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Trolley Kart
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Sep 6, 2020 @ 5:25am
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Trolley Kart

Trolley Kart
A build it yourself go-kart made from junk found in the world and crafted into this fun machine.

This is a fully functioning mod ready to roll out onto your server.
Types xml can be found in the info folder inside the mod.

  • Custom Craftable Vehicle's.
  • Full damage system.
  • Head,Tail,Brake and Reverse lights.
  • Custom Engine Sounds.
  • Custom Horn sounds for Compatibility with CarHorn mod.
  • Tested and working on expansion.
  • Storage Attachments, teddy bear, waterproof bags and pouches.
  • Weapon slots, both slots accept both melee and rifles.
  • Road sign Armour.
  • CamoNet/Tarp slot and CamoNet/Tarp cover
  • Engine Vibration, Gearbox Rotation and animated lights
  • Hidden selection to allow other modders to create new textures/variants. On the kart and the road signs
  • Includes Admin and Race trolley for events. its nearly indestructible and the player takes no damage when crashing in it.
  • Includes a black dry sack
  • Engine/chassis can be repaired with Pipe wrench/Epoxy
  • Fully Electric E Kart variant!
  • Custom HUD (not working with expansion)
  • Battery drains if lights are left on when engine is off, engine charges battery.

For the Trolley Kart
  • Find trolley, seat, generator, wire and a wrench in the world.
  • Craft the generator with the wrench to make engine and fuel tank.
  • Attach seat, engine, fuel tank and wire to the trolley.
  • Craft the complete trolley junk pile with wrench into the base Trolley Kart.
  • Find and attach wheels, car battery, sparkplug and headlights and have fun.
For the Trolley E Kart
  • Find trolley, seat, Motor, wire, Car Battery charger and a wrench in the world.
  • Attach seat, motor, Car Battery charger and wire to the trolley.
  • Craft the complete trolley junk pile with wrench into the base Trolley E Kart.
  • Find and attach wheels, truck battery and headlights and have fun.

  • Teddy Bear
  • Plate Carrier Pouches
  • 2x Dry Sacks
  • 2x Weapon slots (should accept all items that can go on a players shoulder.)
  • 2x Custom road sign armour
  • CamoNet/Tarp

The Camonet/Tarp has one slot in the gui for storage and a 2nd slot for the Camonet/Tarp cover you can only attach to by holding it in hands and looking at the front of the trolley. and you can only remove the Camonet/Tarp cover by looking in the same spot. See the attached video above on how this works if you have any issues.

Future Plans
  • General attachments.
  • Storage attachments.
  • Storage.
  • Melee weapon Slot attachment.
  • Attachable Road sign racing numbers.
  • E Kart Variant.
  • Dimming of lights when battery is low.

Known issue/bugs
  • Rifle attachments dont display on attached rifles (scopes ect)
  • Custom huds do not work when paired with expansion.
  • conflict with MedicalAttensionUpdated please use thefix linked below in the Addons section

Here's a link to the original model I purchased from turbo squid

Credit to yoluke86 for his work on the model optimising it to a acceptable level of poly count.
Here's a link to yoluke86's artstation go check out some of his other work.

Credit to Cleetus for his custom action script for crafting the base trolley kart. And his help with the script for the weapon slots....
And credits to both Deano and Nehr for there source files and videos which helped me learn how to port vehicles into dayz

E Kart Credits
Big thanks to Cleetus for his initial idea and help at the start of developing this Ekart variant.
Big thanks to Jest for all his help with the development of the Ekart scripts.
Thanks to VectorG7 for sharing the idea and brain storming the script for lights draining the batttery
Thanks to PINKgeekPDX and HunterzCZ for the idea and help with the custom hud.
And thanks to everyone else who has had any input or feedback whilst I've been developing this new variant

Community links
Here's a link to my Discord for any question or to just follow my modding adventures please join
If you like my vehicles/mods and want to Contribute to help me purchase more models? Here is a link to my Thanks in Advance

Here's a link to CarHorn by Cleetus. The trolley kart has a custom horn sound so you might also want this mod on your server.

