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Warhead's Stealth AC130
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Aug 21 @ 1:39pm
Aug 21 @ 2:22pm
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You need DLC to use this item.

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Warhead's Stealth AC130

This is a port of the weapons system from the original Warhead AC130 over to the UCAV Sentinel platform.

As of right now, both drones carry the same weapons, with the addition of the Sentinel's bombs for this version.

Shoutout to MirroRMonsteR for his work on the port. This wouldn't be here otherwise.

Why use this drone instead of the original?
--> Better survivability in terms of enemy missile avoidance
--> Faster movement speed because this drone is jet powered
--> Land/launch from the BIS aircraft carrier
--> Fold wings for storage

You can load and use both drones at once. I have not had any issues with this during testing.

Note: Due to it's increased speed, the drone's loiter angle is steeper and it's fire is slightly less accurate.
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Legendman18 Oct 13 @ 12:17pm 
Thank you for the reply!
Warhead  [author] Oct 11 @ 1:46pm 
@Legendman18 Arma's drone AI tends to be a bit buggy, but I have not experienced this issue in several months on either drone version
Legendman18 Oct 10 @ 6:49pm 
On your drone version I noticed that when operating from the terminal, it would automatically keep going higher in altitude and I would periodically have to fly it back down. Is that still an issue?
MirroRMonsteR Sep 12 @ 12:46am 
try pressing t before you shoot, also, for max accuracy, you want a hieght cieling of 500. remember, grewen boc around your reticle means the weapons are ranged, and you will be as accurate as possible.
antwon.byrd10 Sep 11 @ 3:02pm 
Is there a way to improve the accuracy of the weapon systems. Its pretty tough to use any of the weapons accurately.
Warhead  [author] Aug 25 @ 4:54pm 
@kaydensmoke right you are haha I forgot to re-check the box when I updated the mod
kaydensmoke Aug 25 @ 11:23am 
amazing, but you need the planes DLC to do this
ᴍᴍʙʙ Aug 23 @ 6:05pm 
how to control uav in teminal
🕱Twiznak🕱 Aug 22 @ 1:47pm 
Hell yeah!