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M92fs Sword Cutlass
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Jul 15 @ 11:24am
Aug 15 @ 5:19am
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M92fs Sword Cutlass

adds Revys Pistol M92fs Sword Cutlass. A Modified Beretta 92F’s; which are made out of stainless steel and had their barrels extended from 4.9" to 5.9" each (the 5.9" is the combat MOD barrel) and are threaded to be able to accept muzzle breaks, suppressors, compensators, etc.. They are engraved with "9mm Sword Cutlass" on both sides, as well as the Jolly Roger of the infamous pirate Calico Jack (which is also inlaid into the ivory grips), and a manufacture inscription in Thai.

With real M92fs Sword Cutlass sound

Research needed: "Blowback Operation" Research needed to Craft
Craft at "Machining Table"

Steel: 120
Components: 8

Craft Time: 65000
Skill needed: 8 crafting skill

- Multiplayer Compatible
- Mid Save Compatible also Traceless Remove Compatible

Accuracy Touch:0.90
Accuracy Short:0.80
Accuracy Medium:0.65
Accuracy Long:0.40

Burst shot Count: 6
Ticks Between Burst: 14
Range: 28.9
Cooldown: 2.2
Bullet Speed: 75
warmup time: 0.2
Melee power: 10
Melee cooldown: 2
Barrel Poke Power: 10
Barrel Poke cooldown: 2
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BirdOfPray Aug 28 @ 1:31pm 
CE = Combat Extended

A mod that doesn't work with many mods due to the changes it makes.
Speznat  [author] Aug 28 @ 1:25pm 
@No what you mean with CE?
it work on Multiplayer, it works on nearly everymod, the names are unique and its a normal item so it should work with any mod that dont change basic weapon behavior in general. :)
if it dont wokr with something can you please tell me thx.
No Aug 23 @ 4:50pm 
Does it work with CE?
Clam Slamwich Jul 21 @ 1:47pm 
I want to be those shorts.
BirdOfPray Jul 21 @ 7:48am 
kinar097 Jul 21 @ 1:13am 
Super Mod!
Tsumikara Jul 15 @ 11:42am 
Super Mod!