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Aug 19, 2020 @ 4:35am
Jun 2, 2022 @ 4:57am
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I like to publish my Weapon Pack.
It was a private Mod but i like to share it now.

All of my weapons have no attachments like handguard or buttstocks.
I don't like this useless attachments.
Only Scope, Magazine, Suppressor, lights, bayonets and ghillie attachments.

Join my Discord if you have any questions, suggestions.

Please report issues and bugs. I´ll try my best to fix it fast.

Types.xml and Traderconfig.txt are in the Modfolder.

Im still working on new content.

Help for keep the mod alive with updates and new content:

Thank you

I hope you like it and enjoy it.

Please do NOT unpack/repack this mod. Every violation is punished with a DMCA

This weapon pack contains:

Pistols: TWP_ArexZero TWP_Beretta92FS TWP_Beretta92FSDesert TWP_BerettaGoldenFlower TWP_BerettaDEBurton TWP_BerettaDEBlack TWP_BerettaPX4 TWP_BerettaSwordCutlass TWP_Colt1911Gold TWP_Colt1911Holy TWP_Colt1911Stainless TWP_1911_WilsonCombat TWP_CZ75M TWP_DesertEagle, TWP_DesertEagleSky TWP_DesertEagleFalcon TWP_FN57Pink TWP_FN57Toxic TWP_FNS9 TWP_Glock18Egyptian TWP_Glock18Honor TWP_Glock18Jungle TWP_Glock18Rebel TWP_Glock18Weasel TWP_Glock18Wolf TWP_Glock19M TWP_Glock42 TWP_GlockZapper TWP_HK47 TWP_HK47Tan TWP_LugerP08 TWP_MK23Socom TWP_MP40 TWP_MP443 TWP_P8 TWP_P2000BlueGirl TWP_P2000Protector TWP_P2000Renegade TWP_P2000Toxic TWP_SigSauerP226 TWP_SigSauerP229 TWP_SigSauerP250 TWP_SigSauerP250Colored TWP_SigSauerP250Patrician TWP_SigSauerP250PeaCock TWP_SigSauerP250Wingshot TWP_SP1Vektor TWP_SR1Gyrza TWP_Tokarev TWP_USPChromatic TWP_USPPsychodelic TWP_WaltherP99 TWP_WaltherQ5 Shotguns: TWP_AA12 TWP_AA12Dragon TWP_AA12HellDragon TWP_SPAS TWP_SawedShotgun TWP_Remington870Tactical TWP_Mossberg590a1 TWP_Mossberg500 TWP_KSG TWP_Armsan TWP_ClassicShotgun TWP_BenelliM4 TWP_BenelliM3 TWP_ImprovisedShotgun TWP_IthacaM37 TWP_DoubleBarrelShotgun TWP_Komrad12 TWP_MP153 TWP_M1912 TWP_MP153Black TWP_BenelliLE Sniper: TWP_Airbow TWP_AmericanRifle TWP_ASW338 TWP_AWMBlack TWP_AWMCustom TWP_AWMDesert TWP_AWMGreen TWP_AWMGreenTan TWP_BarrettM82 TWP_BarrettM82Desert TWP_BarrettM82Snow TWP_FRF2 TWP_Kar98 TWP_L96A1 TWP_M1Garand TWP_M200 TWP_M200Old TWP_M24BrownTan TWP_M24GreenTan TWP_M24GreenTan2 TWP_M24Snow TWP_M24Wood TWP_M40A5 TWP_Remington700 TWP_RemingtonMSR TWP_Sako75 TWP_SG550S TWP_SSG69 TWP_SV98NovaPriam TWP_SVDDragunov TWP_SVDDragunovTan TWP_SVDDragunovBrownTan TWP_SVDDragunovGreyTan TWP_Winchester1873 TWP_WinchesterRifle TWP_McMillanCS5 TWP_VSSK TWP_Anzio TWP_Arisaka TWP_G43 TWP_M1Carbine TWP_M14 TWP_MosinNagant TWP_SVT38 TWP_M110 TWP_PSG1 TWP_R700Mod Melee: TWP_NailedBat TWP_SawBa TWP_Mjolnir TWP_Rose TWP_Kukri TWP_Kukri_Gradient TWP_Kukri_Sakura TWP_Kukri_Engraved TWP_SmithWesson_Knife_Green TWP_SmithWesson_Knife_Black SubMachineGuns: TWP_AEK919, TWP_Auto9 TWP_MP7 TWP_MP7Eagle TWP_P90Arctic TWP_P90Colored TWP_P90Shallow_Grave TWP_Uzi TWP_SRGlock TWP_SR2 TWP_SR3 TWP_SRFrame TWP_SST30 TWP_SST30Orange TWP_SST30Halloween TWP_SST30Silenced TWP_Tec9 TWP_M24R TWP_UMP TWP_UMPPrimalSaber TWP_MPX TWP_MP5Silenced TWP_PP19Vityaz TWP_CX4Storm TWP_KacPDW TWP_P90 TWP_FMG9 TWP_PP19Bison Assault Rifles: TWP_ACE23 TWP_Ash12 TWP_ACR TWP_ACWR, TWP_AEK971 TWP_AG43 TWP_AK9 TWP_AK12 TWP_AK12Tan TWP_AK47Blue