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Pippi - User & Server Management - v3.7.4
Pippi - User & Server Management System
ID: 880454836
Version : 3.7.4
Update Notes

Looking for []...
Frost and Volcanic Placeable - v1.0.4
Created by Multigun


Mod update is out. See Change notes for full details.

All manual downloads now require logging into the Discord server for access, including previous versions.

Mod Updati
Created by Epiphany IV
DungeonMasterTools is a mod meant for RP-servers where admins build dungeons, quest-lines or otherwise have locations that need to be spruced up or want to give players items as rewards.

Short list of the features (without going into detail)
* Lockpicking...
Created by nO Pa!N
With this mod you're able to pick up all the things you've placed - simple as that! :-)
Mod-Version: 3.3.1
Mod-ID: 864199675

- Works on singleplayer and dedicated servers!
- Admins have the option to remove the pickup option from items over the optionswhe...
Professions 3.2.21
Created by ChudaRuri
Professions provides six classes and three types of magic!

The official Professions server is "Maelstrom (e)RP-PVP" (IP Address: You can join the discord and receive a special Professions tag that will give you up to date informati...
Emberlight 3.2.4
Created by Emberlight
Mod ID: 1369802940

For more detailed information on what's in Emberlight, check out our wiki page:

Join us on Discord! Ask questions to your heart's content or just be goofy:
Immersive Armor (vers. 6.1)
Created by Cookiejar

Join our DISCORD [] to stay up to date with development, ask questions or request help with any issues!

Created by TigeR
Custom Map mod.
Built for Immersive Sexiles.

This map will never have any typological changes, so it is safe to use for every server out there.


This mod adds three new custom places.
  • Shapnur: A bazaar village at the
ExilesExtreme - v1.5.15
Created by Sibercat
Compatible With All Maps

How do i Access EE Admin Panel ?

By pressing the tilde key and typing "DataCmd EE_AdminPanel" command in the console with out Quotations. (its a standalone A...
Created by sidewalksurferXX
This mod adds 40 new dyes and counting!

I am very open to suggetions and requests for new colors.

Please leave your feedback about the new feats

NOTE: Any feats that cost zero points from this or any mod will not look like it...
Savage Steel
Created by Jia
This mod has a wide variety of realistic placeable or RP items. Some of the features that we have are inventories in sacks, crates, barrels and many other items. We also have extra storage space in our Strongbox chests. We now have "Pick Up" on the Savage ...
Savage Steel vol II
Created by Jia

This mod has a wide variety of realistic pirate based placeable or RP items. Some of the features that we have are ships, lighthouse, pirate loot and much more!! We have "Pick Up" on the Savage Steel vol.II placeables. W...
WARRIOR Mutator for Conan Exiles
Created by Warrior J
MOD ID 1402835318
ID's in the 8586000 range

A gameplay mutator for Conan Exiles. Contains new item additions such as weapons, armor and placeables. Rebalan...
The Age of Calamitous
Created by Espen Johansen
AoC serves as a total conversion mod to the main game, introducing new content, feats, lore, systems, and much more!
Dive into an adventure where the barbaric lands of Conan meet the medieval world of the Age of Ca...
Endgame Extended Weapon Arsenal (EEWA) v0.27.2
Created by Hosav
Lore-friendly mod with 100+ new items. Adds new dungeons, weapons, armors, mounts, immersive systems and lore.

Control Sorcery with the unique mana system!

Become an instrument of the gods by ascending and aligning yourself with a constellation!

Kerozards Paragon Leveling - Reloaded - v2.3.3
Created by Multigun


Mod update is out. See Change notes for full details.

All manual downloads now require logging into the Discord server for access, including previous versions.

Mod Updatin
Glass Constructions and more...
Created by I-emerge
Update Ver.1.501 - 30.04.2021

Conan Exiles Mod Trailer - Glass Constructions and more... (Now with Machicolations!)
Conan Exiles - Epic Castle with Machicolations! (Speed Build)
XP/PvP Fixes (Explosives and more)
Created by Hosav
Basically just reduces all the xp rewards for the different Dragonpowder recipes down below 10 000 XP.

Affected recipes are:
  • Explosive Arrow
  • Warpaints (Stat bonuses)
  • Explosive Jar
  • Exploding Trap
  • Vapor Trap
  • Demon-Fire Barrag
Stacksize Plus v1.7.15 (DLC compatible)
Created by Testerle
The ultimate stack size mod. Configurable stack size, also for DLC items and items from other mods!

Mod-ID: 1396310739
RA: Character Customisation
Created by AtzerriGold
In our RA themed, full screen character editor, you will find all the base game and modded features, as well as completely ne...
RA: Fantasy Extension
Created by AtzerriGold
✔️ IMPLEMENTED: Accessory Wardrobe
✔️ FAIRY STATE: to put the wind in yo
Tier 4 Followers - Medium Increased Spawn - v5.7.5
Created by Multigun


Mod update is out. See Change notes for full details.

All manual downloads now require logging into the Discord server for access, including previous versions.

Mod Updati
Better Thralls v1.9.14
Created by Testerle
Mod-ID: 931088249

Feedback and suggestions are welcome.

All bug
Created by hades
Mod Control Panel
Supports Mod Control Panel


Version 2.0.2

Mod id: 1799016310

Improved Quality of Life RETIRED
Created by Muzlu Pasta
Mod ID: 1657730588

Questions? Feedback? Join us on Discord!



Welcome to t...
Hosav's Custom UI Mod - 2.2.1
Created by Hosav
The most customisable UI Mod in Conan Exiles History! Over 50 options to change and customise!

Load after other UI mods for minimum issues

Inspired by the looks of the Black Desert HUD, I really wanted to rework my UI mod into someth...
Less Building Placement Restrictions - v7.2.9
Created by Multigun
The mod load order listed on this page is mandatory, not a friendly suggestion. Make sure you have it correct. The majority of users do not use a correct mod order, and don't even read this small paragraph. Please, just use the correct load order. A
Any Purge Everywhere
Created by Leon01 | Okumba
Compatible and works for: PC Hotfix (05.09.2019)

Any purge type can spawn everywhere.

To be specific: In PurgeConfigTable.uasset I changed every entry of AreaMin and AreaMax to "(X=-350000.000000,Y=-400000.000000)" and "(X=400000.000000,Y=30...
Lands of Rebirth [Depreciated]
Created by S0LU7I0N
Lands of Rebirth development has been taken over by the talented Kyeri and the team over at LotusRP.

The new version can be found here: