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Nanite Control Facility v2.0(15) - Automated Construction
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Jan 22, 2014 @ 7:52pm
May 6 @ 4:11pm
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Nanite Control Facility v2.0(15) - Automated Construction

Nanite Construction System V2.0!

Guide for Nanites -

Automated Beam Drill - This mod modifies the base functionality of all ore detectors in the game, forcing modded ore detector blocks, like the ones we use, to abide by his code. This is something that only the mod author of Automated Beam Drills can fix.

If anyone has this bug(placing beacons on salvage and they get shot), make sure the nanite factory is loaded BEFORE the WeaponCore mod!

Important Info to help us fix bugs!

Many mods/scripts, especially those that modify:

- ore detector
- ship welders
- power usage
- inventory management

can cause undesired results, given the enormous scope of this mod.

***Before submitting a bug report, PLEASE try to recreate the bug in a world where Nanite Construction Facility is the only mod. ***

There are thousands of crazy and non-maintained mods for Space Engineers that simply cannot be accounted for.
Thank you.

Bug reports must include the information that appears when you type /nanite debug. PLEASE include a pastebin link to your spaceengineers.log AND your NaniteConstructionSystem.log (if hosting/singleplayer) or your report will be ignored. I'm gong to need all of this information anyway, and I can't really help fix these bugs reliably without it.

spaceengineers.log location: %appdata%/roaming/SpaceEngineers/SpaceEngineers.log
Nanite log location singpleplayer or hosted: %appdata%/roaming/SpaceEngineers/Saves/[steamid]/[savename]/storage/[mod name and number]/NaniteConstructionSystem.log


This is large ship block that creates and controls specialized nanites. These nanites can be programmed to perform different actions that can aid a ship and player in various ways. This includes: construction, repair, deconstruction, projection building and floating object cleanup. The default factory allows a limited amount of each function, but can be expanded with attachable upgrades. The factory will use the conveyor system in order to draw or deposit supplies for it's various functions. Nanites do not require components themselves, but do require a lot of power to function.

Original Modder Team
Modeling - Nukeguard
Functionality and Animation - tyrsis

Current Modder Team
BookBurner -- Scripts
nukeguard - Models

Other contributors
Splen -- Scripts
Fank -- Scripts
MrValiant -- Scripts
stefan2200 -- Scripts
M0dEx -- Scripts

If there are issues, try **Delete the old mod file in mods directory %appdata%\Roaming\SpaceEngineers\Mods\219757726.sbm(this is unlikely there if you are new to this mod), it may have downloaded update incorrectly. And also delete the mod id folder in *Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\244850\ delete this folder = 219757726 redownload and try it again.

My Discord Server - Ntech Mods[]
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Mod not showing up in Mod listing
ケーブル KIT
< >
sir_lancealittle Nov 16 @ 10:02pm 
Pretty sure there is one.
Red Wing Nov 16 @ 8:01pm 
Is there any thoughts on adding a small grid version?
Abisius Oct 27 @ 10:03am 
@Pomalu Snejksi
and nearly the same amount of comments form other people where it is working for them.
for me its working and from my own experience probs either came up to modconflicts, filecorruption or a type1 error.

if it isnt working for you, why dont you tell what exactly isnt working for you?
Pomalu Snejksi Oct 27 @ 7:47am 
Is this ever going to be fixed? There is bambilion comments about how it´s not working...but no respose from the modders. :(
Oiseau Oct 24 @ 3:15pm 
Anyone can help. I have 2 Factory running at the same time. One for my ship that is use for cleaning and deconstruct wreckage and the second is use for construction and repair on my base. The point is, only the one on my ship is wroking, the one at my base is not working like if the two were on factory. I want it to run them separatly. Any suggestion?
TehGuard Oct 11 @ 4:39pm 
Am I just not using the area field controller thing right or not understanding what it is for? I am trying to restrict the nanite to the projected field aka my base but they keep going out and repairing a downed ship we took control of or going far away to repair our old base a few hundred meters away.
Satyto Oct 10 @ 9:46am 
It's not that, when it does have the components to build the entire block it works flawlessly, but the moment it scans and finds let's say a large grid ion engine and notices it doesn't have thruster components available in any container it stops and then resumes for a while before scanning the thruster once again & rinse and repeat forever
sir_lancealittle Oct 9 @ 3:02am
That's the one I'm using. It also exists as a script variant.

In this mod, adding the term [exempt] to the container's (NCF's) name will prevent the mod from drawing components from the NCF's inventory.
Abisius Oct 8 @ 7:50pm 
maybee you should add a pointer towards adding the ncf as an exception for the inventory management of the inventory management scripts.

an inventory sorting mod would be something new for me, only know inventory sorting scripts so far.
sir_lancealittle Oct 8 @ 6:12pm 
See below, the mod sometimes gets hung up. Happens in singleplayer games too, especially when combined with inventory sorting mods. Those tend to leech components from the NCF which it had stored for use in the near future, and those suddenly missing seems to confuse the NCF's logic. It also screws up the "components missing" count and the NCF's assembler integration.

If the MP server is your own - delete the NCF's storage folder which keeps track of what the NCF was supposed to be doing, then reboot. That often clears the issue for me.