Empyrion - Galactic Survival

Empyrion - Galactic Survival

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Aug 6, 2020 @ 8:26am
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A Custom Universe Designed By Starscorcher ( See change notes for detsils )
This scenario is a reduced (Lite) version of my Main Scenario "Starscorcher_Universe, see the main scenario for more content

Based on the Sol, System
-Start Worlds-
Earth - Temperate (Polaris)
Titan - Ocean (Trader)
Io - Desert (Trader)
Mars - Arid (Trader)
Luna - Moon (Polaris)
Pluto - Snow (Pirates)
Px - Alien (Zirax)

Custom PLayfields now Generate into the Random Galaxy
Admin Stations and Structures can be found all thhrough the universe, providing access to Trade Terminals and Creating a Teleporter Network as you Explore
The Way Star Systems Generate has been changed to create more chances of Enemy Spawns & More POI Spawns
The Galaxy has been expanded and re-moddled
SV warp 15 LY & 100AU, CV warp 100 LY & 500AU
Teleporter BA 100 LY, Teleporter CV 30 LY
Stars can be from 1 LY to over 100 LY apart.

Earth Orbit - now has a Admin Cored version of
Federation Starbase by sundown74
with a few alterations - added a teleporter , and Trade Terminals , set all access points as Public

please send me bug reports either on the discussion board on the workshop
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