ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved

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Ark: Uncut 2.0 (NSFW)
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Aug 20 @ 8:48am
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Ark: Uncut 2.0 (NSFW)

MOD ID:2203473621

Welcome to ARK Uncut 2.0
A new and improved ARK Uncut Mod!

This mod uses the same character models as the original mod “ARK: Uncut (NSFW)” but uses a different approach in implementing them, solving many of the bugs and glitches the other mod had.

The former Dev could no longer fix these issues and glitches so I(Rose) had to find a new Dev to help continue work on this mod. Thankfully my good friend SamKO was willing to take over the mod and to actively fix issues as they are reported.

  • This mod MUST be first in your load order. No exceptions!
  • On the fist install for it to switch from vanilla to the nude model you need to fast travel or kill off your character.

  • Be sure to empty your inventory and weapon slots before removing the mod. It will replace the player pawn with the vanilla one and in the process DELETE EVERYTHING IN THE PLAYER'S INVENTORY and equipped gear.

  • Replace the default Male & Female characther with new improved and NUDE characters
  • New Skin Material with improved clipping logic to work with future and modded armor/skins out of the box

  • Options to toggle the visibility of individual Armor pieces as well as the options for addmins to enable/disable this option on their server - IN PROGRESS
  • Options for Body Hair to improve on the Natural Looks of the characters - TO DO
  • Option to quickly toogle ON/OFF the NSFW part (bluring out the sensible parts of the body) for streamers and other content creators that would normaly need to censure ther content during video enditing - IN PROGRESS
  • Pricings - TO DO

ARK Uncut’s Official Discord (Lunar-Gaming Community)

Refer to #ark-uncut-support for what to do if the mod gets disabled again by false reports.

This mod will not work with Nitrado or any host who has not yet updated their systems to use 64 bit strings. Here is some detailed information from the Jack and Jill mod community that we would like to share here as well:

Originally posted by hawk20011:
All new mods with mod numbers greater than 2,147,483,647 aren't being correctly installed until the ctrl panel installers use 64 bit variables to represent them.
I just verified that mod number 2,196,816,343, when you change it to a 32 bit number you get -2,098,150,953 and that was the folder name the ctrl panel installer was producing. (without the commas)

Originally posted by hawk20011:
The issue with not being able to learn the engram isn't with the mod itself, but more likely the hosting company's control panel update program. I noticed after installing the mod, there wasn't a folder named "2196816343" or a "2196816343.mod" file in my mods folder. What was there was more like a -2087654382. (or something like that)
Rename them to 2196816343 and 2196816343.mod and it'll work.
I could be wrong but only in the past week or so microsoft changed a number to string conversion function to only accept 64 bit variables. 2196816343 is too big for the variable type and is regarded as a negative number. I had to update a steam update checker program I had written for myself because of this. The control panel is probably using MS .net libraries and suffering from the same changes.

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SamKO  [author] Oct 17 @ 6:19am 
@dev.yrneh No mod works correctly or at all with Primitive+. Total Conversions aren't ready to be used with normal mods because of the way WildCard implemented them. So nothing we can do here for you :(
DevYr Oct 16 @ 11:33pm 
This mod triggers the Battle Eye install loop when I switch to Primitive Plus making it unable to play. Is this mod not ok on Primitive Plus?

I'm using the Uncut 2.0
CoolImmatureNatureBoy Oct 16 @ 3:29am 
@Vas where u seen this reverse U shaped and Hardon? this isnt like that..
U seen the description?
Vas Oct 15 @ 9:56pm 
Any screenshots somewhere for this? I wanna make sure its not another nude mod with a reverse U shaped penis. :P Was rather strange way back when I used one that did that. Everyone was running around with this strange reverse U shaped hovering hardon penis pointing out an inch and then straight down.

I presume if this uses the same models as the old, then it'll probably have that same thing. :P
CoolImmatureNatureBoy Oct 15 @ 9:59am 
@bas1el i guess u never seen Rust game do you? -_-.
Its like you trying to teach them like '' survivalism nudity is bad(which your not forced to do it) , while poop is ok'' thing?
bas1el Oct 15 @ 9:53am 
10/10 will done
i Scared my sister with them XD
Slayerz 🔞 Oct 8 @ 3:36pm 
ROSE is kind. thank you for helping him with his mod! :heartmage:
aleksei.pirat Oct 8 @ 1:19pm 
здравствуйте ! а сделайте пожалуйста мод где люди могут заниматься сексом мужчины с женщинами !
ABC Oct 8 @ 5:13am 
@CoolImmatureNatureBoy ... i Agree ^^
CoolImmatureNatureBoy Oct 7 @ 10:41am 
@ABC i think Mod author already stated they cant as you can see on past comments here