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Cities: Skylines

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Walk n' Drive
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Aug 16, 2020 @ 3:16pm
Aug 22, 2020 @ 3:30pm
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Walk n' Drive

Update: This mod is still being actively updated. However development will be temporarily slowing down due to injury I sustained in an accident.

If you would like to support me with donations you can do so at:

Thanks! - vladlenin70

Walk n' Drive!
Freely roam around your cities and see what your sims see! Walk around, ride public transport, enter vehicles and drive down your very own roads! Manually control walking or driving and go wherever you want (off streets, on bridges, etc.). Allows for both first person and third person views. Enjoy!
Note: This mod temporarily doesn't work when playing at different resolutions or playing with dynamic resolution. Excessive road anarchy or moveIT usage may diminish user experience.

The mod button should appear in the top right hand corner when the mod is enabled in the content manager. Click the mod button and click the "Enter the streets" button to spawn.
  • W A S D - Movement (Walking and driving)
  • E - Enter vehicle (Must be looking at PARKED vehicle)
  • Scroll wheel - Zoom in and out/switch first person and third person
  • Shift - Sprint (Walking)
  • Tab/Escape - Escape walk and drive mode
For best performance, set the game simulation speed to normal.

Currently under development
  • Improved User Interface
  • Delete vehicle button
  • Overhead camera
  • Animations
  • Vehicle pitch (vehicle follows slope)
  • Less floating
  • Support for changed resolutions

More updates soon.
Current bug with spawning in as a cow.
Issues with slopes, ramps and map glitching.
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hezziegreen17 Jun 21 @ 6:13pm 
How do I use it?
xDogz Jun 19 @ 5:23am 
why when i click on enter the street, i'm spinning on the left
dianaregan510 May 22 @ 12:11pm 
I used to use this mod but the only problem I had was that when entering walk/drive mode it disabled all LUTs and Themes and when in first person everything reverted to vanilla.
Bobux king May 20 @ 11:27am 
pow:you playing in xbox one
Wolf May 16 @ 7:56pm 
reminds me of the mod i operate it i still use a backed up copy of ioperateit but since its been abandoned i cant drive in tunles and well some bridge assets are incompatible due to somehow having collisioin that throws the car off the freeway or road i hope this becomes really good im keeping me eye on this mod
Fox G∆MING/Nolan the Fox Apr 10 @ 5:20pm 
For me, you move on your own, and backwards, you have to look away from things to "look at them", cars cannot drive forwards, only backwards, face the wrong way, etc..
chumface Mar 17 @ 9:10pm 
Some GREAT views in walking mode. Best view of a rocket launch...check it out! Wish the WASD controls could be remapped but other wise a very nice mod! Thank You!
GreasyWeezy Mar 10 @ 8:42pm 
I cant get this to work at all nothing happens
Pinata_Hunter27 Mar 3 @ 9:26am 
Too bad you can't go on elevated paths :(
Makssuper747 Mar 1 @ 12:48am