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Handsome Wardrobe
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Aug 13 @ 9:13pm
Aug 16 @ 8:42pm
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Handsome Wardrobe

Introducing Handsome Wardrobe

You do not need Jack & Jill to use this mod. It will work with the default characters just as Jack & Jill work with all clothes.

The newest addition to the "Handsome" collection comes Handsome Wardrobe, starting with the Raptor Wrangler outfit available for male or female. Additional outfits may become available in the future and would be directly added to this mod.

h Discord server if you need help with setup etc.

  • High quality clothing
  • Fully dyeable
  • Works with standard vanilla characters and the Jack & Jill Mod.
  • Any extra outfits I create will be added to this mod and become available in the wardrobe.


MOD ID: 2196816343

To get started once you've installed the mod, locate the Handsome Wardrobe chest engram (level 2). Once you've crafted the wardrobe look inside for the Raptor Wrangler outfit skin recipes. Use thatch to craft.

If you like it please , thanks all.

Be sure to check out my full character replacement mod Jack & Jill , available in my workshop. As seen modeling these clothes.

This mod will not work with Nitrado or any host who has not yet updated their systems to use 64 bit strings. Here is some detailed information from one of our users, thanks Hawk20011:

All new mods with mod numbers greater than 2,147,483,647 aren't being correctly installed until the ctrl panel installers use 64 bit variables to represent them.
I just verified that mod number 2,196,816,343, when you change it to a 32 bit number you get -2,098,150,953 and that was the folder name the ctrl panel installer was producing. (without the commas)

hawk20011 2 hours ago
The issue with not being able to learn the engram isn't with the mod itself, but more likely the hosting company's control panel update program. I noticed after installing the mod, there wasn't a folder named "2196816343" or a "2196816343.mod" file in my mods folder. What was there was more like a -2087654382. (or something like that)
Rename them to 2196816343 and 2196816343.mod and it'll work.
I could be wrong but only in the past week or so microsoft changed a number to string conversion function to only accept 64 bit variables. 2196816343 is too big for the variable type and is regarded as a negative number. I had to update a steam update checker program I had written for myself because of this. The control panel is probably using MS .net libraries and suffering from the same changes.

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Servers Running this Mod
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Woobdob 13 hours ago 
High praise for the subtle quality of the meshes used for the textures of clothing. curious about the rest
Revenant Oct 15 @ 2:56pm 
This is a very professional looking outfit, cant wait to see more!!! Maybe the Cyberpunk outfit? :D
saraba Oct 12 @ 10:10am 
Loved the idea for this mod. Until I downloaded / installed it. There is only one outfit.
Not worth loading another mod onto the server for only one outfit.
Superian [Алексей] Sep 26 @ 9:56am 
Hi! And when will the wardrobe update be? :I_am_happy:
者别 Sep 11 @ 7:59pm 
BUG 报错
Alphachad Sep 11 @ 8:53am 
dose Naturalism 2 - Fantasy Shapes (M) work with this mod, asking for a friend
RadiantSky Sep 5 @ 10:31am 
This is my newest "must have" mod. I'm really looking forward to future updates!
Kryjeck Sep 4 @ 8:52pm 
I have the mod number in my hosting companies file list, but the mod is still not showing up in game.
Minty Gaming Sep 4 @ 3:13pm 
Duuutch! we need a plan Duuuutch!