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Nester - The Procedural Map
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Nester - The Procedural Map

Nester is a completely randomly generated map; it's created on the fly as you explore it! It was made entirely in the hammer level editor and makes use of no additional scripts, assets, or entities.

Almost every room has randomised elements, and many are able to vary their size. Rooms also react to their height in the world, availability of space, and existing doorways, changing to fit what's already there as best they can. This also means the order doors are explored can greatly change what gets created.

The map can be played multiplayer, but be aware that rooms spawning in at the same time may fail to detect eachother, causing glitches if they intersect.

The map has protections against going off the edge of the level, but will eventually crash or glitch out as Garry's mod runs out of entity slots. From testing, this happens after a fairly large amount of rooms, so shouldn't normally be a problem. If you want a do-over, cleaning up the server will work just fine. The map can be fairly resource heavy, so it might be worth disabling some addons if you want to explore extensively.

The map requires no additional content. It has no lightmap and is not noded, as neither of these were possible to implement.

The map is named "nester", and can be found in the "other" category in the start new game menu.

There is one easter egg in the map. It involves an old friend from another of my maps, and can be triggered by doing something they'd react to.
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dum_tard Oct 7 @ 11:25am 
WHAT? A REANDOMLY GENERATED MAP? *instantly subscribes*
titanicjames Oct 5 @ 8:06am 
TLDR: 10/10, infinite content for exploration. Just be careful to not overflow your game with lotsa props.
titanicjames Oct 5 @ 8:04am 
Ok, this map is just gold. Procedural generation = infinite replay value. While sometimes the map ends up generating itself into a corner where it can't expand further, the variety of rooms make that very unlikely. The only real problem with it is that some randomly generated rooms just overflow the game with too many props. The infinitely extendable office cubicles are especially prone to absurd numbers of props.
Miers Oct 3 @ 12:46pm 
Most coolest map I ever played
Stevo Oct 3 @ 6:20am 
Loading a save seems to reset the entire map back to 1 room. Any suggestions on how to persist a generated level?
Cubic_llama  [author] Oct 1 @ 10:01pm 
engine limitation. pretty much all lighting in source is "baked in" when the map is compiled. since the map dynamically assembles itself as you explore, the same segment of wall would need to be lit differently in different circumstances. there's been some interesting ideas proposed in the suggestions discussion to try and nicer lighting, but ultimately some of the rooms that tile vertically kinda scupper it...
Why isn't there any lighting?
Cubic_llama  [author] Oct 1 @ 6:31pm 
at a guess you fell through the start room. this happens to some people when they first load. the room generates too late and you fall away from it. kill yourself and respawn, see if that fixes it
ColoradoBean Oct 1 @ 5:13pm 
What happend? I loaded in and it was just a void.
Wet Floor Sep 26 @ 2:15pm 
Opened a door from a supply closet I spawned it.
Revealed a second supply closet.
There were no other doors.
Only supply closets.