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Player Depends Model
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Aug 3 @ 11:09am
Aug 8 @ 4:39am
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Player Depends Model

Player Depends Model is an addon that allows you to change your character's parametres depending on the model.
The addon automatically detects the characteristics of the character, however, you can customize them as desired by opening the "Player Model" and setting the values ​​you need in the "Character Characteristics" tab.

Default options:
  • Camera height = 64;
  • Crouched camera height = 28;
  • Physical model height = 72;
  • Crouched physical model height = 36;
  • Physical model width = 16;
  • Jump power = 200;
  • Auto step height = 18;
  • Run speed = 600;
  • Walk speed = 400;
  • Ladder climb speed = 200;
  • Health = 100

Some pictures:

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Oct 22 @ 2:24pm
PINNED: Report issues here!
Aug 10 @ 12:16pm
Does it worck with outfitter?
Oct 3 @ 1:44pm
Is this compatible with Enhanced Playermodel Selector?
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RSLN Oct 24 @ 7:19am 
А почему у меня каждый раз когда я становлюсь rangdoll и снова встаю у меня становится полное хп вот например было 9768 встаю стало 10000
Cookie Bear Oct 21 @ 7:07am 
i give this. 1000000000000000000000000000000000/10
VinierAardvark1 Oct 18 @ 9:41pm 
Compatibility for the Prone mod? It resets to using the base player height, which sucks because the prone mod is great for sniping through small openings on servers
Global Oct 3 @ 2:14pm 
thanks a bunch! this is going to make using small pms loads of fun with friends again :cozyspaceengineersc:
Zsombor99 Oct 3 @ 1:51pm 
@ ★Ev3nt★ Fially! ☺
★Ev3nt★  [author] Oct 3 @ 1:46pm 
I've started working on mod again and i have many ideas to fix issues. :cure:
Global Oct 3 @ 1:27pm 
Completely broken in multiplayer - unpredicted, unnetworked mess
Cry For Help Oct 2 @ 3:30am 
Not bad. Хоть кто то сделал такой нужный мод
KoboldBoyX Sep 30 @ 1:15am 
I genuinely love the idea of this mod, but I feel like it suddenly just stopped getting any work on it, looking at the updates and such, I feel like it has so much potential, not too many bugs, but the bugs there are happen to be huge ones, that completely make it unusable, like how it makes you basically invincible, or, as I've heard, makes you unable to even play the game sometimes. But the lack of seemingly any work on it could be a large update to fix it... I'm unsure if that's the case, but this mod has so much potential in my eyes.
KoboldBoyX Sep 27 @ 8:02pm 
Is there any possibility of getting saves? I would love to be able to save different presets, and possibly put them on other things that are just slightly different but close enough, and I wish I could change to different setups on the same model and test out differences, so I don't have to remember what to revert it to.