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FGC Atlas PvP 1000x
Here are the mods for FGC's High Rated PvP Server. Be sure to have them before joining any one of the servers.

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ATLAS Architect (v1.3)
Created by Nyt
MOD ID: 1760515965

Welcome to the ATLAS Architect mod! My goal is to provide more structure options and enhanced QoL features, while keeping the file size to a minimum. I also want to keep the structures algined with ATLAS, so you will find more RP fe...
ATLAS Harvester 10k 10% (v0.7.1)
Created by Nyt
MOD ID: 1968810564

  • Remaps resources to AH resources with fixed enhanced stats, which scales well with active servers and eliminates the constant processing that CIS is designed to do, improving server and client performance.
  • 10k AH Resour
ATLAS Shipwright (v0.8)
Created by Nyt
MOD ID: 1882120047

Welcome to the ATLAS Shipwright mod! This is a ship building mod with the goal to expose ship settings (for admins to set in GameUserSettings.ini) and add QoL features that every Shipwright, Captain, and Sailor need, while keeping th...
Battle Stations!
Created by andargor
Battle Stations!

This mod automatically assigns crew to active, uncrewed weapons on a ship.

It's meant to allow you to move your crew to active weapon groups. E.g. you have crew on the right guns with no one on the left guns, deactivate the ...
Craftable: Alloy
Created by Malkor
Mod ID:1636726505

This mod allows you to craft alloy from ANY 2 metals and can then use the alloy anywhere you would use any other ingot.

SpawnCode: cheat giveitem "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/CraftableAlloy/PrimalItemResource_MetalIngot_CA.PrimalItemResour...
Editable Server UI (WBUI)
Created by Don Camillo

Sponsored by:
You search a serverhost with the freedom of a dedicated server without the hassle to manage everything yourself? GameServerApp offers you the best of two worlds. For more informations cl...
Enhanced Navigation
Created by MG_Gimpy




This mod bring a little direction to your life while sailing. I ...
Enhanced QOL
Created by MG_Gimpy




This mod brings a little ease to life as a pirate. It adds the Demo/Pick...
Marvelous Spyglass
Created by Revy
MOD ID=1985458357

- Shows all relevant stats of animals
- Shows how all of the dino\'s points(wild & tamed) have been spent
- Variable zoom (mousewheel)
- Shows stats even if just holding it
- You can lock the stats to a certain dino by left cli...
Created by Cpjet64
Multivitamin to help manage that annoying new stat!

Crafted in the Mortar and Pestle. This will only show up in Mortar and Pestles placed AFTER the mod is installed.

A craftable consumable that evenly and equally adds to your vitamin stats. Does not ...
No More Mini Games!
Created by Cpjet64
Adds new versions of the Blunderbuss, Bucket, Carbine, Pistol, Shovel, with no minigames on use or reload.
MODID: 1629097213

So the shovel works to till crop plots but for some reason for it to actually apply the growth bonus you need to get one good mini...
One Pay Crew
Created by Kero
Pay only ONE time to your crew, High End Engram.


There is a new skill in Capitaneering that unlocks a TAVERN, in this TAVERN you can recruit crew at 100 gold and 2 grog cost, but no maintenance cost.

You need at least LvL 20 to lea...
Vanilla Items++
Created by Professor Cupcake
Improved versions of vanilla items. Currently includes the bola, flare gun, medkit, climbing picks, and lantern.

Mod ID for the lazy: 1951738448

This mod adds a few slightly improved versions of vanilla items. All of them are crafted in-hand,...
mythos crafter
Created by gaiasmoonchild347
adds craftable mythos. low craft cost. fast crafting stacks 50000, works well with meat mod...