The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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my SKYRIM epic outstanding outrageous awesomeness IMMERSION; ROLEPLAY; FANTASY MOD LIST

you will need this all for the most non steam mods to work...

you became MCM automatic if you take sky UI

Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE) ---
how to installl :

how to install :

Skyrim Nexus mods:
highly recommended:
T3nd0s Skyrim Redone ----
how to install :
highly recommended:
Frostfall - Hypothermia Camping Survival------
Frostfall - Hypothermia Camping Survival -German Translation-------

nice mods for frostfall:
Ice Floes - Travel the Polar Sea Dry-Shod ----

Seasons of Skyrim Project - Summer and Winter ----- (compatible with frostfall)
Forstfall Patch for Winter and Summer Edition ----

Better Dynamic Snow -----

Smoking Torches -----

roleplay hunting and skining animals:
Hunterborn Deutsch-------

roleplay eat,drink,sleep and diseases:
highly recommended:
Realistic Needs and Diseases ------------
Realistic Needs and Diseases DE---------

highly recommended:
SkyTEST - Realistic Animals and Predators ---------

Boars of skyrim -------

Swift Steeds Stables ------

Convenient Horses --------
Animations --

Animated Idle --

Martial Arts ---

Unarmed Warfare - New Animations For Hand To Hand Combat --

Immersive Animations ------
Run Sprint and Jump -----

Pretty_Combat_Idles -----

YY Anim Replacer - Mystic Knight -----
Deadly Mutilation - dismemberment blood and gore -----

Pumping Iron - Dynamic Muscle Growth ----

Immersive Patrols -----
Immersive Patrols - German Translation ------

Triss Armor Retextured ---

Immersive Armors --------

Aesir Armor -----
Aesir Armor - German - Deutsch ---

Chinese armours and weapons --------

Seadog Pirate Armor ------

Nordic Hunter light armor -------

Hunter Archer Armor ------

Crimson Ranger Armor ---------

Knightranger Archers Armor -----
FrankDema Travel BackPack ---
Blackjack - A Thief Weapon -------

Sneak Tools ----
German translation:

Better Bows ------

Breton Longbow -------

Ultra Realistic Bow Shoot Sounds --------

Hunter Traps ----
Models and textures:
Vampire Lord Retexture ---

Fat ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Male body Replacer --

Battle Hardened Body Mod Vanilla UNP UNPB UNPC CBBE ADEC ---

Tattoo for better males mod compilation ---

Tattoos by Barricata -----

Erotic Tattoos for Nude Male ---
Gameplay effects and changes:
Alternative Crafting System - I dont want to be a blacksmith --

Become A Highwayman --
Become a Beggar --
Become a Skooma Dealer --
Items (119)
Become a Bard
Created by Pevey
Tired of being a warrior or mage? Become a Bard!

To those of you who just picked up Skyrim in the Steam sale... WELCOME! Also, please check out this introductory guide to using...
Created by snakster
Elegant, PC-friendly UI mod for Skyrim with many advanced features. All improvements seamlessly integrate with the style of the original interface. Version 5 includes better crafting, enchanting, alchemy and smithing menus and several other enhancements.
Darker Nights Bl20
Created by Mike Fox
Little more brighter as the original "Darker Nights" and now in BLUE

New version includes Riften weather...
Long Range Torch
Created by Mike Fox
Increases the range of the common torch. I removed the shadow effect because I learned that the engine can only handle 4 light sources with shadows at a time. So a dungeon that already maxes the possiple light sources with shadows may cause errors....
Mike Fox's Darker Dungeons
Created by Mike Fox
Here we go. I reduced fog and ambient colors of all light templates and dungeons that override these templates.

I recommend my new mod Long Range Shadow Torch for a more useful torch.

"Vanilla dark" dungeons will become pitch black. A light source wi...
Better Dogs by Bellyache - Husky
Created by Degrelecence
Better Dogs reskins dogs to look like Huskies. The companions effected are Meeko, Vigilance, and 'Stray Dog.' The non-companions effected are Barbas, Stump, Ysgramor, Tiber, and Torom. Bran, CuSith, Garmr, and Sceolang (the dogs from Dawnguard) are not eff...
Sounds of Skyrim - Civilization
Created by Cliffworms
Civilization focuses on adding 223 new sound effects to cities, villages, farms and remote locations where civilization is present. In cities, you can hear the sound of a hammer being used by a villager repairing something, children playing, dogs barking o...
Footprints [Russian] / Cледы на снегу
Created by Wehrwolfmann
Original version of Footprints[].

