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How to activate console in Team Fortress 2
By Avaray
By default console is disabled, so You can't open it. This short tutorial will show You two easy ways to activate console.
What is a console?
The console is a command-line interface for the advanced configuration of games.
How to activate console in game?
To enable console in game You need to enter into game options.
Then in "Keyboard" tab press "Advanced" button.

Small window will pop-up.
There are two options. Check the second option and press OK.

Above steps are showing way to activate console in game Team Fortress 2.
In other Valve productions (like Half-Life or Counter-Strike) console activation method is the same and that option is mostly in same place - in keyboard advanced options.
How to activate console in Steam game library?
Open Your game library in Steam.
Find Team Fortress 2, press right mouse button on it and choose "Properties".

Then click "Set launch options" button and small window will appear.
Put -console launch option in that window and press OK.
How to use console?
To open console You need to press ~ key on Your keyboard.
With tabulator key You can see hints to commands.
To separate many commands in one line use semicolon.
To send commands just press Enter.
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Gordon Freeman Mar 24 @ 11:23am 
I have a problem that the console only a quarter appears in the screen and disappears when i play match or do anything else. can someone fix this?
The BSOD Mar 1 @ 11:10pm 
Good guide.

Daraen Marvingt Feb 28 @ 5:11pm 
@Deedos Same
DJ Jeroen (IC) Feb 18 @ 8:52am 
You have to press any letter that changes with an `. Then you can press backspace and type whatever you want
zab1n Feb 4 @ 7:42am 
Yes me too
DeeDos Jan 31 @ 12:56am 
Not working. When I boot up the game it flashes by and disappears before I can use it. Pressing the button bound for opening it does nothing.
Schmarron Jan 25 @ 10:13am 
Schmarron Jan 25 @ 10:13am 
doesn`t work
Medical Assistant Jan 7 @ 4:45pm 
Thx sonny
Scrapbie Dec 11, 2017 @ 11:10pm 
thx son