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[WoTC] Muton Hunter
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Jul 29 @ 10:06pm
Jul 30 @ 10:58am
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[WoTC] Muton Hunter

This mod adds 2 new Muton enemies. These Mutons use a long range sniper rifle which will strip all armor from targets.


  • 2 New Muton enemies Enemies.


Muton Hunter

These Mutons show up a bit later than the normal Muton, they utilize a sniper rifle and prefer to stay at long range, their snipers will completely strip all armor from any target they hit. Additionally, they have implacable.

Muton Prowler

Muton Prowlers are the higher "tier" variant of Muton Hunters, showing up even later in the force levels, their weapons are identical to hunters but deal a tiny bit more damage. They also have shadowstep in addition to implacable.


None at the moment.


Usually i say "it should be compatible with everything", but then it turns out it isn't, so if you find any compatibility issues let me know.


Are there any tech rewards for killing these dudes?

Nope. I don't think i'll make any for them in the future.

Do i need to start a new campaign for these dudes?

Just in case i'm going to say "yes", can never be too careful.


You are free to use anything and everything in this mod for your own mods and/or purposes, in fact not only are you allowed, i encourage you to do it.


If you wish to keep up with early previews, updates or simply wish to support me in someway i have set up a Patreon.


Thanks, and hope you enjoy.
As always make sure you post any issues you find in the Bug Report discussion.
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Sep 26 @ 11:32am
PINNED: Buggerinos? Reporterinos.
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TheDukeXD Nov 25 @ 2:21pm 
Good god their guns are bright.
Komissar Gebet Nov 1 @ 1:52pm 
Can this mod be made somehow compatible with playable aliens? I would love to have those be available for liberation.
Me-A-Moose Oct 31 @ 3:37pm 
Just realised they have Shadowstep. I was wondering why Killzone wasn't working.
123nick Oct 9 @ 11:35pm 
Would it be possible too tone down the visual FX of their sniper rifles? i like the idea of a sniper muton a lot, but whenever they shoot it feels like it hits with the force of an alien grenade launched from a mag grenade launcher, but none of the AOE that would entail. its sorta jarring from the visual effect vs the fact it only hits one soldier.
acolem23 Oct 5 @ 5:00pm 
Just fought one on my 5th mission on Commander, Haven't been hit yet, but you REALLY don't want these guys lining up shots on yours. Damn near had a heart attack from the explosion their rounds make, would be more lore friendly without those, IMO.
TIP: Make sure you get to tier 2 weapons ASAP with this mod installed, these guys are TROUBLE...
Quinzel Oct 4 @ 2:58pm 
Really love their design but the HUGE explosive glow when they fire was very off putting for me personally so had to uninstall it, but still understand if others like it.
Doc Croc Oct 2 @ 5:24pm 
These sound like a pain in the @$$ to handle. its installing as i type.
LeoArcticaa Sep 24 @ 2:50am 
I know its a logn shot but is there ANY WAY you can make this guy as a squad mate XD I still use the old Playable Aliens mod (WOTC) and its not been updated in years.

If you sir (or anyone in fact) can find a way to add aliens as a perm squadmate (not just with console commands or for one battle) I would be so happy ^^

That aside, THIS IS AWESOME, he will go well with the armored Viper mod I got too ^^

Lava_Viper Sep 6 @ 5:25pm 
Gotta say...this was one hell of a surprise when he started firing due to idle suppression. My entire screen went white for a solid 4 seconds.
Knight of Spear Sep 4 @ 2:58pm 
OMG 4 armor for this muton. WTF