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Half-Life: Alyx

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Map Labs Workshop #1 - Half-Life: Alyx One Room
In Map Labs' first ever Workshop for Half-Life: Alyx, we asked creators to revisit a classic theme: One Room. It's simple, they just had to create a new VR level set entirely in a single room. This Workshop ran from 5th Jul. 2020 to 26th Jul. 2020 and received 16 entries!

Entries include:
And special thanks to Kosan for creating the Erlenmeyer flask model for this Workshop!

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Guns & Butter
Created by Miz
! Please disable all other mods and workshop items before playing this map !

Chased into an old factory boiler room by the Combine, you must use stealth and strategy to escape! Collect resources while you explore - you'll need them ;)

Stasecade #MapLabsWS1
Created by Gameboy555
Hello welcome to the stasecade where you will be playing 3 arcade games in any order you want. Radical Russel: A sidescroller where you collect vodka bottles. Antlion Anarchy: a top down survival game where you must collect barrels and grubs. And Finally C...
Terminal Surveillance
Created by Gamma
Only months have passed since the Citadel towers appeared. The combine have won the war, but they still don't have full control. A scrappy mechanic, held up in her apartment complex, has set up a variety of defences to ward off Civil Protection.

But what...
Bunker Delay - WS Release
Created by Dschartt
You know, that area before nova prospekt.


first map for hla

Created by CementStairs
Make sure you physically lay down to the ground and stay that way throughout the whole map.

A short slightly horror map for the MapLabs Competition

Huge thanks to Chris for making the thumbnails


If you liked the map please consider ra...
Map Labs - One Room - Depot
Created by dodo021
First map made for the Map Labs - Workshop #1

Theme : One room

This map take place in a depot at the frontier of the QZ.
I wanted to add more gameplay elements to it, but unfortunately I ran out of time.
This map allowed me to...
Comfort and Utility
Created by RedZombie18
A recreation of Kleiner's Lab from "A Red Letter Day" in Half-Life 2. Total development time is around 60 hours.
There is a total of 14 resin to find througout the level. Find them all then proceed through the red door.

Made for Map Lab's Alyx Workshop

Victory Mine - Map Labs One Room
Created by photino1
Fight your way through an Episode 2 inspired mine up to the surface.

Entry for Map Labs Workshop #1 - One Room

Created by CementStairs
Skyscraper plank insipred map

Huge thanks to Chris for making the thumbnails


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Created by Sockman
Made for the Map Labs One Room challenge.

Jeff is after you, and your only hope for an exit is an unpowered elevator. You need to get it running as soon as possible, but Jeff is in the room with you, and it's not a very big one.

Alone and surrounded
Created by Glucose Androdo
Subbmission for #MapLabsWS1.
The goal is simple, escape the room.
DrDoxxy helped with map logic
Paradox helped with explaining animations
The addon folder name is theroom
(This is my first fully completed map, so it might be a bit basic)
minor Epilep...
Elevator 2
Created by mλtt71490
FLASHING LIGHTS WARNING: This map contains flashing lights. If you have epilepsy, don't play it. Also, on a related note, this map has flashing lights, so, yeah, if that bothers you, also probably best to not play it.

A sequel to an equally dumb map I ...
Created by CementStairs
An atmospheric chilly map great for relaxing after exhausting fights from other Workshop maps.

IMPORTANT NOTE - You can light the fireplace up
1. Put few logs into the fireplace
2. Light the Match up(located on the armchair with matchbox)
3. Drop the bur...
Created by boney thickumms
A map for "Map Labs HL:A Workshop #1: One Room," where the challenge was to make a map that only used one room. This map has the player ascend and descend a large atrium that the Combine are occupying for their nefarious purposes...

This is my first map w...
Created by CementStairs
Melee fighting map for MapLabs

Huge thanks to Chris(and previously Niker) for making the thumbnails
Music taken out of Lisa


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Bunker Instability
Created by Dr Dozzy
Its the early 2000s and it sounds like a war is going on outside. You are trapped in an ex-Soviet Bunker on lockdown. Restore the power and escape the bunker!

A One Room Map Labs Workshop Challange.