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JecsTools (Unofficial)
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Aug 12, 2020 @ 6:20pm
Jul 31, 2021 @ 6:53pm
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JecsTools (Unofficial)

Official JecsTools is back! I'll keep this unofficial version around and in sync with the official version to avoid breaking existing users of this mod. You should unsubscribe from this version (note: as long as this and the official versions are in sync, you can be subscribed to both the unofficial and official versions, but you will get a warning about duplicate packageId, since packageId was not changed for mod compatibility reasons).

If you're still having issues, please post HugsLib logs if you want help - ensure HugsLib is installed and enabled, and when the issue occurs in-game, Ctrl+F12, upload log, and then paste resulting URL in the comments. This provides me with more context (including what mods are installed and their load order) to help debug the issue.

Legacy Warning
I consider this a legacy framework that I'm maintaining for other mods that depend on it. I do not recommend new usage of this framework.

As I'm not familiar with other frameworks, I can't really recommend alternatives for every feature in JecsTools. That said, here are some specific alternatives suggested by others in the comments:
  • Enable Oversized Weapons by Carny Senpai: "This mod does the same as JecsTools' CompOversizedWeapon, but different. It is more lightweight and doesn't use an extra Comp."
  • Vanilla Expanded Framework by Vanilla Expanded team: while not providing the same set of features as JecsTools (lacks some JecsTools' features, has other features that JecsTools lacks), for a general community mod framework, this could be considered a "successor" to JecsTools. Known to include:
    • An apparel-based shield via Apparel_Shield (in contrast to JecsTools' weapon/comp-based shield via PawnShields/CompShield).
    • An ability framework that's based off RimWorld's 1.1+'s built-in Ability framework, yet is more generic and extensible (in contrast to RimWorld's built-in version that's apparently too specific to psycasts, and JecsTools' CompAbilityUser that's a bit of a mess, to put it lightly)
  • RimWorld's B18+ PatchOperationFindMod: obsoletes PatchOperationModLoaded

This is an unofficial version of JecsTools that as of 07-24-2021 is in sync with the official version (previously, this version provided various improvements and RimWorld 1.2+ support). I will not guarantee active support of this, and this version may be taken down upon request by Jecrell.

The official version of JecsTools is at:
Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=932008009
GitHub: https://github.com/jecrell/JecsTools

Original Description
Adds modding components to RimWorld: spell casting, weapon slots, oversized weapons, and more!

Note to players: This mod will not change your game, but rather it lets modders do more, so you can have an even more amazing RimWorld experience.

Note to modders: This mod is filled with lots of tools that allow you to do many new and different things in RimWorld. Check out RoxxPloxx's guide for more info here: https://github.com/roxxploxx/RimWorldModGuide/wiki

Partial list of components:

- Adds spell/ability casting to humanlikes.

- Adds an activation graphic for weapons (e.g. lightsaber beam).

- Allows the ability to knock projectiles to melee weapons.

- Allows extra melee sounds to weapons.

- Makes a staggered walking animation. (e.g. ATST walking effect)

- Allows weapons with graphic sizes that can be bigger than RimWorld's limits.

- Adds slots to objects that can be filled to have effects. (e.g. different ammo types for guns, crystals for lightsabers)

CompToggleDef (by Roxxploxx)
- Allows for something to despawn, change its def, and respawn.

CompInstalledPart (WIP)
- Allows installation and uninstallation of things onto other things. This is particularly useful for weapons on vehicles.

Additions by ChJees
Additions by roxxploxx
Additions by Swenzi
Additions and transpilers by Erdelf
Extensive hours of testing, debugging, and fixes by Xen
Improvements by lbmaian
"Hey, should we make this into a public toolset for people to take advantage of all this cool stuff?" - Jecrell
"Hell yes - this is awesome stuff - people will love it!" - Xen

Special thanks to all those that support me (and help me pay the rent) on Patreon:
ShotgunFace, Fredric Sundberg, Dan Winn, Toss Antilles, Sarah Banks, Undead Jackel, Michin, Chelsea, Caine Detueur, Yewty Oxman, Jerod Clayton, Arty Kubin, Ashleigh Miller, infinity421, TheDayDude, Jacob Duga, Ryan Brock, Evan Hwang, Moshat, Christopher, Don Butterblume, John Boehr, George Chong Chuang Ming, Oliver White, Helpful Bot, vincent de keijzer, roxxploxx, Legless, Christopher Abel, Karol Rybak, Mathias Broxvall, Mark, Tim Stillson, Lachlan Easton, Nemuri Hime, Sera, Christian Hermansen, NiNe Bottles of Rum, Populous25, Steven James, Marcus Siraenu, Michael Lauder, meatface.

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aZavar.Kul Jun 28 @ 9:39am 
some items with chinese descriptions
ST£AM_0:1:00000ZERO Mar 27 @ 5:15pm 
I wish it wasnt unlisted so I could add it to my collection since this is the version I'm using
⎛⎝Akro⎠⎞ Mar 8 @ 6:16am 
You unlisted it...Finally I figure out why I fail to add some mods to collection...
Kaluth Nov 18, 2021 @ 1:18pm 
You were doing the Lord's work Ibmaian. :D
mjdecker123 Nov 8, 2021 @ 3:35am 
Well I feel dumb. Been using this one over the Main lmfao. All is good tho
lbmaian  [author] Oct 26, 2021 @ 2:33pm 

Sorry, I unlisted this to avoid new users, so that they subscribe to the official version. It does make it harder to unsubscribe from this mod. I think there's still a link from the official JecsTools page comments section to here.
Blazerik Oct 26, 2021 @ 5:17am 
man this mod was so hard to find so that I could unsub and get rid of needless packageid error. Ended up having to go through 100 pages of subscribed mods to find it because it wouldn't show up on normal searches and the about,xml linked me to harmony instead
Trigger Aug 28, 2021 @ 9:50pm 
Cool thank you for the speedy reply. Cheers!
lbmaian  [author] Aug 28, 2021 @ 9:49pm 
Yes, you should switch over to the official one now. They're currently the exact same from RW's perspective (same packageId and same version).
Trigger Aug 28, 2021 @ 9:16pm 
do we need to switch over to official now?