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RE: CUP Terrains
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Jul 26 @ 10:07pm
Jul 28 @ 11:43pm
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RE: CUP Terrains

RE: CUP Terrains is a mod of the RE: series that systematically improves the most popular map pack. The primary motivation to release an overflow mod for CUP Terrains was the very core problem to solve: eliminate the annoying discrepancy between satellite image, mid-detail textures, ground textures and clutter (so you don’t come closer and see the different ground color anymore!). And as the secondary goal: differentiate perceived similarity of the terrains inhaling life into these re-textured Stratis-es 😊

1. Coloration - multi-feature piece that consists of:
- Texture blend darkening and lightening values fine-tuned for each terrain
- Clutter coloration parameters fine-tuned for each terrain
- Changed grass in Northern Sarani to closer match the textures
- Slightly tweaked clutter at Chernarus to closer match the satellite image
- Added a specific water color for each map that matches the menu picture
- Forced Reinhard tone-mapping for middle-eastern terrains to add a “heat” perception
- Lightening revamp for Chernarus Winter to add a “cold” perception
- Weather pattern tweak for Chernarus Winter to match the winter season
- Delicate color correction specific to each terrain (you won’t notice it)

2. Other fixes:
- Working lights on Illuminant towers (like ones at Chernarus Airport)
- Added loading text for all CUP Terrains

RE: CUP Terrains is neither a part of nor requires the original RE (Real Engine) and is completely independent from it.

Credits for the ideas and more:
Anzacsas Steven
CUP team
Evil Organ
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Slammer ꧁꧂ Sep 3 @ 11:30am 
I dont see a difference
Dar Aug 31 @ 4:06am 
Hey amartyn, first of all: Awesome work on the series of RE mods, it is a greatly appreciated addition to the game. This CUP Terrain overhaul is no exception, I wonder however if it would be possible for you to include the original A2 skyboxes for maps like Takistan? It showed distant mountain ranges which really added to the feel of the map back in the OA days.
铭铭比比 Aug 28 @ 12:27am 
could you plz separate different maps' pbo like Chernarus.pbo,takistan.pbo?Because i use only use part of cup maps.
mdbison90 Aug 23 @ 8:46pm 
Sooo... i dont really know whats going on, but the overcast slider either changes the time of day on the Chernarus Summer map or it may be a sky box issue? 33% overcast is a bright noon lighting, but the lower percentage you go everything turns black. At 16% overcast the ground and all objects turn black but the sky is still bright, and at 15% every things black. Only seems to be doing it on Chernarus Summer.
amartyn  [author] Aug 11 @ 6:47pm 
@adri_sm01 if you are talking about the CUP one - it helps a lot vs AI specifically
adri_sm01 Aug 11 @ 1:36pm 
In Chernarus winter which clothes or cammos should we use for? Whe are using uniform PMC winter, but we don't know if it really works
amartyn  [author] Aug 10 @ 11:08pm 
@Fumio Murakami, thanks for the idea. I just think adding that would impact performance with a very small added value to the gameplay.
amartyn  [author] Aug 10 @ 11:06pm 
@k.onny, much appreciate your input. The rest of the changes are hard-coded into a map config (e.g. clutter coloration). Are they tolerated well on the client-side only?
k.onny Aug 10 @ 3:49am 
Hey mate - In the process of getting your mod into our modpack, we noticed that you make a !hasInterface or isServer check in the beginning of every script. Post process effects need to be executed clientsided, so this script should not work in Multiplayer and only works in Singleplayer.

I would love you to check that
Battlecator Aug 6 @ 10:49am 
@amartyn thanks man