Here's a link to Dbo_Surfaces I advise any server owners to run this mod along side the trolley kart as it makes it handle better off road. Its not required but does help.


For anyone running expansion i also have a helicopter version of the trolley!!! found here.

A couple of people have asked for me to lower the top speed of the trolley. which I'm not going to do. As I have way to much fun power sliding it around the NWAF.
But here is a addon that you can take edit and put in your server mods to lower it yourself :)

There is a Conflict with MedicalAttensionUpdated sleep bar not showing.
Please use this fix

Final disclaimer
This mod is a work in progress and will be updated and tweaked. All Feedback is welcome as it will help me balance the vehicle and make it better for us all.
I do not give permission for this mod to be repacked, repurposed or added into server packs.

Copyright © 2021 Spurgle
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Miami_BaT Jun 17 @ 3:57pm 
@ᕦʕ •ᴥ•ʔᕤ nope works fine...
Doozyz Jun 17 @ 3:36pm 
super neat!
ᕦʕ •ᴥ•ʔᕤ May 18 @ 5:23am 
I made a ticket about this in Expansion cause I thought the issue is from their side, but after a lot of testing the Trolley mod is the issue. They told me this "That's just the super call, meaning you have a mod that probably wasn't updated for 1.17", hope it's going to help

People are having fps drops cause of the big files getting created super fast, it's not very enjoyable to play, and also the hard disk is getting full fast 😦

Also there is another bug, with the same mods loaded. The scroll wheel image is not visible anymore (for example when you have Rags in your hands and you can scroll to see the different recipes)

We were forced to remove the Trolley Kart until this is fixed since it's making people's hard disks full very fast.

Thamk you!
ᕦʕ •ᴥ•ʔᕤ May 18 @ 5:23am 

There are GB of crash log files getting created, around 1 GB per 30 minutes, on the client side. I spent a lot of time testing to find out what's the issue. In the ended I used only the following mods and the issue is still there:
@Dabs Framework
@Trolley Kart

This is the error

NULL pointer to instance
Class: 'ActionTargetsCursor'
Function: 'SetMultipleItemAction'
Stack trace:

Runtime mode
CLI params: name Mihaela mod E:\games\steamapps\common\DayZ\!Workshop\@Trolley Kart;E:\games\steamapps\common\DayZ\!Workshop\@CF;E:\games\steamapps\common\DayZ\!Workshop\@Community-Online-Tools;E:\games\steamapps\common\DayZ\!Workshop\@Dabs Framework connect
Nerrad May 17 @ 3:58pm 
if I dont have an issue , I'm not going to say I have an issue or go look for one for the sake of it am I ?. I told you I had it on 2 different maps on 2 different hosts with no problem and offered what I thought was a possible solution of mod load order. If I dont get error logs I'm NOT going to try and find a problem am I and 'test it properly' because it works
Think before you type because you dont help the situation ???
The_13abyKnight May 17 @ 3:35pm 
You did not read my message :D test it with no other mods. Like I said you got some mod fixing the problem for you. We had the same thing but when we removed a certain other mod this one started going crazy. It needs to be fixed for 1.17 and you are not helping the situation by saying there isn't an issue just because you're not testing properly.
Nerrad May 17 @ 4:06am 
I have this on 2 different hosts on 2 different maps. one with aprox 80+ mods and around 60 on the other, no logs or crashes, you have a mod conflict or loaded in an order that causes an issue
Miami_BaT May 16 @ 7:27pm 
56 mods and only gives me logs on server restarts as it should, no extra spamming client crashes I see. :cozyspaceengineersc:
The_13abyKnight May 16 @ 5:40pm 
Nobody is saying the mod doesn't "work". If it doesn't create a bunch of logs on your server that means you have another mod that fixes it for you. Try running only this mod, run around ingame for a couple of minutes and check your client crash logs.
Miami_BaT May 16 @ 1:49pm 
The mod works, you both did something wrong, try again. works fine on my server, no long logs or crashes.