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Counter-Strike 2

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Created by CS:GO Official
Official map by Valve. This map is used in Official Matchmaking in CS:GO. It can be played in Deathmatch, Classic Casual, and Classic Competitive.
Created by CS:GO Official
Official map by Valve. This map is used in Official Matchmaking in CS:GO. It can be played in Deathmatch, Classic Casual, and Classic Competitive....
Created by Campeon
This Map is for 32 Player.

Nearly everything that looks like a ladder (Tshirt, pants, cables, etc.), is a ladder (except for some cables).

And don't be afraid of jumping on softly objects.

There is also some interaction possible with various objects, tr...
Created by Vaya
Hostage map set in a Space Centre Museum. Top 10 placement in Mapcore's 2017 Mapping contest.

Some sound files from with permission.

Vaya/jsadones made a layout and arted
Assassin made some models and helped with art
Created by FMPONE
A bomb defusal map set in Santorini, Greece.

Terrorists are bent on destroying the fragile Greek economy by attacking one of its major tourist destinations.

-The community...
Created by H.Grunt
Remake of a classic map from CS 1.6.

CS:GO remake by H.Grunt
Original Version by TYR
Night sky by Mr. Chop

Sep 13 major update:
-Nighttime (woot)
-New T spawn
-T side upstairs is now at the ground level
-Moved the ladder at Loading Dock
-Changed SWAT to ...
Created by Mr.Lighterman
Map for max 40 players.
Final version by Mr.Lighterman.
Beta version by RA_oNeR....
Created by Roald
2019's Mapcore Mapping Contest Winner!
Created by Toonster
One of the first ever made Hostage maps for Counter-Strike, is now ported into Global Offensive just in time for the series 20th anniversary.

Minor adjustments were made for better visibility in dark areas.

Original map by Magnus Lind
Original sourc...
Created by Xanthi
Remake of cs_compound, A large open hostage map. Features improved graphics, extended routes and more..

Check: and mapcore :)

Follow me via twitter: @jvanwerkhoven

Created by captain terror
A remake(not a port) of cs_747 for bomb/defusal, optimized for 5x5 competitive play.

CTs: Prevent T's bombing the TWHL Jumbo Jet.
T's: Destroy the TWHL corporate jetliner at any cost.

TERROR MAPS SERVER: (5x5, teamsp...
A clash of heads between the police and local gangs, set in a gritty Brazilian favela.

Now with 79% more flavour!...
Created by Big_SG21
7th place in the 2020 wingman mapping contest.

Terrorists have infiltrated Elysion on the 39th floor and are ready to plant explosives in the main hall where the building is the weakest. Everybody has already evacuated the building and it is up to the s...
Created by catfood
For playtesting join the "catfood playtesting" group on Discord!:

A bomb defusal map set in a German car factory.



Environment art and additional desi...
Created by poLemin
Lord William was invited to the opening of the new riverside restaurant in this Czech city. Terrorists are planning to destroy the beer delivery in order to spoil a nice evening with friends.

Entry to the Wingman Mapping Contest 2020 hosted by Source En...
Created by Lizard
Abbey is a defusal map set in french abbey near the city of Gordes.
Created by jd40
The locals have had it with this facility using up all of their water.

Mapcore's CS:GO Mapping Contest 2017 1st place
WIP thread[]...
Created by catfood
For playtesting join the "catfood playtesting" group on Discord!:

Ola! This time we go to a historic city based in Portugal. There's lots of fresh fish to eat, lots of port wine to drink and lots of bad guys to shoot at. Enj...
Created by Tanuki
Seaside is a bomb defusal map set in a decrepit port. It is a small map with water hazards. Players can jump over these hazards to create shortcuts and confuse their enemies....
DE_SUBZERO (greybox)
Created by FMPONE
-A version of the upcoming map SUBZERO available for playtesting and early feedback!...
Created by Skybex
Hostage rescue mission

Hostages have been taken in a luxury river front sports complex

Special thanks to OrnateBaboon for feedback and testing and the community for playtests and being awesome...
Created by Squad
A bomb defusal map set inside a San Franciscan zoo.

Terrorists are on a mission to bring mayhem to the Bay Area Zoo.


Models and textures by Yanzl.
Additional models and textures by Rick_D and Skybex.

Special thanks to everyone that in...
Created by Oskmos
Large open map where CTs choose insertion points. Ts needs to prepare for an assault from any angle and guard the hostage closely....
Created by jd40
This time the terrorists decide to blow up a castle simply because it's too spooky.

Designed for wingman, but can be played up to 8vs8.

Mapcore thread[]...
Created by Yanzl
A bomb defusal map set in an undisclosed location in Iceland.

Unsettling evidence discovered by researchers will foil the terrorists plan for world domination. Unless they can blow it all up...

Special Thanks go to our friends and the Mapcore community....
Extraction (Wingman)
Created by MadsenFK
A wingman map set on a private island in Sweden.

The terrorists are not happy with the family who owns this contemporary beach house located in the swedish skerries. After the previous events that had happened with the well known philantropist, the resi...
Created by ElectroSheep
Remake of cs_siege, a large hostage map from Counter Strike 1.6.

As a counter-terrorist, infiltrate the industrial complex to rescue the hostages.
As a terrorist, prevent the hostages rescue.

A map created by Moroes and 3Dnj. Origial map by n0th1ng....
Co-op Strike: Phoenix Compound
Created by CS:GO Official
The Phoenix have set up base in a cement factory owned by industrialist and Phoenix sympathizer Franz Kriegeld... bring a friend and embark on three exciting Co-op Strike missions!

Mission 1: "The Extraction"
Charge into the belly of the beast to rescue ...
Mutiny [Compatibility Version]
Created by CS:GO Official
An older version of Community map for demo playback compatibility. This map was previously used in Official Matchmaking in CS:GO. It could be played in Deathmatch, Classic Casual, and Classic Competitive....
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