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Visage 100% Achievement Guide
By Minxy
This is a full achievement guide for Visage w/ video walkthroughs for each chapter as well. I have NOT hidden any spoilers in this guide. Please don't hesitate to ask for help with anything!
Welcome to my guide for Visage! Don't hesitate to ask for help or clarification on anything!

I recommend you play through all chapters once for enjoyment and a second time to finish achievements!

Q: How do I choose a chapter?

Visage doesn't have a chapter select so if you're new or haven't played in a while and can't remember, chapters start by interacting with certain items in the game,
  • Chapter: Lucy is started by interacting with the drawing of a panda stuck to the door of the daughters bedroom (also in the shared master bedroom closet)
  • Chapter: Dolores is started by picking up the keys on the wall in the foyer near the front door.
  • Chapter: Rakan is started by interacting with the walking stick next to the front door.
  • Chapter 4 isn't a traditional chapter and is completed through watching the VHS tapes.

If you are lost there are links to walkthrough videos of mine in the final section of my guide!
Chapter: Lucy Achievements

Matryoshka doll
Find a Matryoshka doll.

Matryoshka dolls master
Find all Matryoshka dolls.

Matryoshka dolls are small collectibles found throughout the house and during Lucy's chapter.

Chapter: Lucy
Complete Lucy's chapter.
Chapter: Dolores Achievements

George's memento
Find one of George's audio cassette.

George's memento master
Find all George's audio cassettes.

George's audio cassettes can only be found during Chapter: Dolores, and you won't find the first one until you drop down into the bedroom a bit into the chapter.

Find the smiley face sticker.

The smiley face sticker is in the attic, which is only accessible during Dolores' chapter, it spawns in a glass case in the middle of the room.

Gearing up!
Find the shotgun.

The shotgun is a little easter egg you can unlock during Chapter: Dolores later on during the chapter you have to go through the mirror in the closet in the basement, then you have to climb through a crack in the wall, after squeezing through the crack there are a bunch of wooden crucifixes. To unlock the achievement you need to take any one of the crucifixes and carry it with you upstairs so you can use it to cross the broken floorboards. Video below if you're lost!

Chapter: Dolores
Complete Dolores' chapter.
Chapter: Rakan Achievements

Psychological evaluation
Find Rakan's psychological evaluation tape.

You can get this achievement during your second hospital visit. Just after you get chased by the group of faceless people, in the next area in a big hallway to your right will be the 'Medical Records Dept' room, interact with the tape recorder inside to unlock the achievement.

Chapter: Rakan
Complete Rakan's chapter.
Mirror Mask Chapter Achievements

Dwayne's memento
Find one VHS tape.

Dwayne's memento master
Find all VHS tape.

The VHS Tapes are found throughout the house, there are 7 total. They only spawn after you've completed at least one chapter and 3 of them will only spawn after you've completed their corresponding chapter.

Special gift
Find Johnny's gift.

For this achievement you need to locate the hidden axe, you can find it during the 'Prison' VHS tape, when you're in the 4 way corridor take the box from the second room on your right and put it in front of the bedroom in the first room on the left, climb up and open the cupboard doors and this achievement is yours!

Mirror mask
Find one piece of the mirror mask.

Mirror mask master
Find all pieces of the mirror mask.

This achievement is unmissable as long as you complete all of the VHS tapes, you can find a walkthrough of all of the mirror mask pieces at the bottom of the guide.

Family reunion
Complete the family reunion ending.

This achievement is unmissable if you complete the mirror mask. Same as above you can find a full walkthrough for this at the bottom of the guide.

Miscellaneous Achievements

First reaction
Try to leave via the front door.

To get this achievement interact with the front door.

Novice electrician
Replace a light bulb.

You can get this achievement all throughout the game and it's quite easy, you'll often find light bulbs laying around the house, just use one to replace a broken light. You can get this achievement right at the beginning of the game, at the bottom of the stairs in the foyer there's a light bulb next to the radio and the light in the hallway is always broken.

Special recipe
Attempt to use the microwave.

You can get this achievement once you're in the kitchen by putting any small object in the microwave.

Dance, dance
Find room 302.

To unlock this achievement you need to finish all 3 chapters in the same game (Lucy, Dolores & Rakan) afterwards a key will spawn in the upstairs bathroom sink. You can use this key to unlock the safe in the office, you'll get a note. Go downstairs to the basement loungeroom and open the door in the corner that is normally locked. (The door you come through to enter the basement during Dolores' chapter). Once you interact with the door a cutscene will play and you'll unlock the achievement.

The Neighbors
Find one of The Neighbors' page.

The Neighbors master
Find all The Neighbors' pages.

The Neighbor's pages are a set of comic book pages that you can find easily in the main house during any of the chapters (In my video I played Dolores' chapter).

Hot chocolate
Drink the hot chocolate.

Getting this achievement requires a few steps, you'll need to complete any of the chapters beforehand otherwise the event wont trigger. The hot chocolate is in the kitchen. The chocolate powder is in the bottom drawer, and the milk is in the fridge. Combine them with the mug and put it in the microwave, after it disappears head upstairs to the sons bedroom and the achievement is yours.

Gotcha, you little...
You warped Bernard the Alien back to planet Ceiphe.

For this achievement you need to find a small little alien that spawns around the house.
Thank you contravaria for commenting a great strategy for this achievement! You can quicksave by the little shelf in front of the room with the freezer pictured below, keep quickloading and eventually the alien should appear.

Easy way out
Use the revolver.

To get this achievement you need to interact with the wall in the basement that's covered in white paint, inside you'll find a revolver on a table, when Dwayne is pointing it at his head press the use key and you'll unlock this achievement.

Complete the void ending.

Same as the achievement above, however if you use the revolver to shoot yourself 6 times you will unlock this ending.

10 on the 10th
Find all the pages from the appreciation book.

To get this achievement you need to load the hall of fame which you can find on the main menu, there are 5 pages hidden around the level, they're not too tricky to find. Once you've collected them all place the pages in the book on the table and the achievement is yours.

Video Walkthroughs
Chapter: Lucy

Chapter: Dolores

Chapter: Rakan

Chapter 4 / Mirror Mask

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