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Alternative Running
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Aug 15, 2020 @ 8:59am
Dec 7 @ 12:30pm
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Alternative Running

Alternative Running - is a mod that will allow you to sprint in alternative way by pressing Double Shift or custom keybind. (Similar to Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2019)

Version: 3.0
Animation and code was maded from scratch by me.

You can customize your keybinds, enable or disable Double Shift press, and other params in CBA settings. (First screenshot)
All of the settings client-sided, that means that if you dont like alternative MG run animation, you can disable that, but other players will still use it.

Read this before usage:
  • With alternative running you will run faster, but it will cost more stamina (Compatibly with ACE3 stamina!)
  • With bolt rifles or machineguns I have made a special animation, it will play if you carry these weapons. (Now you can disable that in CBA settings)
  • The alternative run is only supports rifles,pistols and launchers!
  • You cant use alternative running if you are out of stamina, or if your legs are damaged.
  • You can use alternative running even in water and special animation will be played.

Known bugs:

Hinde [2 R ANG] - inspiration, idea.
Macser - For awesome ArmaRig for blender!
Bohemia Interactive - For awesome game and platform!
KKA3 (Or Kola) - for helping me with some of the stuff.
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minhduc-dev Dec 8 @ 12:54am 
Oh men, thanks all
Mandaloin Dec 7 @ 6:44pm 
I was just about to ask for the options you implemented. Great mod!
Dutch Dec 7 @ 1:31pm 
You are a god WebKnight, thank you!
WebKnight  [author] Dec 7 @ 12:34pm 
Last update for Alternative running!
Settings to enable/disable parts of the mod
New animation while in water
Launcher animations
You can now stop animation by pressing S
Skyrbose Nov 30 @ 5:35am 
Please, add stop with S and the option to change controls
Gather Nov 29 @ 7:33am 
Hi Im a friend of Hinde's, love your work. I run a SOGPF unit and I was wondering if you know if it would be possible to make an animation where you can fire from the hip because its a pain to have your weapon constantly shouldered but you need to be able to fire in a split second in the jungle.
arnjhon Nov 29 @ 7:01am 
I really like this, the animations are solid.

I only wish it didn't lock me in full sprint, any way you can make it bound to W, so you have to hold W in order to run, and when you release W you stop running?

That's my only suggestion :-)
SFC. Nik Wolf Nov 24 @ 3:21am 
i trigger the running mode with duoble shift, well.
but i need to press double shift again to stop could you fix it so that i stop by pressing s
Rangerskull Nov 16 @ 5:21am 
awesome mode :)
LAGO Nov 13 @ 5:18am 
Many thanks! :steamhappy: