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The New Order: Custom Country Paths (OLD VERSION, MOD AT NEW WORKSHOP PAGE)
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Aug 8, 2020 @ 3:59pm
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The New Order: Custom Country Paths (OLD VERSION, MOD AT NEW WORKSHOP PAGE)

NOTICE: This submod has moved to a new workshop page at this link and has been updated for v1.2.1a https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2738949889
This workshop page will no longer be updated.
(Updated to TNO version v1.2.1 - “Toolbox Theory NSB Patch”)


We, like many others, had been waiting quite some time for someone to step forth and develop a Custom Country Paths mod for The New Order, to no avail. So we decided to make it ourselves.

It just makes sense; the path that one nation takes, especially when interacting with others, has the potential to greatly change the shape of the entire world, and in fact, some nations might entirely depend on it to determine whether they have a prosperous ending, or one where they royally screw themselves over.

We're generally not fans of RNG-driven gameplay elements, so the whole idea of the potential fate of the game's world being completely up to random chance doesn't sit well with us.

Not to forget mentioning how TNO is a very narrative-heavy mod, where the paths different countries can take and how they interact with each other will drastically change the course of the mod's story. We think it's only fair that the player should have some control over what direction the story takes, if not only for roleplay's sake.

How the mod came to be

It all started when nobody seemed willing to develop such a mod, so Tadpole decided to step forth and pick up the mantle.

Sadly, she didn’t consider herself the best person to handle the development of such a colossal mod - she doesn’t consider her programming and code-reading skills to be very good, but she still felt it was better to submit what little she could manage to accomplish and have people enjoy it rather than hold onto it and not share it with the rest of the community.

Whilst she could never personally bring herself to play as any other nation than Buryatia and the Siberian Black Army because they were her favorite nations to play and couldn’t fathom the idea of them being driven down the gutter by random chance and the AI’s stupidity, having a way to ensure her favorite nation’s paths remained blessed put her at ease whilst playing other countries.
We don’t doubt that there may be other people who feel the same way.

Countries and Events that have Custom Paths

The Einheitspakt
● Speer’s Germany (contributed by Nils)
● German-Dutch Negotiations (contributed by Qla-one)
● Denmark (contributed by Qla-one & Maijo)
● Slovakia – The Ultimatum (contributed by Qla-one & Majlo)
● Norway (contributed by Nils)
● Serbia (contributed by Qla-one)
● Reichskomissariat Kaukasien (contributed by Abba)
● The Ostland Civil War (contributed by Best Wizard)

The Triumvirate – The Italian Empire
● Italy – Fascism’s Legacy (contributed by Franklin Delano Roosevelt)
● Italy – The First Elections (contributed by Nils)
● Italy – The BN’s Future (contributed by Abba)
● Italy – The FD’s Future (contributed by Tadpole)
● The Battle for Italy (contributed by Best Wizard)

The Italo-German Great Game
● The Great Game I-V (contributed by Tadpole)

The Triumvirate – The Iberian Union
● Iberian Union – (In)stability (contributed by Nils)
● Iberian Union – Politics (contributed by Nils)

The British Isles
● England – Collaborationists (contributed by Nils)
● England – HMMLR (contributed by Nils)
● Wales – The 1963 Elections (contributed by Nils)
● Scotland – The 1962 Elections (contributed by Nils)
● Scotland – The 1966 Elections (contributed by Nils)
● English-Welsh Reunification (contributed by Nils)
● English-Scottish Reunification (contributed by Nils & Maijo)

The Organization of Free Nations – The United States of America
● The Civil Rights Act of 1962 (contributed by Nils)
● The 1964 Elections (contributed by Nils)
● RFK’s Assassination (contributed by Nils)
● The 1968 Elections (contributed by Nils)
● The 1972 Elections (contributed by Nils)
● 1964 Bill-passing Cheat (contributed by Nils)
● 1968 Bill-passing Cheat (contributed by Nils)
● 1972 Bill-passing Cheat (contributed by Nils)

The Americas – Independent Countries
● The Jamaican Referendum – Question (contributed by Best Wizard)
● The Jamaican Referendum – Result (contributed by Best Wizard)
● The Paraguay Bush War (contributed by Best Wizard)
● The Battle of Asuncion (contributed by Best Wizard)