Версия: 1.0
С данным плагином от вашего персонажа, NPC и животных на снегу будут оставаться динамические следы с эффектом исчезания.

Обновление (от 01.04.2015):
- ...
Sounds of Skyrim - The Dungeons
Created by Cliffworms
The Dungeons includes 115+ sound effects to add life to the dungeons. The enemy type that inhabits a dungeon will make itself heard. At dungeons’ entrances, you also hear the exterior weather. If there’s a thunderstorm raging outside, you’ll hear the thund...
Armor Disguises
Created by Lord Darkga
~Version 1.6~

*This is likely the final version of Armor Disguises, I have done all I wanted to do with this mod, and it is now fully functional.*

Attention All: Still looking for reviews, I've got a couple but more are welcome.

If you're still ha...
Tougher Traps
Created by Vawser
Traps across Skyrim are now far more powerful!
Version: 2.1

Working on

Preventing followers activating pressure plates.
Adding new diseases.
Allowing pressure plates to be disarmed.

Fishing In Skyrim 1.00
Created by Arod Snaux
Adds working fishing poles, nets, dwarven boomfishing, working fishing gear, and many other fishing-themed goodies to Skyrim. Stop trying to grab fish with your bare hands! Look for a free pole and net in a rowboat on the Riften canal, or talk to local gen...
Enhanced Blood Textures 3.6b
Created by BakaKemono
A blood overhaul mod

Bloodier combat experience with higher resolution and detailed textures. Additional features such as killmove animation spasms, blood drops when low health, damage based blood amount, blood pools, and green blood for spiders and oil...
Naturalistic Werewolves
Created by artifex
Naturalistic Werewolves replaces the default werewolf model with a heavily modified version intended to look dangerous without looking grotesque-- inspired, in part, by the werewolves of Bloodmoon.

Additionally, it makes some changes to the werewolf tra...
Digitigrade Khajiit + Argonian Raptor Feet
Created by artifex
Digitigrade Khajiit gives Khajiit unique, paw-like feet, while Argonian Raptor Feet gives Argonians velociraptor-style claws. If you'd like to use these two mods together, subscribe to this mod instead of either individual mod.

--Argonian Raptor Fee...
Marked Incompatible ]  Stranger Danger - Children can be pick-pocketed or killed
Created by RJinthematrix
Killable, pick-pocketable and lootable children

Why make a mod that lets you kill kids, are you sick?
I'm not even interested in killing the kids, I just don't like the idea that they are invulnerable. I want immersion and I don't think a s...
Necromancy: Undead FX
Created by W_Dog
From the ritualized bonewalkers of Morrowind to the decaying zombies of Oblivion, zombies are monstrosities. Skyrim introduced actual reanimation, a very interesting gameplay mechanic, but it causes the zombies to lose the appearance of being undead. This ...
Bandolier - Bags and Pouches
Created by 🦎 Sai'Raks

Table of Contents:
What does this mod have to offer
How to get
Version History
Works with these mods
Known mod conflicts
Known issues and bugs

Another Sleep Mod
Created by Pevey
This mod causes your character to play the default sleep animations in Skyrim for going to bed and waking up (just like NPCs).

This mod requires SKSE
SKSE stands for Skyrim Script Extender. It expands the functionality available to modders.
Detailed Mine Map Markers
Created by Boom
Adds and labels all Mine Map Markers to display the main material it yields.

This will not automatically reveal Mine locations to you. You must still find them yourself.

Goes well with:
- Lighter Tools Mod (
Knapsack Backpacks
Created by Strange
Version 1.5
  • Added missing vampire races to backpack appearances.
Version 1.4
  • Added recipes that can use 'deerhide02' as well as 'deerhide', to avoid confusion over which deer hide can be u
Monk's Shillelagh
Created by Thaledric
INCLUDED: Two handed Monk's Shillelagh (War Hammer like weapon)
One handed Monk's Shillelagh (Mace like weapon)


The Shillelagh is a traditional stick weapon...
Sabre gear backpack
Created by uCTo4HuK 3aPa3bl
===>>> SABRE CAT GEAR <<<=== Bag-Pack Add-on! v2.0
---> presented by DVAted <---

With the assistance of pro-modellers and modders:
OG-Jay/TreasureChest, tumbajamba


This mod add-on aims to improve on TreasureChest's Fur Bag...
EPM - Easy Pocket Money
Created by ThisIsGwezza
This mod makes it easier for thieves to earn pocket money for their profession. You can now sell your stolen items for a higher price and earn more money with stealing.

