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Hero Attack On Gods (Beta Updates Version)
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Sep 9, 2020 @ 4:50am
Aug 16 @ 5:49pm
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Hero Attack On Gods (Beta Updates Version)

RPG Hero Survive With Random Skills (custom too) On Top of Starting skills.
Reuploaded Version

Game Modes: before the game starts (Host only)
-extra = bosses above lvl 14 will spawn with 2-6 random skills (on top of base skills, over 130 skills) and ~80% chance for aghanim buff + aghanim shard
-full = second part enabled
-hard = extra defense and dmg but better drops and new op items and bosses (still only one part need to add -full for fullgame)
-fullgame = hard and second part and 3rd part where you meet the first good boss.
-double = double the mobs/bosses spawn
-all = hard, double, and the full game. (-fullgame with double mobs/bosses spawns)

-single = extra courier and ancient has more healing and armor.

Commands: During the game, any player can type them.
-register waxWalethere = it will send what you type after "register" for your steam ID (it does not need to be wax but for now i only send stuff to that)
-hide = hide all your max lvl passive skills that are NOT in a key bind slot (frist 6 slots)
-unhide = reverse the command above
-kill = in case death and no tomb or you have the rare bug of dead but alive and no buyback available cd 10 sec
-zeromana = abilites cost 0 mana to cast but you deal less dmg (activates only on yourself)
-dummy = adds an invis dummy where you spawn (near the tree) (Only if you have Cheats Enabled)

Dmg counter repair commands:

Discord Server: /y8Cx69w

If you want to give a tip:
Patreon /conrelly

Base map
Attack on Hero 2 Re: Bird (can't find his Patreon)
Swap skill position: Together We Die (nice map give a try)