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Argon Cyclops
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Argon Cyclops

This mod adds a new frigate to Argon shipyards, the Cyclops. When starting this project my aim was to make an updated design of the Argon Centaur from X3, taking design cues from it while updating it for X4's Argon aesthetic.

"Fondly referred to as the 'Centaur II' by its captains due to a close resemblance to archaic Argon designs, the Cyclops was developed as a response to increasing Xenon fighter swarm activity. Sporting excellent speed for its size and bristling with tightly grouped anti-fighter turret systems it is an effective anti-fighter escort for larger capital ships. It's speed also makes the Cyclops perfect for exploration and reconnaissance activities and it has therefore become the go-to vessel for Argon secret service operations."

The ship is designed as a fast anti-fighter capital ship and weighs in at around 1/3 the size of a Behemoth. While it is designed for anti-fighter activities and exploration, in skilled hands it is more than capable of running rings around dangerous enemies such as the Xenon K (literally).

I have added the ship to the Argon faction so you may see 1 or 2 of them flying around on patrol.

Weapons: 1 Behemoth main gun, 16 M sized turrets.
Sheilding: 1 L
Docks: 1 S dock, 2 S storage, 6 drone capacity.
Speed: 225 m/s max speed on Argon engines.

Q. VRO compatible?
A. This ship in included in VRO's latest update.

Q. How much has your life expectancy been reduced due to the stress of hammering this ship out?
A. Current approximates are around 8 years struck off.

Q. Any other ships planned?
A. Yeh, a lot...

Q. Supported languages?
A. English, Russian. Feel free to send me translation files for other languages.
Russian translation by Magnesiafire.

Thank you to everyone at the Egosoft forums for help during the creation of this mod and for answering my neverending questions. Special thanks to BrummBear02 for his tutorials and assistance, and SirFrancisDrake, Shuulo and LinolaFett also. And Thanks to Egosoft for the X games! Any news on some official tools to make this process easier would be very much appreciated, its been quite a struggle.
Credit must be given to Egosofts artists too for their great ship models, much of this model was kitbashed from vanilla ships - great work and thanks!

I spend a lot of time and effort making mods, they are of course FREE but if you like what I do and feel like showing your appreciation with a donation you can do so through Paypal[www.paypal.com] via mjfaraldo@gmail.com. Thank you.

NB - This mod isnt to be modified, copied or uploaded anywhere else without my express permission. Permission has been given to Shuulo to include this ship in VRO.
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Axeface  [author] 3 hours ago 
@[Oms!]Divine* Working on it ;)
[Oms!]Divine* Oct 13 @ 7:09am 
Amazing... More! <3 Thank you!
Jim Corso - Shalls210 Oct 9 @ 6:55pm 
This Ship is Amazing nice work making it :)
Axeface  [author] Oct 8 @ 6:07pm 
@VaeVictus @Nussschoko I just wanted to say thanks to you and others for the nice comments. Its really nice to see people enjoy my mods, I always try really hard to make mods that fit with a games vanilla experience and im glad others appreciate that approach.
VaeVictus Oct 7 @ 12:27pm 
Oh my sweet lord, this is clearly the best ship mod out there for X4. Axeface, please continue your excellent quality, I will support you in any way I can. And I cannot stress this enough but I really want to congratulate you on your magnificient sense of balancing. Thank you for not childishly making a end-all be-all kind of a ship. This is so good that it is near impossible to distinguish from vanilla game content (both visual and mechanic wise). Aesthetiically, I sense a touch of xenon design from some angles but overall, high quality work!
Axeface  [author] Sep 29 @ 4:43pm 
@EagleDelta Thanks :) I replied to you on the ego forums.
EagleDelta Sep 29 @ 4:41pm 
@Axeface, I love this ship! How did you get the Ship ID texture fixed? Working on fixing it in separate custom ship mod and all I get is `AAA AAA` to display. I was under the impression that's a limitation of the tools available to modders
Nussschoko Sep 26 @ 6:31pm 
I would love to see this ship in StarCitizen... it is amazing... most beautiful ship in X4
Axeface  [author] Sep 18 @ 8:36am 
@smooticus Really glad you are enjoying the ship! About the price, I wanted this to be a new and special/rare ship. The price of the chassis is actually about the same as a freighter like the Veles, I thought that was low enough?
Smooticus Sep 15 @ 10:06pm 
Absolutely amazing ship mod! Feels like an actual ship made by egosoft. Cant wait to see the next ships you add! My only comment is it feels a tad overpriced for what it offers, I think a 15% reduction to price and material cost would make it more usable