It increases and decreases the value and weight of things that thieves might want to...
Follower Trap Safety
Created by Alek
If you ever hated followers and summoned creatures for triggering traps, getting both of you into a tight situation or you were trying to guide them around the pressure plates, then this mod is for you.
This mod changes few base scripts and as a result yo...
Turbosnowy's Whipcane
Created by Turbosnowy
So I was a little bit at a loose end the other day and saw a mod on Steam which reminded me of something I meant to try a while ago when I first saw Mora's tentacles whipping away in the Dragonborn DLC for Skyrim, so I now present to you 'Turbosnowy's Whip...
Training Dummies
Created by Orchal
This mod allows skills improvement (One-Handed, Two-Handed, Marksman and Destruction) by practising on Combat Dummies.
You can use every dummies you can see on the picture (behind Companion's headquarter in Whiterun, behind the Riften's castle, etc...)
The Hunting Game
Created by ArcadeParty
BRIEF: A mod which aims to make hunting a much more profitable, viable and worthwhile experience. The prices of animal parts, and the amount of items each animal drops, have been significantly altered to provide a much more realistic experience.

Sit Anywhere
Created by tilokan1337
Hai guise :3 Since I don't have time to maintain this anymore (Skyrim doesn't feed me), you are free to copy, modify, translate it and upload it elsewhere :) If you can, It would be nice if you add me to the credits ;) have fun !

This mod a...
Equipment Flexibility Project - Bandits Module
Created by RJinthematrix
Huge lore-friendly variation in armour, a bandit would be using anything they can get - not a matching set like the vanilla game
More common weapons and clothing found on bandits (even a knife and fork!)
EVERYONE can dual wield
Archers can ha...
Swift Steeds Replacer
Created by Aela
Attention: If you're currently subscribed to Swift Steeds Frost and Swift Steeds Shadowmere -- you MUST load Shadowmere and Frost after this mod or they will both be replaced with the mustang version and both are stallions.

(Of course if you just ...
Camping Kit of the Northern Ranger
Created by The Northern Ranger
This is an amazing little portable camping mod that gives control over setting up your campsite exactly how you want.
It comes with two types of tents, many extra features, and includes custom models for setting up the camp.

Stoutheart Armor
Created by Brandybuck
The true Nord warrior boldly displays his stout heart before his enemy. Inspired by Tsun, shield-thane of Shor, this is the armor set for the bold and mighty. So gird your loins and head into battle with Stoutheart Armor.

This is a "cosmetic" lore frien...
Sabre Cat Gear
Created by uCTo4HuK 3aPa3bl
===>>> SABRE CAT GEAR <<<=== Mod Pack Extravaganza!!! v 2.2
---> presented by DVAted <---

With the assistance of pro-modellers and modders:
OG-Jay/TreasureChest, LordOfWar, Targaryen, tumbajamba, asc_kel, Froda



Craftable Guns
Created by Grey Wolf Jack

This is a simple mod that adds craftable and fireable Flintlock Muskets, Flintlock Pistols, Flintlock Blunderbusses, Musket Balls, and Musket Shot to Skyrim. The Flintlock Musket, Flintlock Pistol, Flintlock Bl...
Swift Steeds Frost -- Friesian Sporthorse type replacer
Created by Aela
This replaces Frost with a light breed horse. He's marked essential and is 1.5x faster than vanilla.

