Monster Sanctuary

Monster Sanctuary

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Item Grinding without using PVP or Infinite Arena
By blargplean
This guide is to help you grind some good items without needing to use PVP or the Infinite Arena if you don't want to. The goal is to find fight that give good rewards that can be 6 star with ease. This guide will cover money, exp, reward box 1, and reward box 2. Other items will come as you grind these or can buy them.

This is going to change as the game changes or I find new strats I didn't think of before. Any suggestion about how to improve it or items I might have forgot to mention that are easy to grind outside of PVP and Infinite Arena.

Money Grind/Reward Box 1
You dont need a lot. Just 3 Aurumtail. I use one of each since I like the coloring of this. But if you want to be the most optimal, 2 dark shift and 1 light shift and have the 2 dark shift lead the team and the light is your finisher. For 1 of each I do dark up front, light, and normal.

That is how they are built for most damage to their targets. The skill for all 3 will be the same except one. Make sure one has the Glitter

Since it is unique only 1 of them needs it. I gave it to my dark one since he is just the combo starter.

This is what I use for the other 2. Some of those skill point on all of them are just there and don't really matter. I only use these 3 for this farming gold so I just put points in things. But if you use them for other things, spend the points how you see fit.

That is a spot with 2 Koi. Koi drop reward box 1 and monster bells so easy to keep respawning and farming. Plus you have 3 Aurumtail with a lot of gold sense so it is worth 400ish a killing and an easy 6 star.

Reward box 1 drop a lot of good things like skill potions and eggs. So it is nice to be able to grind those while getting a bunch of money pure fight.

Now as for equipment
That is how I have mine equipped. The idea is the front one has just pure damage just hits hard and doesnt need to crit and builds combo. While the other 2 are crit based to deal the most damage after the combo has been built.

And for food, everyone you see in this guide has 3 +10% crit damage food. To help deal the most damage.
EXP Grind
For this one it is more of route you do that give a lot exp. The game put the level of the monster about equal to the level you enter this zone so if you are following this guide before you get here, try to get the monster in this zone about 33. Make for nice exp, money, and items.

This is the route you will do. You just need a monster with the web ability and you can keep running this til you get everything you need.

The only thing you have to slightly go out of you way for is this group. Make sure to hit them before jumping left and continuing the route. It give the boar so a new monster to grind and drop.

For this one the monster are the same for the money grind. The 3 Aurumtail mentions above clear this with 5 or 6 stars depends on the grouping and RNG. But they clear it fast enough that it is worth the exp and good money.

Plus the monsters here give rewards for helping build equipment and some +5 equipment in general so you get a lot for this besides exp and money.
Reward Box 2 Grind
This one requires a different set of monsters.

I use this to lead for the shock and armor break. It is very handy to have and because of it, we can 99% of the time 6 star the fight we need to fight.

This is the other 2 monsters. 2 Koi. 1 of them needs to be dark and that is the one I put at the end. The other is a light Koi. I use it for more buff passing to help clear it quickly. But they are built the same. Just designed to deal as much damage with their AoE attack.

I tried to find only monster that had gold sense to do this but Glowdra lost its gold sense in a recent patch. But still does wonders so might be able to find a better replacement but what it does helps a lot.

This is where you grind. 3 lava blobs. They drop monster balls and reward box 2. Give about 200 gold per kill so not bad money but not the best. But lot of ability to just keep killing to get those boxes.

Reward box 2 drop things like skill potions, champion eggs, gold equipment, shift stones, and switch stones. So this box helps a lot. But if you are trying to grind for skill potions, reward box 1 is probably better. It has less things in it so more of a chance.

In about 10 minutes I got 15 reward boxes 2. But that is based on RNG.

For the equip of these monsters
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blargplean  [author] Jan 17 @ 6:12pm 
yeah i need to add that to this just had a lot going on and haven't been in the mood to play it but that is on the list of being added and finding a way to 6 star at least 90% of the time.
Orim Jan 17 @ 3:37pm 
The triple Aurumtail still works great at 40 if you want to farm gold. I switched over to the triple Darnation pack at the top of the Abandoned Tower. Takes 2 turns to win, but nets you 500 gold or so plus a shot at level badges, skill potions, steel and emerald all of which are useful materials and consumables.
orangedreamed Nov 15, 2020 @ 6:31am 
It's the most mindless way to farm the arena. You can just do it manually by spamming spacebar. The fastest way to farm boxes is to probably just do 3-4 fights per run and stop it there. Requires a bit more micromanagement, but still muuuuuch faster than hunting wild ones.

As far as the boxes are concerned, just do a few runs of the arena to figure out the best count for your purposes (depending on the level of the fight in the arena, you'll get different box rewards, IE: level 70 gets you 2 level 3s and 2 level 2s or something).
ZarethKnyght Nov 7, 2020 @ 2:08am 
To set up a macro, you'd need a 3rd party program? If that's the only way to afk farm the arena, i'm do the blobs and what not I guess.
orangedreamed Sep 19, 2020 @ 7:04pm 
This isn't passive in any way what so ever, you have to go into your inventory and use the bells. With infinity arena you can set up a macro that spams your 'use this move' (which is the jump button) button, set up your 3 guys with AoE skills and literally afk until your group fails the arena and just go again when they're out. You don't even have to break the toggle for the macro, just walk over, hit your use button and you're off to the races again.And the best part, you can just focus on a show or youtube. Just make your window small, stuff it into a corner of your screen, and reset the arena run when it's done. Not to mention, if you focus on the arena bit and min max, you can get 2 level 3 reward boxes in like 1 minute reliably.

TL;DR: hunting wild monsters is SLOW, and requires effort. Get a triple AoE setup, setup a macro to spam spacebar, and go to the arena. Watch youtube and (don't) watch your boxes roll in.
blargplean  [author] Sep 18, 2020 @ 7:09pm 
the point for people who didnt want to do pvp or infinite arena since i like to do a bunch of other stuff. and not always want to do those and this is very passive and easy to grind.
orangedreamed Sep 18, 2020 @ 11:38am 
While this isn't bad, you're far better off getting an 'afk' arena build. I run double dark imori with arachlich, all crit builds with a hide slapped on for some beefiness. You stack debuffs (chill, burn, and poison all get proc'd by the imoris on top of bleed using ice spear volley), and bleed and blind with the arachlich. You can run a similar set for any bosses too, swapping out the lich for something that keeps bleed stacks from falling off.
blargplean  [author] Sep 9, 2020 @ 10:05am 
thank you
lanbesr Sep 9, 2020 @ 2:27am