TWP_AK47Boar TWP_AK47Dragon TWP_AK47Spider TWP_AK47Wolf TWP_AK47WhiteWolf TWP_AMD TWP_AMDSpaceship TWP_AN94 TWP_AR15 TWP_AR70 TWP_ARX160 TWP_ASR TWP_ASVal TWP_SteyrAug TWP_CZ805 TWP_CZScorpion TWP_Famas TWP_FamasSpecialOps TWP_FamasTan TWP_FG42 TWP_FG42Old TWP_FNF2000 TWP_FNFNC TWP_FNM29 TWP_G56 TWP_G3A3 TWP_G36 TWP_G36c TWP_HK33 TWP_HK416 TWP_HK416Blue TWP_HK416Desert TWP_HK416Forest TWP_HK416Jungle TWP_HK416Urban TWP_HK416Wood TWP_HK417 TWP_HKCarabine TWP_HoneyBadger TWP_HoneyBadgerGold TWP_IA2 TWP_K2C TWP_AK5C TWP_AK5CGreen TWP_AK5CGrey TWP_LR300 TWP_LR300Camo TWP_M4Sopmod TWP_M4V5 TWP_M16 TWP_M16A2 TWP_M16A3 TWP_M16A4 TWP_M16Wrapped TWP_M60 TWP_M249 TWP_MK14 TWP_MK18 TWP_MSBS_GrotBGold TWP_MSBS_GrotC TWP_OTSGrosa TWP_ParaSA58 TWP_PindadSS2 TWP_PLR16 TWP_PPSH TWP_QBZ03 TWP_RemingtonR5 TWP_RK62 TWP_RPK16 TWP_RPK16Green TWP_RPK16Tan TWP_ScarL TWP_ScarH TWP_ScarDragon TWP_ScarLK TWP_ScarLKCamo TWP_ScarLKGreen TWP_SG550 TWP_SG553 TWP_SR47 TWP_StenGun TWP_STG58 TWP_Stoner63 TWP_Tar21 TWP_Thompson TWP_ThompsonMK2 TWP_Type64 TWP_Type89 TWP_XM8 TWP_MiniGun TWP_AK103 TWP_AK105 TWP_GalilSAR TWP_HoneyBadgerBlueWhite TWP_MAB38 TWP_Ruger556_MagPul TWP_Ruger556 TWP_M16A1Black TWP_M16A1Wood TWP_M4A1Black TWP_M134 TWP_STG44 TWP_SteyrAug_Olive TWP_SteyrAug_Tan TWP_SteyrAug_Black Optics: TWP_Optic_Vlife TWP_Optic_NCSTAR TWP_Optic_Steyr TWP_Optic_Camouflage TWP_Optic_Snowy TWP_Optic_FG42 TWP_TrijiconACOG TWP_Optic_reddot TWP_Optic_Acog TWP_LongRangeOptic_Tan TWP_LongRangeOptic_Green TWP_LongRangeOptic_Black TWP_Optic_Redcross TWP_Optic_G3A3 TWP_OldRifle_Optic Ammo: TWP_AmmoBox_20x76 TWP_AmmoBox_50BMG TWP_AmmoBox_3006 TWP_AmmoBox_44mag TWP_AmmoBox_50AE TWP_AmmoBox_40SW TWP_AmmoBox_46x30 TWP_AmmoBox_57x28 TWP_AmmoBox_762x25 TWP_Ammobox_408Cheytac TWP_AmmoBox_30Carbine_30Rnd TWP_AmmoBox_300WinMag_20Rnd TWP_AmmoBox_20x102mm_10Rnd TWP_Ammobox_6x35 TWP_Ammo_20x76 TWP_Ammo_50BMG TWP_Ammo_3006 TWP_Ammo_44mag TWP_Ammo_50AE TWP_Ammo_40SW TWP_Ammo_46x30 TWP_Ammo_57x28 TWP_Ammo_Arrow TWP_Ammo_408Cheytac TWP_Ammo_762x25 TWP_Ammo_6x35 TWP_Ammo_20x102mm TWP_Ammo_300WinMag TWP_Ammo_30Carbine Lights: TWP_GlockLight TWP_PistolLight TWP_Weaponlight TWP_MK23Light
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Teddysammler  [author] Sep 6 @ 11:35pm 
Thanks for your Report Josecitox. DMCA is on the way
Josecitox Sep 6 @ 6:04pm 
Don't think they're allowed to repack but they did and modified your mod.
Teddysammler  [author] Aug 21 @ 4:29am 
I am happy to announce that I have found a partner for my mod. We will work together to improve the support in English/German and possibly work on projects in the future. Welcome to Team HuntR
Teddysammler  [author] Aug 20 @ 8:47am 
Sounds Great. Thanks for your support
Dizzle Aug 19 @ 1:11am 
Alright il make something and post it here once done thanks!
Teddysammler  [author] Aug 18 @ 9:36pm 
Hi. I have no Showroom for my weapons. Just the Pics here in the Workshop.
Dizzle Aug 18 @ 8:49pm 
is there anywhere where i can see the guns sorta by caliber tha would be awesome! thanks in advance
FrontierZ HuntR  [author] Jul 22 @ 8:03pm 
I accepted??
Teddysammler  [author] Jul 20 @ 7:55am 
@HuntR you got a buddy request
Teddysammler  [author] Jul 19 @ 4:22am 
Serious conversation??? Noboy cares how much money you have. And if you like to send anyone money. Sounds like spam. Thats not a serious conversation