Mesh is a remake of the vanilla horse by me. Textures are by Slof. (Skyrim Nexus)


Thanks to Bethesda for making Skyrim
Thanks to Sl...
Sounds of Skyrim - The Wilds
Created by Cliffworms
The Wilds focuses on adding sound effects in Skyrim's wilderness. With the 115 new sound effects, the purpose of The Wilds is to audibly enlarge Skyrim's fauna with the addition of various animals, birds and insects that play according to weather, time of ...
Apex Werewolf
Created by SatyrTitan
This mod replaces default werewolf model with a new High Resolution and more imposing werewolf.
If you apreciate my work and wish ...
Yakuza Tattoos Of Potema
Created by RGM
Yakuza Tattoos Of Potema 3.5

This mod adds 3 player only enchanted tattoos for the following races using default bodies, Argonian, Breton, DarkElf, HighElf, Imperial, Nord, Orc, Redguard, and WoodElf. Khajiit are not supported at this time[/...
collecting Firewood
Created by xgrufijury
Are you still chopping your firewood ? ... or do you collect it already?

This small Skyrim Plugin gives you the ability to collect firewood instead of chopping it.

Use ...
Haytham Kenway's Apparel
Created by BongHeed
Haytham Kenway apparel pack with coat & hat from Assassins Creed 3

The kit can be forged in the "Misc" section from any blacksmithing point.

Light Armor
Grandmaster Coat requires: 3 Leather Strips & 4 Leather
ID: xx000D66

Grandmaster Hat require...
Unique Bows Collection
Created by artisanix
This mods adds 10 new unique bows to the game (new meshes + new textures). All bows are artifacts, placed in various locations all over the Skirim. Should be quite a lore friendly too, as each has a history, briefly mentioned in Trebonius Catanius' diary, ...
Isilmeriel's LOTR Weapons
Created by Tomato
SSE version here (not 100% certain on stability):

*** Please take a brief moment to read this description before asking questions in comments ***

Also available at [url=skyrim.nexusmods...
Convenient Horses
Created by Alek
Mod features:

- Horses for followers (UFO, AFT and EFF compatible, up to 15 followers' horses, scripted AI, advanced features).
- Mounted combat for followers!
- Horse equipment (new saddles and horse armor for both player and followers).
- Mounted c...
Digitigrade Beast Races Full DLC Edition
Created by Teh-Husky

artifex: Big thanks to artifex for allowing me to build on his [url=http://...
Rayle the Mad's Favorite Clothes
Created by McBiff
I put together this small mod for the benefit of those who do not want be seen in ugly armour, and would much rather been seen in ugly clothes.

This mod adds Rayle's favorite hat, shirt, boots and gloves which are geared towards assassin types.

The Stamford
Created by InsanitySorrow



The Stamford is a steel Viking Longsword, it's craftable and can be found under the steel section, the stats are similar to thos...
Recurve Longbows
Created by Grantiz
NOW $59.99 or 1 like!

*likes are non-refundable.

Recurve longbows by Grantiz

Click here and come join me in my new lets play series

Visit my []...
Zab's Witch Hat
Created by Zabs
This mod adds a new wearable hat to the game. Four different color variations can be crafted at a forge under the miscellaneous section. Random NPC casters sometimes wear powerful enchanted versions of it as well.

It is considered cloth so it has no arm...
AmA - Argonian Mercenary Armor - With Armored Tail
Created by Spyke
Argonian Mercenary Armor
With Tail Armor!

★Announcement!★ Cyrax and myself has launched a Steam group, dedicate...
Moonpath to Elsweyr
Created by muppetpuppet
Announcing my new project Oberon's Court
View the teaser trailer here.
support it by visiting my greenlight concept here

If ...
Asky - almost like a real dog
Created by xgrufijury

I've heard that you're looking for a dog as an loyal companion. Asky's deed of ownership and his dog blanket lie on a bale of straw at Pelagia Farm. The Farmer wants to throw ...
Conan The barbarian Outfits
This is my attempt at recreating the Conan the Barbarian and The Destroyer Outfits with totally made from scratch meshes ( only the female version of the Hyborian uses a small portion of the female vanilla ancient nord armor due to it's similarity and dual...
Geralt Light Armor & Witcher Swords
Created by kabe
A Light Armor version of the Raven's Armor from TW2, complete with dual steel / silver swords worn on the back and a couple of extra little goodies.


Some of you may have noticed that this mod was previously up on the Workshop but w...
The Highwayman's Reward
Created by sturmkraehe
This is the award a highwayman (or highwaywoman) may expect from his or her risky business.

This eyepatch can be worn either on the right side or left side and parallel to any helmet or circlet.

It is fully craftable and can carry enchantments. Howe...
MC- Clothes (DG & DB)
Created by Ferret287

Ever wish you could go questing in regular clothes, but still have the protection that armor offers? If so, this mod is for you.

