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SW:Fallen Republic

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Star Wars: Fallen Republic is a total conversion mod designed to bring the Star Wars experience to Stellaris complete with ancient secrets, epic space battles, and political intrigue. With numerous potential starting maps and over forty playable empires to pick from, you will take the reigns of your empire of choice and lead them from the very start of the Galactic Civil War to the Battle of Endor and beyond.

Will you follow the path laid out by destiny or will you take matters into your own hands?

  • A lore-accurate map of the Star Wars galaxy with over 1300+ stars in the official map with several smaller maps included for better performance.
  • In-game menus to change the rate of habitable planets to further enhance performance in the mid-to-late game.
  • 40+ playable empires
  • 140+ ship models from the Star Wars galaxy
  • Lore-accurate shipsets for your favorite empires from the Galactic Civil War including the Galactic Empire, Rebel Alliance, Mandalorian Clans, Corellian Security Force, Confederate Remnant, Chiss Ascendancy, Corporate Sector Authority, and Hapes Consortium.
  • An entirely new tech tree complete with Star Wars technologies
  • 115+ unique species from the Star Wars galaxy
  • Lore-accurate Star Wars-themed dig sites and events
  • Unique Institution system to aid your empire in its ascension to galactic prominence
  • Enhanced fighter and bomber usefulness to reflect their effectiveness in the lore
  • Star Wars-themed megastructures including Deep Space Stations, Cloud Cities, and Asteroid Bases
  • Collaboration with Planetary Diversity and Real Space to expand and improve galactic generation
  • New Federation types to reinforce the state of the Galaxy in 19 BBY
  • Formables; a mechanic that enables the player to adopt a new style of play during the mid-to-late game by forming an entirely new empire
  • Hand-crafted namelists for all of the major and minor entities and species
  • Yuuzhan Vong end-game crisis
  • New interpretations of vessels and starbases referenced in old Star Wars works
  • Custom hyperlane mechanics to ensure that travel reflects what you might commonly find in the Star Wars galaxy, including a mechanic that seals off the Unknown Regions for a time until hyperlanes can be found in and out of the region.
  • Custom textures for many of the iconic Star Wars worlds
  • New outlier inspired by the work of Tiny Outlier v2.0
  • New relics from classic EU stories and games
  • Overhauled economy with new, lore accurate, Star Wars resources such as hypermatter and tibanna
  • New planetary features for old worlds and new
  • New civics, authorities, and species traits to allow for more diversity among the encountered populace of the galaxy

Keep Involved:
Consider joining our Discord to receive progress reports on the mod, coordinate and join multiplayer games, interact with the dev team and the community, suggest new features and events, and be the first to learn of secrets and future content.

Join the Team:
We are always looking for new individuals to contribute their talents to the mod. Some associated skills needed to join the team, depending on the area you wish to contribute, might be a basic knowledge of coding, sound design, 3-D model making, 2-D illustration (concept art, pixel art, etc), or bilingualism. If you have any of these skills or skills related to the aforementioned, check the addendum for a link to the application.



Can be found in the games main menu under credits and a detailed list with more information in the mod's "Credits" file.

Star Wars and all of related logos, icons, marks, and characters are solely owned by The Walt Disney Company. This total conversion mod is not endorsed, sponsored, or affiliated with The Walt Disney Company, Lucasfilm Ltd. LLC, Electronic Arts, or any other publisher or producer of Star Wars related media. No independent rights will be asserted against The Walt Disney Company, Lucasfilm Ltd. LLC, or Electronic Arts and no commercial exhibition or distribution will be permitted. This is entirely a community-driven, non-profit project.
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hamberger 1 hour ago 
update tomorrow yes?
SVaughan May 31 @ 12:21am 
Gaj May 30 @ 9:26pm 
does this mod require any of the dlc?
SVaughan May 23 @ 5:29pm 
Hence why mod descriptions exist. There's a literal link to their Discord in there. But no one can seem to fathom checking ANY form of description.
disgusting noob May 23 @ 2:10pm 
Yeah, well I know Youtube, Google, Steam but I simply do not know Discord and I daresay I am not alone. Hence, only focusing on Discord as a developer like was suggested here earlier appears not to be without risks.
SVaughan May 22 @ 6:09pm 
@disgusting noob
Not sure why no one knows about Discord when a vast majority of people who play games, or make videos, have a Discord and usually have links to it. That and it's a free app that no one has to buy.
Hell, if you watch someone on YouTube, I bet my left big toe they have a Discord for their community.
disgusting noob May 22 @ 6:18am 
But not everyone has "Discord". I am hearing this the first time and had to google it.
Juraku Sachiko May 21 @ 3:04pm 
@tilarium this is why lots of mods on other games disable comments and make you go to their discord because they get so angry with people senselessly saying "update" without looking deeper into what problems might be apparent or find answers if it is coming soon etc.
tilarium May 21 @ 9:56am 
@largo and everyone else that uses that stupid “update” graphic thing that it just looks like a mass of garbage on mobile, right?
disgusting noob May 21 @ 9:41am 
Thank you Sternguard82. This would be splendid.