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Sid's Hybrids
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Aug 28, 2020 @ 10:08am
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Sid's Hybrids

Mod ID: 2212177129

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This mod adds 90 unique hybrids to the game, some have merged abilities from the creatures that they are made from, and some of them have even better abilities.

How to play the mod

All of the hybrids are made in a cloning machine, some of them need specified creature DNA that are extracted from purified apex drops. In order for you to get specified DNA you need to put the purified apex drop in the DNA refiner, you will get 12 of specified DNA per apex drop, purified items spoil in to regular items.
Some hybrids require regular eggs, some synthetic eggs that are crafted in a 3D printer.
Be sure to have a lot of organic polymer because hybrids need much of that stuff to be crafted.

Saddles are made in the player inventory. The cloning machine and the DNA refiner requires gasoline to power while the 3D printer requires electronics.

Hybrid types
Their power levels are classified as Types, Types with numbers are only made from two different creatures and are the most common hybrids to make. Types with letters are made from 3-4 hybrids (usually called multi-fused hybrids) and are of course stronger than type 1s. Though the strongest hybrids are the Operations hybrids (AKA Type O), they are Type 1, 2, 3 and 4 hybrids with very manipulated genetics, their purpose are to be made for battle and defence, every bit of DNA making them should be worth it.
The different hybrid types:
Operation Hybrid (End game ultrahybrids made from more than 10+ creatures)
Type S (Hybrids with 3-4 creatures in them)
Type A (Same as the Type S but a little worse with stats but cheaper to make)
Type 1 (Hybrids made later mid-game)
Type 2 (Hybrids made early mid-game)
Type 3 (Kind of low tier but still way better than most of the creatures on the ARK)
Type 4 (Low tier hybrids made from small to medium sized creatures)

Unlike other creatures, the hybrids have a *small* chance of laying a fertilized egg. In real life they would be sterile but here they have found a way to go around that norm, this is also to balance the mod as mutations work pretty well with the hybrids.
Type 1-4: 65% chance of success
Type A-S: 35% chance of success
Operations and Rogues: 10% chance of success

No .INI codes have been implemented (yet), since I am pretty new to that stuff

Music used in this mod:

Infraction - Cyber Attack

A lot of people have been asking where the spawn codes are and I say this again, they are craftable therefore you can spawn them in by GCM.

Prominent Mod Helpers!
Trainspotting Vagabond, HydragonOfDeath (AKA Ghidorah), Mihael and Giga Raptor

Special thanks to these people!
Coop, ChubbyDino, Kasul Gaming, LiciaRium, Mihael, Terminaut, Riot, Ghostly / / Jackalhood, Zoroark73, NaturalCauzes, Lorekeeper Diov, Elysion, Casual Dude, Natte, Berzerkinblaze and ZT2Cans
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CafeSua Sep 22 @ 9:15pm 
can u make Vulcanotavis smaller, please ? I think it should look very cool while it is smaller.
xver18 Sep 16 @ 8:07pm 
why cant the otter-ferox-trike attack
grimwold Sep 9 @ 8:40am 
hi do you have any stats anywhere to use with ark smart breeder.
sir27 da gamer Sep 5 @ 10:29am 
is there a way to raise crafting speed? as a PVE player, I just want to check out the cool creatures without having to wait for it to craft 2 hours, like I up my rates to allow farming faster, but that doesn't help the crafting speed, so even if its an admin option on the structure, please add any way to speed up the crafting. great mod either way
Say My Name: Daddy Please Sep 4 @ 2:42pm 
munfaede and bazu

If you would like ill start a discussion tomorrow with the NPC replacements for all dinos of the mod not to spawn naturally. I am in anyways going to configure my server to not spawn the dinos as they will only be reward dinos
munfaede Sep 4 @ 9:12am 
its more fun for hybrids to spawn naturally cause hybrids dont always have to not be natural spawn
bazu Sep 4 @ 5:53am 
Please make a version is mod so that the HYBRIDS dont spawn natchuraly:steamthis:
Tarantula_king Sep 3 @ 4:50pm 
please make more love looking at the animations and models
ddavis85 Sep 2 @ 3:38pm 
What is the magsuredrake spawn command?
♡💜_xEvilBx_💜♡ Aug 31 @ 1:32pm 
Awesome thank you