This mod duplicates all the articles of clothing (without replacing any of them), and giv...
MC- Clothes (Vanilla)
Created by Ferret287

Ever wish you could go questing in regular clothes, but still have the protection that armor offers? If so, this mod is for you.

This mod duplicates all the articles of clothing (without replacing any of them), and giv...
Castlevania style Combat Cross the Whip Battle Cross
Created by Freelance4D
Castlevania style Combat Cross the Whip Battle Cross

This mod add new weapons "Combat Cross" and new enchantment "Magic Whip".
New NPC Companion and Merchant "Sonia Belmont" .
New NPC Merchant "Rinaldo Gandolfi...
Western-style Hat (with a troublesome Leather Duster)
Created by Rand0mNumbers
This was an experiment to see if I could make a 3d model of an object I own. In this case, it was my hat (I don't remember the style's name). So, here it is. 2048x2048 texture and 5.3k tris. The actual hat uses buffalo coins (replicas most likely), so I th...
Skaal Winter Clothes for Kids V2
Created by Gameplay Crush

Also available on Nexus[]!

Skaal winter clothing for your kids.

It bother...
Way of the Monk - Unarmed Overhaul - Part 1
Created by father.of.eleven
This mod is no longer supported. The developer is not responding to messages.


Version 1.4
28 August 2012

8-28-12: Version 1.5 has been uploaded! I apologize for the delay. I've been pretty busy and tired r...
Desperado Attire
Created by draich
Adds an outlaw themed outfit to the game.

The armor is craftable only.
The light armor version requires glass smithing and is comparable to glass armor.

Was running around in Rand0mNumb...
Alternate Ancient Shrouded Armor
Created by churchofsmalldog

---If anything in this mod is not working, place it LAST in the load order.---

This mod replaces the vanilla Ancient Shrouded Armor with a new, completely original asset with custom models and textures a...
Iorveth Light Armor (Witcher 2)
Created by kabe

Some of you may have noticed that this mod was previously up on the Workshop but was taken down. This was because someone decided to upload my work without asking me first.

This version is very similar to the old one, except that the issu...
Created by Pope Canuckovitch
This mod alters many basic tools and household items found in Skyrim so that they can be used as weapons. Stab a mudcrab with a fork! Smash a skeever with a clothes iron!

Items included:
* Clothes Irons
* Shovels (2 types)
* Hoes
* Blacksmith's Hamm...
Clothes versions of Vampire Armors
Created by Ricarthal
Requires Dawnguard.

Adds a coffin to the dock on the side of Castle Volkihar (around the island, to the left of the entrance) containing robe/clothes copies of the various vampire armors, including the Vampire Royal Armor outfit. Contains unenchanted cl...
Great A'tuin and the Disc World (Masser replacer)
Created by GalaxyGirl
For some reason the Great A'Tuin has come to Nirn's solar system. Perhaps it has lost its sun for some reason and has relocated around Tamriels sun. Makes you wonder about Nirn dont it?

---------((Rincewind's clothes coming this weekend..maby thursday...
Clothes Versions of Dragonborn Outfits
Created by Ricarthal
Requires Dragonborn.

Adds a new room to The Midden beneath the College of Winterhold, containing robe/clothes copies of various clothes from Dragonborn. You can only access the room if you are the Arch-Mage, and can only open the enchanted wardrobe cont...
Armor Animation
Created by Gord0n
NOTE: If you downloaded this mod prior to 20.01.2014: Deactivate the mod, save, reactivate it.
NOTE2: If you haven't downloaded this mod before, consider getting the Nexus version here[], it has a fast...
Male&Female Green Robe Set
Created by amel
A retexture of the "Emperor's Robe", "Psiijic Hood" and "Farmer Gloves 3" to complete new clothes sets. It does not replace anything. It's in the same style as I did for Morrowind and Oblivion. Fur is darkened and a silk texture with regal pattern applied ...
Created by captainlhurgoyf
I was pleased to discover that Skyrim would be featuring a full set of jester clothes - but I was disappointed when there weren't any real jesters in the game, only an assassin dressed like one. Where are the motley fools who entertain the Jarls and their ...
Banditry: Fur Armor
Created by Brandybuck
"You picked a bad time to get lost, friend" - Bandit tour guide

The height of fashion for bandits and ruffians throughout the holds, fur armor is now available for crafting. Recipes are available for both standard fur armor, and four tiers of higher gra...
Improved Skaal Leathers
Created by The Vondere Ful
Allows Skaal leather clothing to be improved at a workbench.

