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New Detroit Diesel DD13/15/16 Sounds for the Freightliner Cascadia by Galimim and the WS 49X
Type: Sounds
Truck parts: Engines
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Jul 29 @ 2:22pm
Sep 30 @ 4:53pm
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New Detroit Diesel DD13/15/16 Sounds for the Freightliner Cascadia by Galimim and the WS 49X

New Engine Sounds for the Detroit Diesel DD13/15/16 Engines for the Freightliner Cascadia 2018 by Galimim and the NEW Western Star 49X.

This mod adds new Engine Sounds for the above mentioned truck (the name's just too long to keep typing it over and over, for goodness sake).

Select the Eaton Transmission you want first and then select the engine, or else the game will CTD
You will not find Galimim's original transmissions, to add them I would need to be the ultimate life form, but unfortunately I am not :( . Anyway, this mod, requiring LoaderSaints Real Eaton Transmissions, has a 12-Speed Automatic, so for those of you who like fleet-spec, there you go! If anything else need to be added into the mod or description for this mod, feel free to comment below!

It doesn't remove or replace the default engines from Galimim, so you can test out if you like mines better.

This mod has certain requirements: It needs Galimim's Cascadia 2018 and Loader Saints Real Eaton Transmissions!

This mod contains Kriechbaum's Engine sounds for the Mercedes Benz OM471 Engine originally for ETS2.
It sounded beautiful when I paired it to the Freightliner Cascadia 2018 so I made this mod because of it.

I noticed that someone is taking my mods off Steam Workshop and Planting them in other mod websites (e.g.: I don't mind you sharing them on the websites, but these mods are free and always will be. Make sure you put all of the authors -- if the person who takes my mods and uploads them to other websites cannot abide by these simple (oh so simple) rules, I will find the stolen mod and flag/report it! We (as a modding community) have lost so many modders due to the lack of decency and dignity when uploading the mods to other sites, while some were not to be uploaded on other sites on the whole. I am not responsible for your account getting flagged for stealing other people's (including my) mods. So give yourself a break and upload it right for Pete's sake.

Kriechbaum(Sounds), NorthEast Logistics(Mod File Structure)
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darkmimzee 11 hours ago 
im a truck driver in real life and i drive this truck everyday and i have to say this looks so much like the real thing right down to the down shifting and the sounds of the engine sounds and the turn signal sound spot on to the real thing!!! love it
NorthEast Freightways  [author] Nov 5 @ 1:41pm 
These sound port mods do not work in 1.39. Use other 1.39 sound mods in the meantime, or just bear with the stock sounds in the meantime. I will work on these mods when the original sound modders can update the sounds and then I can work on porting those new versions. Thank you all for your extended patience. Trust me, I will get these mods in and will work on them throughout this month and even next month. Only mods that stock engine sounds were transferred from truck to truck will be updated in the meantime (because only the stock sounds are good to port right now).
NorthEast Freightways  [author] Oct 22 @ 12:48pm 
Do you have LoaderSaints Real Eaton Fuller Transmissions Mod? If not, the game will CTD. You get the Transmissions mod, activate it and when you are buying an engine, choose a LoaderSaints Eaton Transmission and then choose the engine. If you fail to do this, the game will CTD.
Jerry Oct 22 @ 9:47am 
hello I have 1.38 version and these engines not working. When I choose one of these engines so game just freeze and automaticly turn off
NorthEast Freightways  [author] Oct 16 @ 1:25pm 
Yup, I've heard that these sound mods don't work in v1.39. When the Solid Update of 1.39 comes out, I will make time and update the mods.
villavine10 Oct 16 @ 3:01am 
The engine has no sound in 1.39
NorthEast Freightways  [author] Oct 2 @ 10:02am 
jadedplague8 Oct 2 @ 9:06am 
Awesome sounds just tried them out this morning and the work keep it up.
NorthEast Freightways  [author] Oct 1 @ 4:49pm 
You're welcome @everyone!

@AyMazingATS: I will send the FR now......
AyMazingATS Oct 1 @ 12:13pm 
Btw...ive already edited the transmission files for personal use. Reading your previous posts you said you are quite busy. I can send the information over to you. Just send me a friend request.