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Magic the Gathering Table
Type: Game
Game Category: Card Games
Complexity: Medium Complexity
Number of Players: 4
Play Time: 30 minutes
Assets: Scripting
File Size
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Sep 7, 2020 @ 12:10pm
Jan 14 @ 8:33am
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Magic the Gathering Table

This table perfect for playing Magic the Gathering with up to Four Players. It is a reworking of the Mod "MTG: Commander Table". If you are looking for more room, I now have a 8 player commander table as well as long 10 person tournament/FNM table.

Each player has a set of four infinite bags for quick duplication of tokens or counters. Each zone has an uptap button. Turns are on. Each Zone also has a toggle button to hide the player's area; useful for sealed/drafts.

There is a stack of all the current (as of October 16, 2021) Planeswalker Emblems, Creature Tokens, Misc Tokens and Cards (Such as the Monarch, Poison Counter Card, City's Blessing, etc)

As a bonus there is a bag containing all the Ikoria Evergreen Tokens, infinite bags of each Basic Land, and a Bag that makes booster packs for cube.

The mod "Card Importer for Card Games and memes" is included for easier of card and deck importing. This is a huge improvement over the original mod and greatly expands where you can pull deck lists from.

Card Importer for Card Games and memes Help:

"Scryfall" and URLs are Case sensitive, everything else is not case sensitive. To use, type the following commands into the game chat. COMMANDS: Scryfall cardname Spawns that card. Scryfall URL cardname Spawns card name with URL as it face. Scryfall URL Spawn an Card with that image. Accepts png jpg mp4 webm Spawns the deck from the URL Supports Scryfall clear queue Clears the queue Scryfall help Prints help file in chat Scryfall hide Hides Importer Chat Commands Scryfall deck Spawns a deck from the last Notebook Scryfall back URL Makes your card backs the provided Image For regular Magic Card back use this image's url[] Scryfall text cardname Prints Oracle text in Chat Scryfall print cardname Spawns all Printings of that card. Warning this will lag most people. Does not work on basics or cards with too many results Scryfall rules cardname Prints Rulings for the card in Chat. If too long it will show up in a Notebook page. Scryfall token cardname Spawn associated Tokens, Emblems and Combo Pieces for the cardname Scryfall search syntax+syntax Spawns all cards searched for. Will not execute if there are 30 or more cards. Ex: Scryfall search t:basic+set:und Scryfall random isecalpwubrg<>=# quantiy Fills field with ANY random card or limit it. "isecalp" are card types "wubrg" are colors Ex: Scryfall random ri=2 would spawn a random 2 cmc red instant If the importer does NOT work make sure you: Load in the Module into any game Capitalize the S in Scryfall Have Scripting turned ON Waited till the queue is empty, after 3 request it will delete the first one. For more information, see the original mod page.
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SageSteven  [author] Nov 24 @ 2:46pm 
for graphical issues like over-enlarged buttons, try reloading the table. For issues with the card importer, please direct issues to the card importer page (link in mod description). I will have to check the black hole issue when I return to my home this weekend.
Morough Nov 20 @ 2:45pm 
the untap button is over-enlarged and it takes up entire seats at the table for joining players. is there anyway to fix this?
Xenarch Nov 18 @ 7:55pm 
Hi, the card importer seems to be broken rn. Yesterday it would load half a deck then crash, today it won't load at all.
Teflecter Nov 14 @ 12:12pm 
Hello! The Black Hole URL/pointer seems to be missing and pointing to a 404
Sephodious Oct 25 @ 1:08pm 
Table is working again. ♥
Sephodious Oct 24 @ 8:19pm 
Table Background image no longer working. As well as black hole, but the black hole is less relevant. The background image is lost though.
Damaskox Jun 28 @ 8:17am 
Man this card adding system is WONDERS! Thanks a lot!
SageSteven  [author] May 25 @ 2:30pm 
For issues related to importing cards, please refer to the "Card Importer for Card Games and memes" mod (There is a link in this mod's description). I do not maintain that part of the mod.
JohnTheShort May 25 @ 7:42am 
I can't seem to load cards in from a url currently keep getting Bad argument 1 to next (table expected, got nil). I am using Archidekt to spawn
psychologicalvillain Apr 27 @ 8:32am 
Yep, I'm an idion. Was in the console, not the chat