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Rhomaioi - A Byzantine Empire Mod
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Rhomaioi - A Byzantine Empire Mod


This mod aims to create an unique Byzantine Experience for Crusader Kings 3 with the introduction of new systems, vassal contracts, character interactions, a brand new government type and much more.
What's in the mod right now:

Unlike feudal Western Europe, the Roman Empire employed a complex bureaucratic system which emphasized that all land, ultimately, belonged to the Empire. Hold both castle and city holdings like you once did in CK2!

Exarchate: In the civil administration of the Byzantine Empire an exarch was the imperial governor of a large and important region of the Empire. The Exarchate system was a response to weakening imperial authority in faraway provinces and constitued part of the overall process of unification of civil and military offices, initiated in early form by Justinian I. Currently brings major military bonuses to a vassal with this contract.

Themes: The vastness of the Empire may also be its greatest weakness. The thematic system was implemented in order to allow for quick responses to the various threats to its existence. While subject under a Theme, the vassal may be called to external defensive wars in aid of the Basileus, but provide an opinion malus to all of your subjects.

Pronoia: While the Theme System had its merits of saving the Empire from the brink of extinction, it led to the creation of a strong nobility capable of opposing Constantinople. The Pronoia System was a late attempt to take back control by leasing tax grants instead of land. You can use this to massively weaken your vassals and take most of their levies.

Men-at-Arms: The armies of the Empire were mostly consisted of professional soldiers than raised levies. We're still not sure how to reflect this in the game without making Byz more OP than it should be, but for now it enjoys a reduced MaA maintenance costs and can create bigger regiments at the expense of a massive penalty to vassal levy contribution.

Senate - The Senate in the Middle-Ages Byzantine Empire wasn't as powerful as it was back during Ancient Rome, but still functioned as a supportive council. For now they're randomly picked amongst barons in the Empire and don't interact much with the game. They gain a Senator trait to distinguish from the rest and can be filtered in the character finder.

You will, however, get some random minor events based on senators' opinion of you (good opinion = good events, bad opinion = bad events). This can range from prestige bonuses to vassals getting hooks to being deemed a tyrant. More events to come later.

The senators you have to worry about are only seven - the Consistorium, a council of the most senior senates in the entire Empire. The Senate's power is dictated based on the opposite of the Emperor's Crown Authority. The less absolute, the more influence and power the Senate will have, making events stronger and more impactful upon the gameplay.

Seize Domains: No subject of the Empire is a sovereign of their lands. Spend Prestige to revoke a county without tyranny penalties or revolt chance. Use this interaction consecutively to completely unland a character!

As of launch, the election system in CK3 is very primitive.To make elections more fun, this mod adds some localization scripts and modifiers present in the base game that aren't currently used (probably upcoming in a DLC). It also implements some modifiers of my own, such as making electors closer to Constantinople more influential.

Adoption - In the Roman Empire, adoption was widely accepted as means of perpetuating power when the Basileus had no male issues. Provided you're the Dynastic Head, and leader of the Byzantine Empire, you're able to adopt any sons-in-law who are married matrilineally to one of your daughters and are of the same faith and culture as you.
This interaction costs tons of Renown and Prestige and will flip the recipient to your dynasty. Adopted sons are viable heirs, so the high cost is more than worth it to bring a genius into your inbred family.

Co-Emperor: One of the reasons the Emperorship was considered closer to a Monarchy rather than a 'Republican Office' was the fact that succession was normally cheated by the designation of a Co-Emperor, who would take over after the reigning Emperor passed away.
In this mod, you can set someone eligible to succesion as your Caesar, which gives a massive +100 bonus to the candidate and adds half of his skills to yours. Beware! It may be advantadgeous to promote talented nobles for their skills but this costs prestige and could end up also costing you the throne in an untimely death.

Missing the ability to hand out minor titles in CK2? Well they're back here as "administration titles", with Byzantine flavour added to the titles you can hand out! These will effectively integrate characters into an 'expanded' council, where they're recognized as being part of your Council (but won't have councillor actions).

Eparch of the City: The city mayor of Constantinople, which will increase your domain limit in accordance to his Stewardship and thus allow you to focus on administrating more counties.

Lady of the Circle: The lady of the women's court, increasing your scheme discovery chance based on her current Intrigue.

Quaestor of the Sacred Palace: The public official in charge of supervising the legislation process of imperial laws and addressing petitions and other legal questions. This will in turn increase your vassal limit based on his Diplomacy.

Great Hetaeriarch: The supreme commander of mercenary armies and troops raised from foreigners. This will reduce the cost of mercenaries based on Martial.

First of the Proedros: The eunuch in charge of administration within the Great Palace of Constantinople. As long as he is in office, your long reign bonus will increase whilst short reign penalties decrease based on his Leraning.

PENGUINMAN - Korean Translation
osornorivera - Spanish Translation
Illusive - German Translation:
5.11 | FURY - Russian translation:

- Unknown bug causes you to become feudal if you create a faith as Temporal Head. Please be patient i'm trying to fix this. But to keep playing Imperial Autocracy you'll either have to use the in-game decision or the console to give yourself back the government with "effect [{change_government = RHOMAIOI_imperial_government}]".
- Recreating the Roman Empire uses the default decision for now, so it deletes the Republican Empire election law and you'll have to re-add it again.


This mod should be compatible with most other mods, it will however have a difficult time with those that change base game files. Here are some exceptions:
CoW2: City of Wonders - compatibility added in the Rhomaioi base files.

In case you have any other compatibility issues, please reach out through the discord below.

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ForswornMongrel Jul 22 @ 6:03am 
@firespark84 Yeah, my bad, i didn't read the actual info on the wiki. I only googled "ck3 royal court release date" and google scraped the announcement date which is 21-07-2021 instead of the actual release date (unannounced)
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Is this compatible of Res Publica? Thanks
firespark84 Jul 13 @ 1:36pm 
@forswornMongrel since when is the release date only a week away? it has not been announced
ForswornMongrel Jul 13 @ 7:07am 
@[Army of Two] AXIS I think mod owners are waiting for royal court to drop first before updating their mods, since the release date is just a week away.

Could be one of the reasons why this isn't updated yet.
[Army of Two] AXIS Jul 13 @ 1:29am 
Solitari Lupus I can suggest The History of Byzantium podcast, it will give you a much more realistic understanding of the Byzantines.
Regards to the OP argument, the Byz in this mod makes them unbalanced regarding game play, and in history the Byz or Romans as they called themselves werent space marines, they lost many battles too, and the gap between their army and others in terms of quality shrunk over time, and CK3 spans a lot of time.
Your statement is also flawed, because at what time period are you reffering to? Entirely professional? No, youre talking about the early Byzantines maybe?
And how did this fully professional Byz army lose against Arab tribes from the desert? Or the Germanic lombards in Italy? Or the Avar horse archers from the steppes?
Solitari Lupus Jul 11 @ 4:28pm 
@QuarantinE How do you edit the sequences? I'm assuming you change the numbers but I can only find the CK3 character categories, I have no idea where to find or edit this mods character interaction category.
Solitari Lupus Jul 11 @ 3:29pm 
I wish everyone would stop talking about how the Byzantine's MAA are OP. They were one of the dominating world powers back then for a reason, their military was one of the best and was made up entirely of professional trained soldiers. So them being "OP" as a lot of people wanna call it, is simply how it was.
[Army of Two] AXIS Jul 11 @ 10:10am 
Is this discontinued or are you working on something big?
Warcraft12311111 Jul 8 @ 11:18am 
Pls update
ck_thegreat Jun 29 @ 3:25am 
does this work with 1.4