Dai Tōa Kyōeiken – The Greater East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere
● Japan – The New Prime Minister (contributed by Best Wizard)
● The Azad Hind Government – 1964 Elections (contributed by Qla-one)
● The Azad Hind Government – 1967 Elections (contributed by Qla-one)

Asia – Independent Countries
● The Republic of India – 1964 Elections (contributed by Qla-one)
● The Republic of India – 1969 Elections (contributed by Qla-one)
● The Republic of India – The Pakistan Issue (contributed by Qla-one)
● The Pakistan-Afghan War (contributed by Qla-one)

The Russian Anarchy – West Russia
● The West Russian Revolutionary Front (contributed by Tadpole)
● The Komi Republic (contributed by Nils)
● The Rykov Conference (contributed by Nils)
● The Aryan Brotherhood (contributed by Best Wizard)

The Russian Anarchy – West Siberia
● Tyumen (contributed by Letsko)
● Sverdlovsk (contributed by Letsko)

The Russian Anarchy – The Southern Urals
● Orenburg – The Congress (contributed by Best Wizard)
● Orenburg – Life and Love (contributed by Tadpole)
● Magnitogorsk (contributed by Best Wizard)

The Russian Anarchy – Central Siberia
● Kemerovo (contributed by Nils)
● The Siberian Black Army (contributed by Tadpole)
● Novosibirsk (contributed by Best Wizard)

The Russian Anarchy – The Far East
● Irkutsk (contributed by Best Wizard)
● Buryatia (contributed by Tadpole)
● Buryatia – Foreign Relations (contributed by Tadpole)
● Chita (contributed by Best Wizard)
● Magadan (contributed by Best Wizard)
● Across the Tundra (contributed by Best Wizard)

The African Continent
● The Union of South Africa (contributed by Tadpole)
● Fate of the OFN Mandates (contributed by Nils)
● The West African Crisis (contributed by Best Wizard)

Do you think you could provide assistance with the mod’s development? This submod now has a Discord where you can submit and discuss your own Custom Country Paths and maybe even become a long-term mod contributor yourself! Click here to access the server![discord.com]

Following the mod’s open source nature, it has its own GitHub repository. It will likely be updated more frequently than the Workshop version. Feel free to download the mod from there, here![github.com]

Known Bugs, Issues, and Incompatibilities
  • Not all of the country paths may function as intended. TNO’s gameplay mechanics are extremely fickle and delicate, especially whenever TNO itself gets updated. TNO updates will likely cause problems so its recommended to wait for the submod to update before using it.

  • Utilizing other submods may cause issues such as country paths not working due to a lack of compatibility, should they make changes to the same files. This will be likely if other submods make changes to a country that already has a country path here.

  • For the Operation Deep Freeze submod. There is a compatibility submod which reconciles the overlapping file and adds a few game rules relating to its content https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2722295578
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Abba's Corn Adventure Mar 4 @ 8:35am 
Mfs be posting at a defunct mod page @달고나
달고나 Mar 4 @ 7:39am 
It seems that the Komi Republic route setting is not working properly.
Best Wizard  [author] Feb 1 @ 8:14am 
The original creator of this mod no longer wants to maintain this and has allowed me to make a new workshop page so I can bring updates to it. The mod on the new workshop page has been updated for v1.2.1a and has new game rules. Link at the top of the mod description and here https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2738949889
VelvetGoat Jan 31 @ 4:37pm 
another thing I noticed is alot of the time the divine mandate will never even form.
VelvetGoat Jan 31 @ 6:47am 
Okay so I ran the thing with the custom paths off last night it went three more years ahead before it crashed but when ive started it again its fine so i think its customs thats been causing the loading crashes.
Best Wizard  [author] Jan 30 @ 8:29pm 
There doesn't seem to be too much changes in the latest tno update. So I say it wouldn't cause as much issue as any other tno update. But it will be checked and the mod files will be updated if necessary later.
thevon2011 Jan 30 @ 12:45am 
is it working with the new hotfix TNO just released?
Best Wizard  [author] Jan 29 @ 4:18am 
Unless your adamant it only occurs with this mod on and you have tested it without the submod, I would regard crashes as a base tno issue.
Abba's Corn Adventure Jan 29 @ 2:53am 
Get the Github version
VelvetGoat Jan 28 @ 9:57pm 
game keeps crashing on load, I've tired unistalling, deleting, verifying, everything