK for the original animations from No More Psi Amps
Many thanks to nelVlesis for a) pushing me to make these changes and b) providing all the images and lore edits
Thanks to all the modders that made the classes!

... and to the XCOM2 Modders community and discord for being an amazing level of support.

~ Enjoy !! and please buy me a Cuppa Tea [www.buymeacoffee.com]
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CrazyOdd Oct 4 @ 5:21pm 
I will just start over, without the starting tech, and see if its still an issue.
RustyDios  [author] Oct 4 @ 4:55pm 
Well the Biotic Schematics won't matter either in a CI/PA game, as they should be individually built too, by another bridge.. CI/PA removes the PsiAmp Schematics
CrazyOdd Oct 4 @ 3:59pm 
I guess "bMergeBioticSchematics = true", is not triggering, do to one of the another mods.
CrazyOdd Oct 4 @ 3:40pm 
Full Steam shutdown and restart the game, still no PSI implant.

Guess Starting Research, is to blame, as things is probably not unlocking in right order. Still a bit weird it only effect Implant and not anything else PSI related.
RustyDios  [author] Oct 4 @ 3:30pm 
well, the starting tech might be messing it up.. but I can't see it doing so..

"bOneMorePsiAmp_CanBeBuilt = true" does NOT require a new campaign, should take effect on the next game start ... but it shouldn't be needed as the PA configs should adjust ...

When I next get some free time, I'll investigate :)
CrazyOdd Oct 4 @ 3:27pm 
[WOTC] Proving Ground Overhaul V2, [WotC] Research Rework, [WOTC] Better Laboratory, [WOTC] Weapon and Item Overhaul, [WOTC] Tygan's Tech: Starting Research (starts with Psionics).

Thats should be the list that effect research, yet all other modded items seems to work perfect.
RustyDios  [author] Oct 4 @ 3:23pm 
If running in CI with Prototype Armory.. you shouldn't need to adjust anything to make the Advanced tiers buildable, and they should be buildable at the same time as the Advanced Psi Amp
CrazyOdd Oct 4 @ 2:49pm 
Do "bOneMorePsiAmp_CanBeBuilt = true" require new campaign? Thought I didnt need to change anything, do to the "auto config/detect" with Prototype Armory.

Same problem as below, no advanced PSI implant to be found, just Advanced PSI Amp, even with full Magnetic weapon research.
Larsen Sep 16 @ 7:10am 
for now i will just use the good old Psi Amps, for this playthrough.
Larsen Sep 16 @ 3:36am 
i have CI, and dont know what to change in the config to fix it, i have had a look and tested differnt things, i guess i have yet edited the right lines yet, or is it in CI files i have to look?