Improvements are based on the Advanced Armors perk.

The only material required is Netch Leather:
Skaal Coat: 3 Netch Leather
Skaal Boots: 1 Netch Leather
Skaal Hat: 1 Netch Leather
Ultimate Robes of Dovahkiin
Created by CKGK
Quick note: To install, click the green 'subscribe' button above this description and it will automatically download the next time you start Skyrim!

==== Ultimate Robes of Dovahkiin ====

This mod adds the robes of the Greybeards to the game.
If ...
Irishman's Shield (Forearm)
Created by Thaledric
(ALL THIS MOD DOES IS USE YOUR ARM AS A SHIELD, like a historical Irishman)


Sometime during the days of Irish Faction fighting, the shield was abandoned in place of ones forearm. This...
Cleith Shillelagh
Created by Thaledric
long, two-handed weapon ( War Hammer like weapon)


The Shillelagh is a traditional stick weapon used throughout the history of Ireland. It was a badge of honor, and symbol of coura...
Alpeen Shillelagh
Created by Thaledric
long one handed weapon (mace like weapon)


The Shillelagh is a traditional stick weapon used throughout the history of Ireland. It was a badge of honor, and symbol of courage for the b...
Celtic Shields
Created by Thaledric
(light & heavy shields for all)...
Reinforced Clothing
Created by Xanthor MacLeod
Ever wanted to use some of the clothes in the game but did not want to part with your armour rating? I assume not many of you do since I could not find such a mod, but for those that do, now you can so long as you have the materials and the clothes to star...
Created by rebel-o-conner
This mod adds craftable backpacks which increase the carry capacity by 150. 6 different colors.
It adds also a craftable duffle bag which increases the carry capacity by 300 but decrease the sneak skill by 10.

The bags use the body slot 47 and can hav...
Raven Witch Armor
Created by SatyrTitan
This mod add a new set of High Resolution Light Armor to the game.It's Female Only.

Undertand that the Mask was tailored to humanoid faces therefore not for Kathjit nor Argonians.

*Armor Defense Base Ratings:

Weapons and Armors Degradadtion for Skyrim
Created by Marcousik
Mod created by Marcoousik for skyrim.
Version 1.52
part of project "Skyrim Usury"

VERSION FRANCAISE + Descrption là:


Welcome in the true world of skyrim, ...
Cows Give You Milk! Brew-HA-HA
Created by LordLuco
It says it in the title. This is a small quest script i created that allows you to milk the cows in game. Actually giving cows a purpose now, since everyone seems to get mad when I kill their cows. It only works once every 12 hours in game time. Cant b...
Craftable & Temperable Skaal Armor (Requires Dragonborn DLC)
Created by jreese46
Skyrim is a cold place, especially in the Northern holds. A nice set of Skaal armor will keep you warm and protected in your travels. This mod allows you to craft Skaal clothing at any forge, and temper it at any work bench, using leather and leather str...
Weaponized Tools
Created by crystalsoulslayer
Numerous "tool" weapons, like hammers, lumber hooks, lockpicks, shovels, and more, which are craftable at any forge under Wood or Iron, no perks required. They can then be tempered at a sharpening wheel and enchanted. Now includes embalming tools! (Except ...
Bosmer Armor Pack part 1 of 4
Created by Maty743
Parts 2, 3 and 4 are now out!
If you have performance issues with the HD textures you may want to download the low res version from my [url=
Prides of Skyrim
Created by Frank the Fish

this is a old vertion on my mod, if you think:
1. the lions are to powerful
2. there are too many lions
3. you are encountering a Nav mesh error
there are fixes and new vertions on the 'Skyrim Nexus' website th...
Cliff Racers!!
Created by Torch311
Hey, Jiub! You missed some...


They're back, and they're hungry... for more annoying antics!

Look for them at Labrinthian for guranteed encounters, or within a large radius near whiterun and the college of winterhold.

Now in River...
Created by Genebris
Adds animations for looting containers and corpses, harvesting plants, lockpicking doors and chests, opening doors, activating levers, praying, drinking and eating potions and food, equipping armor and opening map.

