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Hearts of Iron IV

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-MI3 Majors-
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Jul 23, 2020 @ 9:54am
Oct 15, 2020 @ 1:38pm
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-MI3 Majors-

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MI3 is basically taking MI2 and streamlining it into three mods.

Mod List

1. MI3 Majors
2. MI3 DLC Nations
3. MI3 Minors

Included in this Mod

This mod MI3 Majors is the base mod, containing steamlined graphics for land units (excluding tanks) for the following nations.

Commonwealth nations (ENG, AST, CAN, NZL, RAJ, SAF), France (FRA), Germany (GER), Italy (ITA), Japan (♥♥♥), Soviet Union (SOV), the United States of Amarica (USA).

It also encompasses every other nation using generic tags.
Western European (WEU), Asian (ASI), African (AFR), Middle Eastern (MID), South American (SAM).

It also has some extremely minor nations that differ significantly from their base generic tag.
Tibet (TIB), Haiti (HAI), Dominican Republic (DOM)

What the mod does

Basically, this mod is about 30% lighter in graphics, hopefully speeding up load times for users significantly (over 150mb saved). I have edited the files to remove unnecessary small details to streamline things and save hundreds of megabytes. While load times should be significantly faster, you should really not notice much, if any, difference between MI3 and MI2 (other than better performance).

These three mods will (when released) replace all of my other MI and MI2 mods, as it will be a lot easier to update 3 mods than 20+.


This mod is totally standalone, does NOT require any other mod to work.

It can work with previous MI2 mods, such as generic, and the other minors, but do NOT use it with MI2 Total.

Known errors

One thing of note, I have noticed an error with cavalry that I cannot seem to make go away. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you!
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Dec 7, 2020 @ 8:47am
Mod conflict with -MI3: DLC Countries-
< >
[EASY] AstroCat 15 hours ago 
@ScottimusMaximus You could try just deleing the infantry files out of the entities folder, and the whole units folder from the Tanks mod.
ScottimusMaximus Sep 13 @ 2:06pm 
bamdori11 I've spoken with the author of "Need More Tank More Tank Models" and he more or less confirmed that there's a conflict with his mod and this one. He has just recently updated his mod to include some models for motorised units and I think that that is the issue. Before that mods update, it worked fine with MI3. He suggested that instead of using MI3 Majors, we should try downloading MI2/3 individual countries and see if they work.

Its a shame because both of the mods are incredible and worked well together before the tank mod update.
NuovaItaliano Sep 13 @ 5:47am 
You should add soviet soldier pilotka version to soviet cultural generic.
bamdori11 Sep 12 @ 11:54pm 
@ScottimusMaximus i have exact same problem with you. Some nations such as Italian, Czech, British infantry models lost their rifle model, yet other nations like German or Chinese units are fine like before. I don't know from when this issue has created, but at least from yesterday it's still like this.
ScottimusMaximus Sep 12 @ 10:45am 
Firstly, I've got to say I love this mod. It seriously helps with immersion. However, there appears to be some sort of issue with the it right now. It doesn't seem to be working for some major nations and others have no weaponry visible with the infantry units. Tried enabling and disabling other mods and running this mod as a stand alone but i'm coming across the same issues. Weird considering it was working two days ago without any hitches. Anyone else running into the same or similar issues?
Mr. Objection Sep 5 @ 6:52am 
i'm sorry but cna i ask your permission to use these models on a mod i'm making? of course i will credit you
chris071707 Sep 4 @ 3:37am 
MI3 Minors?
TOMxZHOU Sep 1 @ 6:22am 
Does it work in Black Ice mod?
J3ka7a Aug 30 @ 1:09pm 
what the dog doin
FG_Remastered Aug 8 @ 2:15pm 
In BftB it worked tho