Giant's Club
Created by Space Pope III
Ever wanted to smack people around like a giant? Now you can!

This two handed weapon can be found outside Whiterun. It sends people flying just like real giants!...
Ashland Amulets - Morrowind Artifacts for Skyrim
Created by PrivateEye
This small mod adds three artifact amulets that appeared in Morrowind to Skyrim.
The original designs were used to recreate the amulets.
In Morrowind, "Madstone of the Ahemmusa", "Teeth of the Urshilaku" and "Thong of Zainab", are three amulets that are ...
Giants Drop Clubs
Created by MrBrenan
===================== English ===========================

Description :

Giants Drop Clubs is a simply mod that makes it so you can loot giant clubs from the corpses of giants.

How To Install :

Juste drag "Drop_Giant_Mass.bsa/esp" to Data flo...
Werewolf and Co. Mounts and Followers 2.2
Created by gg77
Werewolf and Co. allow you to summon Werewolf, Spectral Werewolf, Guar, Spectral Guar, Raptor, Spectral Raptor, Dwarven Punisher, Flesh Grinder, Frost Lurker, Daedroth, Armored Daedroth and Flame Lurker, Mounts and (-simple-) Followers wherever you want....
JG Monsters 3.0.5 Steam ver
Created by jackGa
Rate up!

Happy and Keroro deleted on the loot list.

English Version
Your Skyrim must updated
Never have nexus ver
No need any DLC support
Derivative work, Free for use

This mod adds some of new creatures to skyrim, fully integrated i...
Noldor Content Pack
Created by Maty743
For 2k texture version download from Nexus.[]
So Steam decided to change the background c...
Shortswords for Skyrim
Created by PrivateEye
Did you ever miss the shortswords that disappeared from the Elder Scrolls series after Oblivion?
Or are you looking for a weapon to fill the gap between the dagger and the normal sword?
Than this is your mod!
The shortsword will make a fine weapon for a...
Spidercraft - Spider Scrolls Unleashed
Created by ArcadeParty

If you dont know what spider scrolls are you should research[] them for a little while before reading this description.

The spider scrolls that Dragonborn added were a great idea...
Playable Creatures Pack
Created by MagnetoBlaze
[img] [/img]
This mod ONLY requires Skyrim. You don't need DLC or anything else. Make sure to play this mod on a new save to avoid issues.

Playable Creatures Pack allows you to play as one of the AL...
Flame Lurker Werewolf Replacer Player Only
Created by gg77
The DLC DAWNGUARD is REQUIRED (This version who requires the DLC Dawnguard fixes the vampire lord issue - he is not invisible ! - when you transform your character into vampire lord)

This mod allow you to change your character (ONLY) in a Flame Lurker ...
Lightning during Thunder Storms.
Created by Minty
Main Lightning mod and COT patch mods are also available from Skyrim Nexus.
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Works best along side the following mods:-

Real Rain:-
Alternate Start - Live Another Life
Created by Arthmoor
Misery and despair have haunted you all your life. Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, you've been arrested and thrown in the dungeons. Your trial was supposed to be weeks ago, only nobody has come for you. It's been so long since seeing dayli...
Deeper Snow (More Snow)
Created by Zappoo
This Mods adds more Snow to Skyrim especially Snow Storms are very Snowy :) Update - Now this Mod comes with WindFX when it Snow´s heavy!

For even more Snow and Wind in this mod you can also check
Real Mountains
Created by Osmodius
This is a hi-res retexture of the mountains in Skyrim. The files are 2048x2048 in resolution, which is twice that of the old mountain textures. There should be no performance hit with this mod, also keep in mind that these textures may look odd with the dy...
Real Rain Extended
Created by PlayerTw0
V5 Update 7/15/12 Fixes problem with raindrops when users
were enabling ENBs and not seeing Rain/RainRipples.

V4 Update 7/4/12 Made rain a bit thinner and faster.
Rainripples were also changed to be a tiny bit more visible.
Also changed Riften and T...
Birds and Flocks Hearthfire Edition
Created by Kazoomie
-- NOTICE 10/25/2016 --

Unfortunately, I don't have time to continue offering further support/updates for my mods. I am unaware at this time how mods like this one will work with the Skyrim Remaster which is due out in a few days, but I am posting this ...
Better Combat AI
Created by joop
Better Combat A.I. (Artificial Intelligence)
Enhances the combat AI for NPCs within the game.


NEW 4.25.15
Many creature additions:
- Lowered confidence/increased chance of fleeing of animals (sabre cats, dogs, skeevers, mudcrabs, horke...
Realistic Ragdolls and Force
Created by BakaKemono
(ESP plugin)Reduces the extra force applied on ragdolls to a more reasonable level
(MESH)Replaces ragdolls so that they bend and twist realistically and fall at a faster velocity, and increases friction to fix ice-like ragdoll sliding

If you want more...
Immersive HUD - iHUD
Created by Gopher
The aim of iHUD is to provide the immersive feel you get from having no HUD, whilst keeping the usefulness of having one. It takes the permanantly visible HUD elements such as compass and crosshair, and hides them when not needed. Hence the motto:

HUD w...
4k Dark Gritty Mountains
Created by Osmodius
This is a new hi-res texture replacement for the mountains in Skyrim. It was built upon the original look, but I went and added loads of awesome texture to get a dark and gritty appearance. These textures are 4k in resolution and will affect your performan...
Nordic Spears (by P3dr0)
Created by P3dr0
ATTENTION : I discontinued the development of this mod. BTW even discontinued it still work and still look good.


Adds spears to skyrim.
Custom HD textures and models.

These weapons have a slightly longer reach, speed and critical ...
Pull Mastery Hookshot or Grappling hook
Created by Freelance4D
Pull Mastery Hookshot or Grappling hook
This mod add new spell allows player to fire a spring-loaded chain with a hook or spearhead on the end.
It will will pull target towards player and make player Lift up to ...
Loaded Cudgel Shillelagh
Created by Thaledric
short One-Handed weapon (Mace like Weapon)


The Shillelagh is a traditional stick weapon used throughout the history of Ireland. It was a badge of honor, and symbol of courage for th...
The Forgotten Weapons of Arcanie 1" Shields and Swords and Perks" (FIXED)
Created by Sam Suphit
Part 1 of 3 : swords and shields. "now the mod is fixed!!!"
o0o ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ o0) O (0o ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~ o0o
The first part can be...
Created by Yatagan
By Alexander J. Velicky

Version 1.2.1 (Final Version)

Nexus Link:

*Link for intro/outro files at bottom and strongly recommended!

Important Note on 1.2.1
Linked collections (4)
Bosmer Armor Pack
Contains 4 items
Contains 54 items
Contains 55 items
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ПΛЯЯӨ VΛПIƬΛƧ  [author] Jan 22, 2015 @ 10:12am 
Climates Of Tamriel - Weather - Lighting - Audio

Climates Of Tamriel Weather Patch By Prod80

Supreme Storms by MannyGT

Supreme Fog by MannyGT

Wet & Cold By Isoku

Real Shelter by RobinSage
ПΛЯЯӨ VΛПIƬΛƧ  [author] Jan 20, 2015 @ 9:55pm 
9601 Armed to the Teeth - easy version


1) Find the file Skyrim.ini
* Path to Skyrim.ini: -Documents
-My Games

2) Open the file Skyrim.ini

3) In the line under [General] you must copy and paste this sentence (without "):" bDisableGearedUp = 0 "

4) Close the file and save

5) END. Now you can start and play Skyrim

If you want to uninstall this mod you just delete the phrase "bDisableGearedUp = 0"
ПΛЯЯӨ VΛПIƬΛƧ  [author] Jan 20, 2015 @ 6:54pm 
ПΛЯЯӨ VΛПIƬΛƧ  [author] Jan 20, 2015 @ 6:26pm 
ПΛЯЯӨ VΛПIƬΛƧ  [author] Jan 20, 2015 @ 6:20pm 
ПΛЯЯӨ VΛПIƬΛƧ  [author] Jan 20, 2015 @ 4:02pm 
Zerowaffles Oct 11, 2014 @ 4:51am 
awesome list! thanks :D
ПΛЯЯӨ VΛПIƬΛƧ  [author] Apr 1, 2014 @ 8:52am 
i hate fancy quivers :( ! tr this

Arrows and Quiver Beta :
ПΛЯЯӨ VΛПIƬΛƧ  [author] Apr 1, 2014 @ 8:49am 
ignore nothing ! try this

Player Headtracking: